How to Share Data on Glo 2024: A Detailed Guide

How to Share Data on Glo: A Detailed Guide

Staying connected with your loved ones is easier when you can share your data bundle with them. Thankfully, Glo makes it possible to share data from your plan with friends and family on the network.

In this comprehensive guide, we explore the various methods provided by Glo to share data plan including using USSD codes, Glo Cafe portal and the 777 menu.

How to Share Data on Glo: A Detailed Guide


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Why Share Data on Glo

Here are some key reasons for sharing your data bundle:

  • Help friends/family avoid running out of data
  • Allow others to access internet on your dime
  • Jointly use a large bundle subscription
  • Share for group assignments or projects
  • Gift data to recipients on special occasions
  • Support relatives financially by sharing data
  • Create goodwill by donating excess data
  • Bring down the costs for everyone as a group

Glo data sharing is available to prepaid subscribers only. Both parties – the giver and receiver – must be on Glo prepaid. Now let’s look at how to go about sharing.

Using USSD Codes to Share Data

One of the easiest ways to share data is through Glo’s USSD menu by dialling short codes.

To Share Data:

Dial 12700*[Recipient’s Glo Number]#

For example: 12700*08123456789#

Alternatively, send share command to 127 e.g. “Share 08123456789”

To Remove Recipient:

Dial 12701*[Recipient’s Glo Number]#

E.g. 12701*08123456789#

Or send remove command to 127 e.g. “Remove 08123456789”

To List Recipients:

Dial 12702#

Or send text “List” to 127

The USSD method makes starting and stopping data sharing quick and convenient.

Sharing Data via Glo 777 Menu

You can also share your data plan via the Glo 777 self-service menu.

Step 1: Dial *777#

From your Glo line, dial *777#

Step 2: Select Data > Share Data

Choose option 1 for Data

Then option 2 for Share Data Plan

Step 3: Select Share

Choose option 1 to Share Data

Step 4: Input Recipient’s Number

Enter the Glo number you want to share data with

Step 5: Confirm Sharing

Review prompt and press Send to confirm

You will receive confirmation message on successful sharing.

Sharing Data via Glo Cafe Portal

The Glo Cafe web portal provides another method to share data conveniently.

Step 1: Visit Glo Cafe Website

Go to <invalid URL removed> from your phone or PC using Glo internet

Step 2: Login to Your Account

Sign in with your account username and password

Step 3: Go to Share Data

On the portal menu, click on Share Data option

Step 4: Add Recipient

Enter Glo number of friend/family to share data with

Step 5: Manage Sharing

Monitor usage, change allocation, remove recipient etc.

The portal allows managing multiple recipients easily online.

Things to Note When Sharing Data

Here are some important points to keep in mind when using Glo data sharing:

  • You can share with up to 5 people on Glo
  • Both parties must be on Glo prepaid
  • Having an active data plan is required
  • Set data allocation amount per recipient
  • Data charges apply to giver’s and receiver’s accounts
  • Shared data has expiration as per giver’s plan
  • Review Glo terms and conditions before sharing
  • Recipient’s consent is required before adding
  • Sharing limits apply based on package

Following Glo’s sharing policies ensures you avoid any surprises or issues.

Tracking Shared Data Usage

You can monitor consumption of shared data bundles by:

  • Checking available balance by dialing 12702#
  • Reviewing SMS alerts on usage
  • Logging into Glo Cafe portal to see usage
  • Enabling auto-notifications on hiting data limits
  • Calling recipient to confirm balance

Proactively keeping track ensures you or recipients don’t unexpectedly run out.

Troubleshooting Data Sharing

If you encounter any problems, here are some tips:

  • Confirm recipient’s number is correct
  • Retry USSD code or Glo Cafe process
  • Move to location with better network
  • Ensure recipient meets sharing criteria
  • Report issues to Glo customer care
  • Remove and re-add problematic recipient
  • Reactivate your data plan if expired

Glo provides dedicated assistance to resolve data sharing issues promptly.

Benefits of Data Sharing on Glo

Key benefits of sharing your Glo data include:

  • Help others access internet easily
  • Optimize costs by using one data plan
  • Strengthen connections with loved ones
  • Manage group internet access centrally
  • Monitor usage on the Glo Cafe portal
  • Quick and real-time sharing using USSD
  • Configure personalized allocation per recipient
  • Set usage alerts to control spending
  • Gifts data to celebrate special occasions

Data sharing makes life easier for you and your recipients!


Glo makes staying connected with your community seamless by allowing easy data sharing across prepaid subscribers. Whether using USSD menus, Glo Cafe website or 777 self-service, you can quickly share bundles and manage collective internet access.

Track usage closely and be sure to review Glo’s terms and conditions first. With responsible sharing, you can optimize costs, strengthen relationships and enhance collective productivity. READ MORE HERE.


Q: Is there a limit on data I can share?

A: Yes, daily data sharing limits apply based on your subscription. Confirm from Glo before sharing large amounts.

Q: Can recipients share the data further?

A: No, recipients cannot share the data you allocate to them with third parties.

Q: Will data transfer affect my usage?

A: No, only the allocated shared data will count towards the recipient’s usage and billing.

Q: How long does sharing last?

A: The shared data is valid for as long as your base data plan is active, up to the expiry date.

So in summary, leverage Glo’s data sharing to seamlessly keep your network connected on the go!

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