How to Transfer Data to Another Number in Nigeria: A Complete Guide

How to Transfer Data to Another Number in Nigeria: A Complete Guide

Want to share your mobile data balance with another phone number in Nigeria? Maybe you want to gift a data plan to a friend or family member. With several mobile networks to choose from like MTN, Airtel, 9Mobile and Glo, the options may seem confusing.

This comprehensive guide covers step-by-step instructions for transferring mobile data to another number on all major Nigerian phone networks.

How to Transfer Data to Another Number in Nigeria: A Complete Guide


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Overview of Data Transfer Methods in Nigeria

Here are the main ways subscribers can move data balances across phone numbers within the same network:

Share Existing Data Allowance: Divert a portion of your phone’s current data balance to another number on the same network through package sharing facilities. Has daily transfer limits.

Gift New Data Bundle: Directly purchase a fresh data bundle for another number by debiting the amount from your airtime credit. No transfer limits.

Port Complete Data Plan: For postpaid/contract customers, entire data allowance can be shifted to another number on the same network through data plan porting.

So based on your requirement, you can choose the method that best works. Now let’s see how this works across top networks.

Transferring MTN Data

With over 60 million users, MTN is Nigeria’s largest telecom operator. Subscribers can easily share, gift and port data using various options:

Share Existing Data on MTN

  1. Dial 1312# to access MTN data sharing menu
  2. Select Data Share option
  3. Input beneficiary phone number
  4. Enter data volume you wish to share
  5. Confirm transfer details

You can share 100 MB to 1 GB data per day via this method.

Gift New Data Bundle on MTN

  1. Dial 1315# for data gifting menu
  2. Choose Data Bundle Gifting
  3. Pick data pack value you want to gift
  4. Input beneficiary MTN number
  5. Confirm details to purchase and transfer data

No limits exist when gifting a brand new data bundle.

Port MTN Data Plan (Postpaid)

Postpaid MTN customers can write to [email protected] requesting to port/change ownership of their existing data plan to another MTN number. Provide requisite personal details in the email for actioning.

Transferring Airtel Data

Airtel is second largest mobile operator in Nigeria. Subscribers can share or gift data using the Airtel Me2U service.

Share Airtel Data via Me2U

  1. Dial *312#
  2. Select Option 3 – Share Data on prepaid or 4 on postpaid
  3. Choose Me2U sharing
  4. Input beneficiary Airtel number
  5. Enter data volume to transfer
  6. Confirm sharing

You can transfer 10 MB to 200 MB daily through Me2U facility directly from your pack.

Gift Airtel Data Bundles

  1. Dial *312#
  2. Choose Option 4 – Gift Data on prepaid or 5 on postpaid
  3. Select data bundle amount you wish to gift
  4. Input beneficiary’s Airtel number
  5. Confirm purchase to transfer bundle

No limits apply when gifting a brand new data pack. Amount gets deducted from your airtime wallet.

Transferring 9Mobile Data

With about 15 million users, 9Mobile ranks fourth among top mobile networks in Nigeria. Subscribers can opt to share their quick data via USSD menu.

Share 9Mobile Data

  1. Dial *200# to open USSD menu
  2. Choose Option 3: Quick Share
  3. Select Data Sharing
  4. Input beneficiary phone number
  5. Enter data volume you wish to share
  6. Confirm transfer details

You can quickly share between 50 MB to 400 MB daily directly from your 9Mobile data pack using this method.

Transferring Glo Data

Glo has about 50 million customers in Nigeria. Subscribers can transfer data balance to other Glo numbers using Glo Café service.

Share Glo Data via Café

  1. Dial 1270# to open Glo Café
  2. Choose Data Transfer option
  3. Input beneficiary Glo number
  4. Specify data volume to transfer
  5. Input transaction PIN
  6. Confirm details

You can share datamultiple times but maximum of 1 GB per day from your existing Glo data plan via Café menu.

FAQs on Data Transfer

Here are some additional questions around sharing mobile data answered:

Can I transfer data from MTN to Airtel number?
Unfortunately, data transfers only work within same network at present. You cannot directly transfer data balances across different mobile operators.

What happens to unused gifted/shared data bundles?
Any shared or gifted data that is unused by recipient number expires as per normal validity period applicable to the data pack.

Can I transfer monthly data plan allowance I purchased?
Typically you can only transfer part of your existing data balance through sharing facility for most prepaid connections. Full months’ recharge transfers may need special requests.

Is there any fee for transferring mobile data?
No, there are no charges applicable for transferring or gifting mobile data within same network to another number.


I hope this detailed guide gives you clarity on easily transferring mobile data across phone numbers within any leading telecom network in Nigeria. Whether sharing your existing data packs or gifting fresh bundles, the relevant options for MTN, Airtel, 9Mobile and Glo are covered here. Leverage the specifics to ensure your data balance can serve more people.

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