How to Borrow Money on Glo – Quick and Simple Guide

How to Borrow Airtime and Data on Glo: A Detailed Guide

Having sufficient airtime or data balance can be crucial for making important calls, sending urgent messages or browsing the internet. But sometimes your balance may unexpectedly run out before your next recharge.

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Thankfully, Glo offers two borrowing services that allow you to get emergency airtime or data and pay back later. These are:

  • Borrow Me Credit – Borrow airtime on your own Glo line
  • Borrow For Others – Borrow airtime or data for friends/family on Glo

In this comprehensive guide, I will provide steps to use each of these borrowing services correctly, repayment information, eligibility criteria, charges involved and other key details to help you stay connected.

How to Use Borrow Me Credit

This service allows active Glo prepaid subscribers to borrow airtime credit on their own line and repay after recharging. Here is how to use it:

Step 1: Check Eligibility

To borrow airtime using Borrow Me Credit, you must:

  • Be an active Glo prepaid subscriber for at least 3 months
  • Have recharged at least N200 in the last 30 days

Glo reviews your usage history to determine the loan amount you qualify for.

Step 2: Dial USSD Code

  • On your Glo line, dial *303#
  • This will bring up the Borrow Me Credit menu

Step 3: Select Loan Amount

  • The available airtime loan amounts you are eligible for will be displayed
  • Choose desired amount by entering the corresponding number
  • You can borrow up to N200 in some cases

Step 4: Confirm Transaction

  • A confirmation message will be sent
  • Reply ‘1’ to complete the airtime borrowing or any other key to cancel
  • The borrowed airtime will reflect immediately

USSD access makes borrowing airtime very quick and convenient via Borrow Me Credit.

How to Use Borrow For Others

This allows you to borrow airtime or data and transfer to any other Glo number. Here is how it works:

Step 1: Check Eligibility

To use Borrow For Others service, you must:

  • Be an active Glo prepaid subscriber for minimum 3 months
  • Have recharged at least N200 in previous 30 days

Step 2: Dial USSD Code

  • For airtime, dial *301#
  • For data, dial *321#

Step 3: Select “Borrow For Others”

  • When prompted, choose option to borrow for someone else
  • On *301#, select option 3
  • On *321#, select option 2

Step 4: Input Recipient’s Number

  • Enter the Glo mobile number you want to transfer borrowed airtime/data to

Step 5: Enter Amount

  • Select desired loan amount when prompted
  • You can borrow up to N100 airtime and N50 data

Step 6: Confirm Transaction

  • Review details and reply ‘1’ to complete or ‘2’ to cancel
  • Confirmation message will be sent after successful transfer

So with these simple steps you can borrow and share airtime and data using Glo’s USSD borrowing service.

Repaying Borrowed Airtime or Data

For both borrowing services, the loan is not free. The borrowed amount will be recovered from your next recharge in the following manner:

  • Airtime – Double the borrowed amount will be deducted from your airtime recharge.

E.g. If you borrowed N100 airtime, N200 will be deducted from your next airtime recharge.

  • Data – 150% of borrowed data will be deducted from your next data recharge.

E.g. If you borrowed 50MB data, 75MB will be deducted from your next data bundle purchase.

Ensure you have sufficient recharge to cover the borrowed amount plus charges to avoid service issues.

Important Things to Note

When using Glo’s borrowing services, keep the following important points in mind:

  • You can only borrow up to the amount displayed that you are eligible for
  • Loans are subject to fees and charges as explained above
  • Ensure you repay on next recharge to continue enjoying uninterrupted service
  • Borrowed airtime or data is not transferable
  • Your line may be blocked if repayment is delayed after reminder messages
  • If blocked, recharge at least the borrowed amount to unblock line
  • Borrowing services are available to prepaid subscribers only
  • Eligibility criteria must be met to access service

Following the right steps and repayment procedures will ensure you avoid any challenges.

Troubleshooting Borrowing Issues

In case you encounter any issues, here is some troubleshooting guidance:

  • Confirm your eligibility status
  • Retry dialing the USSD code if transaction fails
  • Borrow a smaller amount if loan request declined
  • Move to area with better network coverage
  • Contact Glo customer care for further assistance
  • Provide any details needed for investigation
  • Repay borrowed amount immediately to restore services

The Glo team is available 24/7 to help resolve any problems with the borrowing service.

Benefits of Glo Borrowing Services

Using Glo’s airtime and data borrowing facilities offer the following useful benefits:

  • Get emergency airtime or data instantly
  • Continue making important calls or using data
  • Pay back at your convenience later
  • Easy USSD access, no forms to fill
  • Fast transfer of borrowed resources
  • Avoid missing urgent communications
  • Maintain your availability to contacts
  • Get help from generous friends/family
  • Continue enjoying Glo’s services uninterrupted

With responsible use, borrowing can provide a financial lifeline when you run out of airtime or data unexpectedly before your next recharge.


Glo makes it easy to borrow airtime and data when you urgently need it using Borrow Me Credit and Borrow For Others. Simply check your eligibility, dial the USSD code, input details and confirm to get instant emergency airtime or data on your line.

Be sure to repay with your next recharge to continue enjoying uninterrupted Glo services. Use these borrowing facilities as a helpful stop-gap when required, but practice regular recharging to maximise availability.



What is the maximum amount I can borrow?

You can borrow up to N200 airtime on your line. For others, up to N100 airtime and N50 data.

How soon must I repay?

Repayment is deducted automatically from your very next airtime or data recharge.

Can I roll-over borrowed airtime/data?

No, borrowed resources are not eligible for roll-over. Use them immediately.

Are there charges for borrowing?

Yes, fees apply. Double the airtime or 150% of data borrowed is deducted at repayment.

What if I delay repaying?

Your line will be suspended after reminder messages. Recharge at least borrowed amount to restore service.

How long does approval take?

Borrowing is instant if you meet eligibility criteria. The airtime/data reflects in seconds after confirming USSD transaction.

So in summary, Glo borrowing services offer quick emergency access to airtime and data when you urgently need it during mid-cycle. Use responsibly and repay promptly to continue enjoying uninterrupted Glo mobile service.

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