How to Check Your Glo Mobile Number Easily in Nigeria

How to Check Your Glo Mobile Number Easily in Nigeria

Globacom (Glo) is one of the leading telecom operators in Nigeria with over 50 million subscribers. If you are a Glo subscriber, knowing your correct Glo phone number is vital for staying in control of your mobile account.

Your number enables you to recharge airtime, access customer support services, monitor usage and subscription status, retrieve important messages and notifications, and more.

This guide provides multiple convenient methods you can use to check your Glo number by yourself in Nigeria.

How to Check Your Glo Mobile Number Easily in Nigeria


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Overview of Methods to Check Glo Number

Due to widespread mobile phone usage in Nigeria, Glo offers various channels to view your registered phone number so you can always have it handy. The main ways to check your Glo number include:

  • Using USSD codes – Dial short number codes to display number onscreen
  • Via SMS message – Text short code to receive details including number
  • Through mobile settings – Check SIM card info section under phone settings
  • Glo online portals – View number by logging into your account dashboard
  • Contact customer support – Chat, email or call agents to retrieve number
  • From physical recharge card – Glo prints number on some airtime voucher cards

The most convenient method that quickly shows your Glo number instantly by yourself is using USSD short codes. Let’s explore the steps to check via USSD codes and SMS in more detail:

Check Glo Number via USSD Codes

Unstructured Supplementary Service Data (USSD) codes provide a fast way to access mobile banking and self-service menus without requiring mobile data or internet connectivity.

To check your Glo number via USSD:

Dial 1358#

  1. Launch phone dialer and enter: *135*8#
  2. Select ‘Send’ or press call button
  3. Your 11-digit Glo number will be displayed instantly on the screen.

This *135*8# short code works on all mobile networks in Nigeria including Glo, MTN, Airtel, 9mobile, and others. It will display the phone number inserted into the SIM card under use.

An advantage of using this code is that it works instantly without requiring any login details or selecting menu options. However, it only shows the Glo number without additional account details.

Dial *777#

An alternative Glo USSD code menu you can use is:

  1. Dial *777# on your phone
  2. Select option 4 (My Tariff Plan)
  3. Choose option 3 (My Number)
  4. Your Glo number will display after confirmation

To use this method, you need to navigate about three menu options before reaching the My Number section. However, it also shows other useful account info like current tariff plan, data plans, and airtime balance.

In summary, USSD codes *135*8# and *777# conveniently display your Glo number instantly without requiring mobile data or going online.

Check Glo Number via Text Message

Aside from USSD codes, Glo also offers an SMS process which replies with your number and account details.

To check via text message:

  1. Launch your phone SMS app
  2. Create new message
  3. Type INFO
  4. Send SMS to 124 short code
  5. You will receive an SMS containing:
    • Your Glo number
    • Current airtime balance
    • Data plan info
    • Activation date
    • And more…

So simply text INFO to 124, and you will receive an automated response SMS immediately showing your registered Glo phone number and other useful account details.

Check Glo Number on Mobile Settings

If you have your Glo SIM card inserted into the phone, you can also check the number through the device settings.

  1. Open your Android/iOS device settings
  2. Scroll down and select About Phone (Android) or About (iOS)
  3. Tap SIM card or Mobile Network info
  4. Here you will find details like:
    • SIM carrier (Globacom)
    • SIM number (your Glo number)
    • Signal strength
    • And more

Checking this way shows your active Glo number on the currently inserted SIM. However, it doesn’t display additional usage or account details.

Check Glo Number on Online Account Portal

If you have registered for a Glo online account, you can as well log into their Self-Care portal using your credentials to view your number.

On Glo Self-Care Portal:

  1. Visit
  2. Enter your login username
  3. Input password
  4. Navigate to My Account or Profile section
  5. Your Glo number will display here among other details

However, this method requires having an internet-enabled device and login access details which not all Glo subscribers have set up.

Contact Glo Customer Care to Retrieve Number

If for some reason you are unable to check your number through the above self-service methods, you can contact Glo customer support through:

  • Phone – call their customer care hotline numbers 07000 or 121
  • WhatsApp – chat with customer agent via Glo dedicated WhatsApp line
  • Email – send email enquiry to [email protected]
  • Social media – send DM on Facebook/Twitter @gloworldnigeria

When contacting the agents through any channel above, ensure you provide personal information like full name, date of birth, address and identification type to verify identity and retrieve your registered Glo number.

Although slightly time-consuming, speaking to a dedicated rep gives you the opportunity to also sort other account issues and get helpful information.

Check Glo Number on Physical Top-Up Card

Interestingly, some Glo physical airtime recharge cards purchased from local stores now show the registered Glo number linked to that SIM card on the voucher.

So if you frequently top up your phone credit from roadside recharge card vendors, you can easily find and double confirm your Glo number printed on the card itself.

Why You Should Save Your Glo Number

After checking your number through any of the methods highlighted above, it is advisable to then save the phone number permanently on your mobile device or somewhere convenient like a notebook.

Saving your Glo number directly on your phone enables you to:

  • Access it quickly – Without going through USSD steps each time
  • Stay reachable – Friends & family can easily call or text you
  • Remember number – Don’t have to struggle retrieving when making calls or filling forms
  • Avoid confusion – Clearly differentiate between personal & office lines
  • Get notifications – Identify legit Glo texts vs spam messages
  • Self-identify – Prove ownership if you misplace phone

So after retrieving your Glo number through USSD, SMS, mobile settings, online account or calling customer support – be sure to store it in your device contacts, notebook, personal database or everywhere necessary for convenient future access.


I hope this detailed guide gives you a clear understanding of the multiple ways to check your Glo mobile number conveniently by yourself in Nigeria. The methods highlighted include using various USSD codes, sending SMS requests, checking device settings, logging into online account portals, contacting customer support reps and checking recharge card vouchers.

Whichever option works best for you based on your preferences and circumstances, it is important to first confirm your accurate Glo number and then store it securely for easy future access. Remember that your phone number enables you to stay in control of your Glo account and utilize the operator’s services optimally.

Let me know if you have any other questions!


Q: What happens if I lose my phone and sim card?

A: Contact Glo customer care immediately to block outgoing calls and data on your line. You can then request for SIM swap by providing valid ID to retrieve your number on a new sim card.

Q: Can I change my Glo number to something more preferred?

A: Yes, Glo allows subscribers to select a preferred number by making a one-time payment if the preferred choice is available. Simply enquire with customer care agents on this service.

Q: Does checking my Glo number via USSD reduce my airtime?

A: No, USSD access code 1358# consumes no charge whatsoever on your airtime balance. However, navigating other USSD menu options may deduct fees, so check tariff plan.

Q: What happens if I’m unable to access my Glo number settings?

A: First try restarting your device or reinserting the SIM card. If issue persists, contact Glo customer support to verify identity and regain access to your mobile account number settings.

Q: Can I migrate my number to another network operator later?

A: Yes, you can easily port your Glo number to other networks like MTN, 9mobile or Airtel without changing the actual digits. Simply request and pay for this service via their customer service channels.

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