Code To Share Data On MTN Nigeria 2024

How to Share Data on MTN Nigeria – A Detailed Guide

Staying connected is vital in today’s world for communication, information, education, business and entertainment. For MTN subscribers, sharing data bundles with friends and family allows them to also enjoy seamless internet access even when low on data.

MTN provides multiple options to share data including USSD, SMS, mobile apps and chatbots. This comprehensive guide outlines step-by-step procedures for sharing data on MTN Nigeria.

code to share data on mtn


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Overview of MTN Nigeria

With over 51 million subscribers, MTN Nigeria is the leading mobile telecom operator in the country. MTN launched operations in 2001 and rapidly rolled out 2G, 3G and 4G networks across all 36 states making their services easily accessible nationwide.

Key offerings of MTN Nigeria include:

  • Voice and SMS services
  • Mobile data services – 3G, 4G / LTE
  • Innovative product bundles like MTN Pulse, MTN Play, MTN Beta Talk
  • Mobile financial service through MoMo wallet
  • Streaming apps like Ayoba, MusicTime!
  • Customer service via contact centers, retail stores, social media
  • Youth propositioning programs such as MTN mPulse

As an MTN subscriber, understanding how to share your data benefits with other MTN users provides convenience and cost savings.

Step-by-Step Guide to Share Data on MTN

Follow these simple steps to share data from your MTN line to another MTN number:

1. Check Data Balance

  • Dial 1314# to confirm you have enough data to share

2. Select Recipient

  • Input the 10-digit MTN number of the recipient

3. Specify Data Amount

  • Choose how much data to share, from 50MB up to 1GB per day

4. Pick Sharing Method

  • USSD, SMS, app, or chatbot – see options below

5. Provide Transfer Details

  • Input recipient’s number and data amount as prompted
  • Review details carefully before confirming

6. Get Confirmation

  • You will receive SMS confirmation if data share succeeded

That’s it! The shared data will reflect immediately in the recipient’s MTN account.

How to Share Data on MTN Using Different Methods

MTN provides various ways to share data including:

1. Using USSD

To share data via USSD:

  • Dial 312Recipient’s Number*Data Amount#

E.g. 31208034567890*200# to share 200MB

  • Press Call to confirm and authenticate with PIN

2. Via SMS

  • Send SMS: Transfer Recipient’s Number Data Amount to 312

E.g. Transfer 08034567890 200 to 312

3. myMTN App

  • Download myMTN app from Google Play or App Store
  • Login and go to Data > Share Data
  • Input recipient’s number and amount
  • Review and confirm details

4. Using Zigi Chatbot

  • Chat with Zigi on WhatsApp (09033000001) or Telegram (@ZigiMTNBot)
  • Type “Share Data” and follow prompts
  • Confirm recipient’s number and data amount
  • Authenticate by replying “Yes” to prompt

Important Tips for Sharing Data on MTN

  • You can only share data to other MTN numbers
  • Confirm recipient’s number carefully before sending
  • Small fee applies per data share transaction
  • Shared data gets same validity as your current data plan
  • Maximum data share per day is 1GB
  • Notify recipient to accept data transfer prompt
  • Monitor your balance to track data deductions
  • Data sharing still works when line is barred for calls
  • Change your transfer PIN promptly if you suspect breach
  • Contact MTN customer care if any issues arise

Troubleshooting Data Sharing Issues

Problem: Recipient claims not to have received shared data

Solution: Confirm recipient’s number and retry sharing. Recipient should restart phone and recheck balance.

Problem: Getting “Insufficient Data” error when sharing

Solution: Check your data balance and bundle details by dialing 1314#. Buy more data if your current balance is insufficient.

Problem: Data shared but not deducted from your balance

Solution: Wait for up to 24 hours for data share to reflect. If not, contact MTN customer care for assistance.

Problem: Unable to create data sharing PIN

Solution: Call MTN customer care to confirm your line is properly configured for data sharing.

code to share data on mtn


Sharing data bundle benefits with multiple MTN users helps optimize data spend. MTN offers seamless options via USSD, SMS, mobile apps and chatbots to share data within limits. Follow the guide to start sharing data easily today and enhance connectivity for your network.


Is there any charge for sharing data on MTN?

Yes, MTN charges a small fee depending on amount of data shared. This is between N10 to N50 typically.

What is the maximum data I can share per day?

The daily sharing limit is 1GB. You can share multiple times until you reach the 1GB cap.

Can I share data to numbers on other networks?

No, you can only share MTN data from your line to other MTN numbers.

How long does it take to receive shared data?

Data shared via MTN is received instantly by the recipient once transfer is confirmed.

Does shared data expire?

Yes, the expiration is the same as the original data plan validity on sender’s line.

What is the minimum amount I can share?

The minimum amount of data that can be shared is 50MB. No maximum limit apart from the 1GB daily cap.

Can I still share data if my line is barred?

Yes, you can share data even if you have call/SMS restriction active on your MTN line.

How do I retrieve my transfer PIN if forgotten?

To retrieve your forgotten data sharing PIN, contact MTN customer care or visit nearest service center.

Does recipient need to accept data sent?

No. Data is automatically credited once share is confirmed by sender. No acceptance needed.

Which app can I use to share data easily?

The myMTN app provides the simplest way to share data instantly from an internet-enabled smartphone.

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