How to Know Your Glo Number – Quick and Simple Guide

How to Find Your Glo Mobile Number: A Detailed Guide

Your Glo mobile number is your unique identifier on the Glo network. Knowing your number is essential for many reasons – registering SIM, recharging airtime, locating your line etc.

However, it’s easy to forget or misplace your Glo number, especially if you’ve had the line for long.

Not to worry! In this comprehensive guide, I will walk you through the various methods you can use to retrieve your Glo mobile number quickly and easily.

how do i know my glo number


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Overview of Methods to Find Glo Number

There are several straightforward ways to find your existing Glo mobile number, depending on which options you have handy.

The main methods include:

  • Using USSD codes
  • Checking phone settings
  • Glo self-care portal
  • Sending SMS command
  • Contacting customer care

I will explain each of these options in detail in the following sections. But first, let’s look at some key reasons why you may need to find your Glo number.

Why You May Need to Find Your Glo Number

Here are some common scenarios that require you to retrieve or confirm your Glo line number:

  • Registering a new SIM card – When purchasing a new Glo SIM, you need to provide your old Glo number for verification and to retain bonuses.
  • Porting to a new network – Porting your phone number to another network requires you to input your current Glo number first.
  • Loading airtime/data – Recharging your airtime or data plan from *124# requires entering your Glo number.
  • Making complaints – Lodging complaints or reporting issues about your line to Glo requires stating your registered number.
  • Referencing for transactions – Your Glo number may be needed as reference for certain financial transactions.
  • Updating personal records – You may want to update your Glo number in your personal files, on CVs, or employment records.
  • Confirming ownership – To confirm ownership of a Glo line, you need to be able to state the number.

And many other use cases! So let’s get right into the methods.

Using USSD Codes to Retrieve Glo Number

The fastest and most convenient way to find your Glo number is by dialing USSD codes:

Step 1: Dial *135# on Your Glo Line

  • Open the phone dialer
  • Punch in *135#
  • Hit the call button

Step 2: Check Number Displayed

  • Your registered Glo mobile number will be displayed instantly on the screen.
  • Note it down or take a screenshot.

It’s that simple! This USSD code works on all Glo lines and will show your number immediately.

An alternative is to dial *777# instead, and then select option 4 and 3 from the menu.

USSD is fast, free, and works even without data or airtime balance. But what if you don’t have access to the Glo line? There are other options.

Checking Phone Settings to Retrieve Glo Number

If you don’t have your Glo SIM readily available, but have the line active in any phone, you can find the number through the device settings:

Step 1: Access Phone Settings

  • On the phone, open the Settings app
  • You can also pull down notifications tray and tap Settings icon

Step 2: Go to About Phone

  • Scroll down and tap on About Phone
  • On some phones, it may be listed as About Device

Step 3: Tap on Status

  • Within About Phone, look for Status and open it
  • On some phones it’s called SIM status or IMEI information

Step 4: View Glo Number

  • Under status, you will see My Phone Number
  • This is your active Glo mobile number on the device

While simple, this method requires having access to a phone where the Glo SIM is currently inserted and active. Otherwise, you can use the online options next.

Using Glo Portal to Check Your Number

The Glo portal allows you to instantly check your registered Glo mobile number through your online account. Follow these steps:

Step 1: Visit Glo Portal

  • Go to the Glo portal at <invalid URL removed>
  • You can also just search for “Glo self care”

Step 2: Login to Your Account

  • If you already have a Glo portal account, log in with your credentials
  • If not, select Register and create a new account

Step 3: View Dashboard

  • Once logged into the portal, your active Glo number will be displayed on the dashboard
  • Under My Number or under your username

This method is great when you need to remotely check your Glo number from any location. As long as you have your login details, the portal makes it easy to retrieve your number.

Using SMS Code to Get Glo Number

Another very handy method is using SMS commands. Simply send a text to retrieve your number:

Step 1: Create New Message

  • Open up a new text message on any phone

Step 2: Enter INFO as Message

  • Type “info” as the message content

Step 3: Send to 124

  • Input 124 as the recipient and send the message

Step 4: Wait for Reply SMS

  • You will receive an automated response containing your Glo number

This method doesn’t require data or airtime balance. As long as you can send an SMS, it will reveal your registered Glo mobile number.

Contacting Glo Customer Care

You can also directly call the Glo customer care helpline and speak to a representative to retrieve your number:

Step 1: Call 121

  • From any phone, dial 121 to reach the Glo customer care line

Step 2: Follow Prompts

  • Follow the prompts to get directed to an agent

Step 3: Ask for Number

  • Explain you don’t remember your Glo number and need assistance retrieving it

Step 4: Provide Account Details

  • They will ask some verification questions about your account

Step 5: Receive Glo Number

  • Once verified, the agent will provide your registered Glo mobile number

Though slower, the human assistance from customer care can be helpful if you need extra account verification.

Troubleshooting: What to Do if Methods Don’t Work

These methods will work for active Glo lines and customers. However, here are some troubleshooting tips if you still can’t retrieve your number:

  • Confirm the Glo SIM card is active and inserted in a phone
  • Make sure you have network reception and try again
  • If using portal, double check your login details
  • For customer care, call from your registered Glo number if possible
  • Visit a Glo service center for in-person assistance
  • Provide alternative IDs like NIN or passport for verification

With multiple options available, you should be able to access your important Glo mobile number when required.

FAQs About Finding Glo Number

Here are answers to some frequently asked questions about retrieving Glo numbers:

Does finding Glo number cost anything?

No, all the methods provided are completely free to use. USSD and SMS are available even without airtime.

What if I lost my SIM card?

You can still find the number through the online options as long as you have an account login. Or notify customer care and retrieve with identity verification.

Can I find someone else’s Glo number?

No, only the registered Glo line owner can retrieve the number through authorized channels for security reasons.

What if I don’t have a Glo account?

You can create one online quickly using your NIN, passport, or other verification. This allows you access the Glo portal.

How fast can I get my Glo number?

The USSD and SMS options are almost instant. Portal and customer care may take a few minutes depending on network and response times.


In summary, finding your lost or forgotten Glo mobile number is easy and stress-free through various convenient methods.

USSD codes provide the fastest way to retrieve it in seconds. Phone settings, Glo portal, SMS, and customer care give you flexible options to suit your situation.

Knowing these DIY techniques means you can access your important Glo number anytime you need it. So whether registering a SIM, loading airtime, or referencing for transactions, you can now effortlessly find your Glo mobile number

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