How to Check Balance on Glo Network

How to Check Your Glo Mobile Balance in Nigeria: A Complete Guide

With over 50 million subscribers, Glo Mobile is one of the leading network operators in Nigeria. As a Glo customer, easily checking your account balances for airtime, data, bonus units etc. is key to effectively managing your spending. This comprehensive guide covers step-by-step instructions on various quick methods to check your Glo mobile account balance.

how to check balance on glo


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Overview of Glo Balance Checking Methods

Glo offers multiple convenient channels to seamlessly check current balances:

USSD Codes: Dial designated short codes directly from your phone

Glo Mobile App: View real-time balance via Android/iOS app

Customer Care: Speak to call centre executive for balance details

Online Portal: Log into your account on Glo website

Checking Glo Balance via USSD

USSD codes provide the fastest way to check your Glo mobile account status. Just dial special numeric strings from your registered Glo number and details are instantly displayed via text message.

Check Main Account Airtime Balance

To check amount of airtime (in Naira) available in your main Glo account balance, dial:


You will promptly receive an SMS with your main account airtime balance.

Verify Data Balance

To check data balance (in MBs or GBs remaining), dial:


SMS response displays available data left from current plans or rollover data.

View 22X Bonus Account Balance

If enrolled in Glo 22X bonus rewards program, confirm bonus units balance by dialing:


This displays balance of 22X loyalty bonus units accumulated.

So USSD codes offer the most convenient option to get real-time visibility into key balances.

Using Glo Mobile App

The myGlo mobile app allows you to check Glo account balances instantly.


1) Install Glo mobile app from PlayStore/AppStore

2) Register/Login using Glo number

3) Allow notifications access

4) Main dashboard shows airtime, data, 22X balances

Additionally within Glo mobile app, you can:

  • Recharge account
  • Purchase data bundles
  • Transfer airtime
  • Manage services

So leverage the app for comprehensive account management beyond just checking balances.

Glo Customer Care

Speaking with a Glo customer representative provides another simple option to confirm your current mobile account status.

Ways to Contact Glo Customer Care

  • Dial 124 from your Glo number
  • Dial 800124 from any phone
  • Visit nearest Glo service centre

When connected to customer care, provide your Glo mobile number and PIN as verification before requesting account balance details from the agent.

Using Glo Online Portal

The Glo official website also enables signed-in users to check balances and account history.

Steps to Use Glo Online Portal

1) Go to

2) Click Sign In

3) Input your Glo number and PIN

4) When logged into your account dashboard:

  • Click My Account tab
  • Current Balance section shows main account/data/bonus balances

So the online member area portal offers web-based self-service balance lookup option.

Additional Tips for Glo Balance Inquiry

Here are some additional pointers for smooth Glo balance checking:

  • Save USSD codes on phone for quick access
  • Enable low balance alerts
  • Link bank account for easy airtime top-up
  • Schedule periodic recharges to avoid account draining out
  • Track balance usage patterns to optimize spending

Troubleshooting Balance Check Failures

If you are struggling to check your Glo mobile account balance via above methods, apply these troubleshooting tips:

USSD Not Working?

1) Confirm registered Glo number dialing from

2) Retry code typing

3) Reboot device/SIM

4) Try via alternative method

App Not Showing Balance?

1) Check app updated to latest version

2) Re-login to app

3) Force close and relaunch app

4) Retry after some time

Still facing problems? Contact Glo customer support for further assistance.

FAQs on Checking Glo Mobile Balance

Here are answers to some frequently asked questions:

Which method allows me to check all my Glo balances at once?

The MyGlo mobile app dashboard and online member area provide visibility into airtime, bonus and data balances concurrently.

Can I check my Glo balance without airtime in main account?

Yes, USSD codes work even with zero account balance to check data and 22X bonus balances.

Do USSD balance requests expire after some time?

Most telco USSD session requests time out after 20 seconds if input not provided. Re-initiate code if timed out without responding.

How often does app and portal show updated balances?

The Glo mobile app and website provide real-time account balances refreshed each time you login or access them.


I hope this detailed guide gives you clarity on multiple options like USSD codes, mobile app, call centre and online login for conveniently checking your Glo Nigeria account balance anytime as per your convenience. Follow provided tips and tricks for smooth experience.

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