How To Share Data On MTN 2024 Nigeria (NEW CODE)

A Comprehensive 2024 Guide to Sharing Data on the MTN Network

In 2024, MTN has made it easier than ever for subscribers to share data allowance with friends and family on the same network. With multiple options via USSD, app, and SMS, you can seamlessly transfer data on MTN with just a few taps.

In this guide, we will cover step-by-step instructions for the various 2024 methods to share MTN data, important tips to remember, fees involved, and FAQs on the data sharing process.

share data on mtn

Overview of MTN Data Sharing

Let’s first look at the key things to know about data sharing on MTN:

  • Recipient – The data recipient must be on the MTN Nigeria network to receive your shared data.
  • Limits – You can share up to 1GB daily, 3GB weekly, and 10GB monthly per recipient.
  • Fees – MTN charges small transfer fees depending on amount sent. Minimum is 50 Naira.
  • Speed – Data shared is delivered instantly with no delays.
  • Balance – You can only share data from your existing data balance. No sharing from active bundles.

Now let’s go through the step-by-step process for the various sharing options.

How to Share Data on MTN via USSD

USSD is the fastest and most popular way to share MTN data in 2024. Just dial a code, enter details, confirm, and you’re done!

Method 1: Via *312#

To share data via *312#, follow these steps:

  1. On your phone, dial *312# to open the Me2U menu
  2. Select Option 2 for Data Gifting
  3. Choose Option 1 to share from your data balance
  4. Input the recipient’s phone number
  5. Enter the data amount you wish to gift
  6. Confirm transfer details and select Accept

That’s it! The data will be immediately sent to the recipient.

Method 2: Via Direct USSD Code

Alternatively, you can directly input:

  1. Dial 312Recipient’s number*Amount#

For example: 31208012345678*500#

  1. Review details and confirm the transfer

So in summary, USSD makes data sharing super fast and convenient on MTN.

How to Share Data via MyMTN App

The MyMTN app provides an easy way to share data on your smartphone:

  1. Download latest MyMTN app on your phone
  2. Login to the app with your credentials
  3. Go to the Share menu
  4. Select Data
  5. Input recipient’s number and data amount
  6. Review details and confirm transfer

Within the app, you can view your past data sharing activity and manage recipients.

How to Share Data via SMS

You can also gift data by sending an SMS:

  1. Open a new text message to 312
  2. Type: Transfer Recipient’s number Amount

For example: Transfer 08012345678 200MB

  1. Send the message and confirm details

So in summary, SMS provides another handy option for MTN data sharing on-the-go.

Important Tips for Sharing MTN Data

Keep these tips in mind when transferring data:

  • Only share data you need – unnecessary transfers incur fees
  • Monitor your data usage to avoid overspending
  • Data balance required – cannot share from active bundle
  • Receiver must be an active MTN subscriber
  • Setup usage alerts to control shared data
  • Report unauthorized data sharing via 612 immediately

Following these tips will allow you to share your data safely and minimize unnecessary charges.

MTN Data Sharing Fees

MTN charges small fees for data transfers from balance based on the amount:

  • 50 Naira for 50MB – 500MB
  • 100 Naira for 1GB – 2GB
  • 150 Naira for 2GB – 3GB
  • 200 Naira for anything above 3GB

However, there are no fees for transfers below 50MB. Fees help control abuse and overuse.

Data Sharing Limits on MTN

To prevent exploitation, MTN enforces the following daily, weekly and monthly data sharing limits:

  • 1GB per day maximum
  • 3GB per week maximum
  • 10GB per month maximum

This applies per unique recipient. You cannot send more than 3GB in a week to any single recipient for example. Monitor your transfers to avoid crossing the limits unintentionally.

Share Data on MTN 2024 Nigeria


In closing, sharing data on MTN in 2024 is convenient, fast and flexible. USSD codes provide the easiest way to transfer data, while the MyMTN app and SMS options add versatility.

Understand the fees involved for larger transfers, applicable limits, and recipient requirements before sharing your data allowance.

With this comprehensive guide, you can seamlessly share your MTN data with friends and family right from your mobile phone in just seconds!


Can I share data if I’m on MTN pay-as-you-go without a bundle?

Yes, you can share your available data balance on pay-as-you-go. But you cannot share from an active data bundle.

What happens if I share data to a non-MTN number by mistake?

The transfer will fail if the recipient number is not an active MTN Nigeria line registered to receive gifts. You won’t be charged.

Is there a way to take back data already shared with someone else?

Unfortunately, no. Once data is shared, you cannot retrieve it or cancel the transfer. The recipient keeps the data.

Can I track the data I have shared with other people?

Yes, under Data Gifting, the MyMTN app provides full details of your data sharing activity including amounts and recipients.

Do unused data transfers expire at the end of the day?

No, there is no expiry. Any unused data you share with someone remains available to them until it is consumed based on validity.

How long does it take for shared data to reflect in the recipient’s account?

Data shared via all methods is delivered instantly to the recipient in real-time. No delays whatsoever.


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