Glo Data Plans: Ultimate Guide to Glo Data Plans and Bundles in Nigeria

Ultimate Guide to Glo Data Plans and Bundles in Nigeria

High-speed internet access has become essential for everyday communication, information, entertainment and business activities in Nigeria. As one of the country’s major telecom companies, Globacom (Glo) offers a variety of data bundle subscriptions to meet the needs of different customers based on data volume, speeds and price.

This article explores the comprehensive range of Glo data bundles available, how to subscribe to them conveniently, understand billing cycles, and get the best deals.

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Overview of Glo Data Plans

Glo mobile data can be accessed on diverse devices including smartphones, tablets, routers, dongles and modems. The data bundle options are segmented into varied quotas suitable for light, medium and heavy internet usage:

Monthly – Long-term bundles for 30 days
Weekly – 7-day plans with auto-renewal
Daily – 24-hour plans, mostly small bundles
Hourly – Get data valid for just 1 hour

In addition, they provide specialized bundles targeting specific segments like small businesses, corporate organizations and educational institutions. These include:

  • Berekete – Cost-effective data for SMEs
  • Glo Cafe – Bulk data service for businesses
  • Campus Booster – Data and SMS bundles for tertiary institutions

Now, let’s explore the specific data quotas and prices for different customer categories:

Prepaid Data Plans

1. Daily Data Plans

N5075MB₦5024 hours
N100200MB₦10024 hours
N200500MB₦20024 hours
N5001.5GB₦50024 hours
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2. Weekly Data Plans

N200500MB₦2007 days
N5001.5GB₦5007 days
N10005GB₦10007 days
N200012GB₦20007 days
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3. Monthly Data Plans

N100012GB₦100030 days
N200030GB₦200030 days
N300060GB₦300030 days
N5000120GB₦500030 days
N10,000225GB₦10,00030 days
N15,000350GB₦15,00030 days
N20,000500GB₦20,00030 days
N36,0001.2TB₦36,00030 days
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4. Mega Data Plans

N100,0003TB₦100,00090 days
N370,00010TB₦370,0001 year
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Postpaid (Enterprise/Corporate) Bundles

Glo also offers exclusive postpaid data bundles for businesses and organizations with bulk data needs and flexible payment options. These plans are customized based on company requirements. Some options include:

Volume-based – Get allocation based on usage needs
Speed-based – Guaranteed speeds like 10Mbps, 25Mbps, 155Mbps etc.
Unlimited Plans – Uncapped data access for flat monthly fees

Glo enterprise data solutions come with value-added services like static IPs, VPN tunneling, business continuity features and dedicated account management support.

Companies can inquire for quotes through Glo direct sales agents or via enterprise care center channels.

International Roaming Data

When travelling overseas to other countries, Glo subscribers can purchase roaming data bundles to continue seamless internet connectivity abroad. Enable roaming prior to travel and choose suitable bolt-on bundle from options below:

Daily Roaming – 24-hour access in Europe, Americas, Asia etc.
Weekly Roaming – 7-day data for select countries
Monthly Roaming – 30 days data for frequent travellers

Confirm exact rates directly with Glo customer service based on destination country before subscribing.

How to Check Glo Data Balance

To check your active data plan or remaining balance, dial 1270# USSD code. It will show:

  • Available data balance
  • Data plans active/pending
  • End date/time of current plan
  • Volume used (MBs, GBs etc)
  • And other details

Monitoring this regularly enables you effectively track data usage.

How to Migrate to Glo Data Plans

If currently using another network, switching over to Glo data is straightforward.

Option 1 – Buy Glo SIM Card

Get a new Glo SIM card at offline dealership outlets nationwide or order online delivery. Follow below steps:

  1. Insert SIM and ensure it is activated
  2. Select preferred data bundle from options above
  3. Dial *777# to choose Data Plan menu
  4. Input bundle code and confirm

Option 2 – Port Existing Number to Glo

To transfer your current phone number, simply request for number porting at any Glo outlet by providing necessary KYC documents.

The number switch process takes less than 24 hours in most cases. You also get up to 4 months bonus incentive bundles upon activation confirmation.

How to Subscribe to Glo Data Plan

Once on the Glo network, opting into their data bundles is very convenient through multiple channels:

USSD – Dial *777# > Choose Data Plans > Pick code > Confirm
SMS – Send bundle code as SMS to 127 e.g 223500MB#
Mobile app / Self-care – Choose plan on Glo CAFE portal
*Dial 805# – Access Glo data plan menu options

If not subscribed to a particular bundle, your default pay-as-you-go rate per MB applies for browsing and downloads. Enable auto-renewal so that data subscription renews itself automatically upon expiry without interrupting internet access.

Understanding Glo Data Billing & Payment

Depending on bundle type, data usage is billed either as pay-as-you-use or as flat fee upfront payment.

Prepaid billing – Payment made before usage based on plan chosen e.g daily/weekly/monthly bundles
Postpaid billing – Enterprises get monthly invoice for payment after usage

Overage charges apply if you exceed subscribed data cap limit before renewal. You get notifications upon reaching 80% and 100% of your data quota to help manage consumption appropriately.

Add funds hassle-free to your Glo data wallet through quick channel options:

VTpass – Instant airtime credit transfer from bank without charges
E-Top up – Online payments with debit/credit card
Physical recharge cards – Input recharge PIN sent as SMS

Benefits of Glo Data Plans

Choosing Glo for your internet connectivity provides several advantages:

  • High speeds – 4G LTE technology offers fast broadband
  • Wide coverage – Excellent service across 36 states and Abuja
  • Great value – Competitive rates for diverse budgets
  • Bonus incentives – Free extra data and airtime
  • Tethering allowance – Share to other devices conveniently
  • Borrow data – Get emergency data and payback later
  • Carryover data – Unused data rolls over with active plan

So in summary, with unmatched speeds, affordable prices and coverage across Nigeria, Glo mobile data enhances your connectivity and productivity for work, entertainment or business needs.


I hope this guide gives you extensive understanding into the comprehensive catalog of Glo data bundles available to prepaid, postpaid and enterprise customers in Nigeria. The plans offer variety in terms of volumes from daily, weekly to even unlimited quotas – alongside great speeds and affordable rates for diverse budgets.

By subscribing conveniently via USSD, SMS, online accounts and recharge options – then tracking usage regularly, you get the best deals. And with benefits like rollover data plus tethering allowance, Glo data plans provide reliable connectivity.

Let me know if you have any other questions!


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