How to Transfer Airtime on the Glo Network in Nigeria

Glo makes it very convenient for subscribers to transfer airtime to other Glo users in Nigeria. Transferring airtime allows you to instantly share credit with friends, family and business associates to keep them connected.

There are two main ways to transfer Glo airtime – using shortcodes and the Glo EasyShare app. This comprehensive guide provides tips for seamlessly transferring airtime on Glo.

How to Transfer Airtime on the Glo Network in Nigeria


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Overview of Glo Nigeria

Globacom Ltd, popularly known as Glo, is Nigeria’s second largest mobile network operator. Glo commenced operations in 2003 with cutting-edge fibre optic technology providing reliable voice, data and value-added services. Key offerings of Glo include:

  • 2G, 3G and 4G data services
  • Innovative product offerings like Glo Flexi, Glo Cliqfest, Glo Health Plus
  • Entertainment content via Glo TV, Glo Music Plus
  • Digital financial services through Glo Mega Plan
  • Affordable prepaid and postpaid packages
  • Youth propositioning initiatives like Glo Campus Booster
  • Large network of customer touchpoints for support

Glo pioneered per second billing along with innovative products like Glo Advance for borrowing airtime. As a top Glo subscriber, understanding how to transfer airtime comes in handy for effectively sharing airtime benefits.

How to Transfer Airtime on Glo Network

Glo enables subscribers transfer airtime through two convenient channels – shortcodes and mobile app – outlined below:

1. Using USSD Shortcodes

To transfer airtime via shortcode:

  • Set up transfer PIN: Dial 32144NEW PIN*NEW PIN# to create a 4-digit transfer PIN.
  • Transfer airtime: Dial 312RECIPIENT’S NUMBERAMOUNTPIN# to transfer airtime.
  • Confirm transfer: Reply “1” to confirm or “0” to cancel the transaction.

This method works directly from your Glo line and is completely free. However, transfers can only be sent to Glo numbers.

2. Using Glo EasyShare App

The Glo EasyShare app provides another fast option to transfer airtime:

  • Install app: Download and install Glo EasyShare app for free from your device app store.
  • Register/Login: Provide your Glo number to register or login.
  • Initiate transfer: Go to ‘Share Airtime’, input recipient’s number, amount and transfer PIN.
  • Confirm details: Review and confirm the transfer details.

The app enables transferring airtime to any Nigerian mobile network. But it requires having a smartphone and data.

Step-by-Step Guide to Transfer Airtime on Glo

Follow these detailed steps to seamlessly transfer airtime on Glo network:

  1. Create transfer PIN – Dial 32144xxxx*xxxx# using a new 4-digit PIN to activate airtime transfer.
  2. Fund sending line – Ensure you have sufficient airtime balance on your Glo line to cover transfer amount and charges.
  3. Select recipient – Note the correct phone number of the recipient. Only Glo numbers for USSD method.
  4. Specify amount – Choose transfer amount between N50 to N20,000 daily limit.
  5. Use shortcode or app – Enter details using either 312 shortcode or Glo EasyShare app.
  6. Input PIN – Provide your registered transfer PIN to authenticate transaction.
  7. Review details – Check amount, number and PIN before confirming.
  8. Get confirmation – You will receive a confirmation SMS if transfer succeeded.

That’s it! The airtime will directly reflect in the recipient’s account balance.

Transferring Airtime to Other Networks

While Glo shortcode transfers only work for Glo numbers, the Glo EasyShare app allows transferring airtime across all Nigerian mobile networks including:

  • MTN – Input recipient’s MTN number to transfer airtime.
  • Airtel – Enter Airtel number and amount to share airtime.
  • 9mobile – Provide 9mobile phone number to transfer credit.
  • Ntel – Share airtime with Ntel users by specifying number.

So with the EasyShare app, you are not limited to just Glo numbers when sending airtime.

Important Tips for Airtime Transfer

  • Set a strong 4-digit PIN to prevent unauthorized transfers.
  • Crosscheck recipient’s number carefully before sending airtime.
  • Notify recipient to expect the airtime transfer.
  • Start small when testing a new number, then increase amounts.
  • Keep your transfer PIN confidential and private.
  • Monitor your balance to track airtime deductions.
  • Transfer charges apply based on amount sent.
  • There are limits on daily transfer value to curb fraud.
  • Airtime transfers are instant and can’t be reversed.
  • Reach out to customer care if transfer issues persist.

Troubleshooting Airtime Transfer Issues

Problem: Recipient did not receive transferred airtime.

Solution: Confirm recipient’s number was inputted correctly. Ask them to restart their phone and recheck balance.

Problem: Transfer failed but airtime deducted from your account.

Solution: Wait 24 hours as delay may occur. Or contact Glo customer care and provide transaction details.

Problem: Getting “Transaction Declined” error.

Solution: Retry transfer to confirm recipient number. Ensure you have enough airtime balance. Change transfer PIN if forgotten.

Problem: Reaching daily transfer limit too quickly.

Solution: Review account for suspicious activities. Set lower per transaction limits. Report unauthorized incidents.

Problem: Can’t create new transfer PIN.

Solution: Dial 32144xxxx*xxxx# using a new PIN not used previously on your line.

how to transfer glo airtime


Transferring airtime enables generosity towards family and friends on the Glo network. Using Glo shortcodes or EasyShare app, subscribers can now easily share airtime to keep their loved ones connected. Follow the step-by-step guide above to start transferring airtime seamlessly today.



Is there a fee to transfer Glo airtime?

Yes, transfer charges apply based on amount sent. Fees range from N2 for N50 to N6 for N1,000 airtime.

Can I reverse a Glo airtime transfer?

No, airtime transfers on Glo are instant and cannot be reversed or recalled once confirmed.

What is the maximum amount I can transfer daily?

There is a daily transfer limit of N20,000 worth of airtime imposed to reduce fraud.

How long does it take to receive transferred airtime?

Airtime sent from Glo is received instantly once you confirm the transfer details accurately.

Can I transfer airtime to numbers on other networks?

Yes, but only via the Glo EasyShare mobile app. Shortcodes only allow Glo to Glo transfers.

Does the recipient need to accept the transfer?

No acceptance is required. Once confirmed, the airtime is directly credited to the recipient’s Glo line.

How do I retrieve my transfer PIN if forgotten?

Dial 32144xxxx*xxxx# using a new 4-digit PIN to reset your transfer PIN if forgotten.

Why is my Glo EasyShare app not working?

Update to the latest app version. Also ensure you have internet connection on your phone.

Which app stores can I download Glo EasyShare?

Glo EasyShare app can be downloaded from Google Play Store for Android or Apple App Store for iOS.

Can I still transfer airtime if my phone is barred?

Yes, you can still transfer airtime to others even if outgoing calls and SMS are barred on your line.

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