How To Check My Numbers On MTN 2024 (NEW CODE)

A Complete Guide to Checking Your MTN Mobile Number in Nigeria

Knowing your registered mobile number is important for staying in control of your MTN line and account. Whether you need to verify your number for transactions or simply forgot the digits, MTN makes it easy to check and retrieve your phone number through various quick methods.

In this comprehensive guide, we provide step-by-step instructions to check your MTN number using USSD codes, phone settings, SMS and other techniques. We also cover some additional tips and answers to frequently asked questions about retrieving mobile numbers.

how to check my numbers on mtn


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Overview of Checking Your MTN Number

Let’s first understand why you may need to check your mobile number:

  • To verify identity for financial transactions
  • When registering for third-party services
  • If you forgot your number or are using a new SIM
  • To provide to others for calling/messaging
  • To ensure number porting was successful
  • To check number associated with mobile wallet
  • To confirm your active number if using dual SIM

Checking regularly also guards against unauthorized SIM swaps or number changes without your consent.

Now let’s look at the various ways to check your MTN number conveniently.

Method 1 – Check MTN Number via USSD Codes

USSD codes provide the fastest way to retrieve your MTN mobile number directly on your phone’s screen.

Use *663

The simplest code is to dial *663# on your MTN phone. Your 10-digit MTN number will be displayed instantly.

Alternative: Dial 1231*1#

You can also retrieve your number by dialling 1231*1#. This also instantly brings up your registered mobile number.

Via Main Menu: *123

For a third USSD option, dial *123# to bring up MTN’s main menu. Select option 1 for “My Tools” then choose option 1 again for “My Number”. Your number will be shown.

So in summary, USSD provides the quickest way to check your number, usually in under 5 seconds!

Method 2 – Check MTN Number via Phone Settings

You can also find your MTN mobile number easily through your device settings:

On Android Phones

  1. Open your Android phone’s Settings app
  2. Navigate to About Phone > Status
  3. Look for the “My Phone Number” section
  4. You will see your 10-digit MTN mobile number

On iPhones

  1. Go to Settings on your iPhone
  2. Choose Phone
  3. At the top, your 11-digit number is displayed

This method works if you have an active MTN SIM inserted in your phone. For dual SIM devices, ensure you check the SIM-specific number.

Method 3 – Check MTN Number via SMS Message

You can also retrieve your MTN mobile number by sending an SMS message:

  1. Type MYNUMBER
  2. Send message to 6000
  3. Wait for reply SMS containing your number

This automated service will instantly SMS back your registered MTN mobile number.

Method 4 – Check via MyMTN App

The MyMTN app also displays your number conveniently:

  1. Install and open the MyMTN app
  2. Login to your account
  3. Your number is shown on the main account tab
  4. Tap it to expand and view the full digit string

Having the app installed allows accessing your number easily whenever needed.

Tips to Keep in Mind

When checking your MTN number using any method, keep these tips in mind:

  • If using dual SIM devices, verify number against the MTN SIM
  • Outside Nigeria, international prefixes may apply
  • Number remains static even if switching SIM devices
  • Alert MTN promptly if you see an unknown number linked
  • Quickest method is using USSD codes directly on your phone

Following these tips will ensure you accurately retrieve your correct active MTN mobile number.

FAQs on Checking MTN Number

Here are some common questions about retrieving MTN numbers:

Does checking my number via USSD use airtime?

No, checking your MTN number using USSD is entirely free. *123#, *663# and other codes do not use any airtime units.

Can I check my MTN number without a SIM inserted?

Unfortunately no – you need an active MTN SIM card properly inserted in your phone to retrieve the linked mobile number.

What happens if I get “Number Unknown” when checking?

If you receive an error indicating your number is unknown, contact MTN customer service to resolve the issue and confirm the number linked to your SIM.

How can I check someone else’s MTN number?

Due to privacy reasons, you cannot directly check or retrieve another person’s MTN number without their consent. They will have to personally check and provide their number to you.

Is there any limit on how many times I can check my number?

No, there are no limits imposed. You can check your MTN mobile number as many times as required using any of the available options discussed.


In summary, MTN makes checking your own mobile number easy using various convenient methods like dedicated USSD codes, SMS, phone settings menu and the MyMTN app.

Ensuring you have your correct up-to-date MTN number is important for account security and management.

Now you know how to check your MTN number directly from your phone in just seconds using the described options. You can retrieve it anytime you need to provide the number to others or validate your active mobile identity.

Check My Numbers on MTN


Can I check my MTN number if I don’t have airtime balance?

Yes, you can still retrieve your MTN number using the free options even with zero airtime balance on your line. Methods like USSD and phone settings don’t cost anything.

If I switch SIM cards, does my MTN number change?

No, your MTN mobile number remains exactly same even if you change the physical SIM card linked to the line. It stays static and ported across different SIMs.

Is there a way to check the mobile numbers of all my family MTN lines together?

Unfortunately, no. Each individual user has to check their own MTN number from their respective phones due to privacy and security reasons.

My old MTN number shows up instead of my new ported number – what should I do?

This indicates your mobile number porting to MTN was not successful. Contact MTN customer support to resolve the porting issue so your correct ported number shows up.

I changed my number but my old MTN number still shows up when I check – why?

If your MTN number change request was not completed successfully earlier, their systems may still link your old number instead of the new one. Visit an MTN service center for assistance.

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