How to Recharge your Airtel Line in Nigeria

How to Recharge your Airtel Line in Nigeria

Airtel is one of the top mobile telecommunication networks in Nigeria with over 50 million subscribers. To continue enjoying Airtel services, regular recharging or topping up of your Airtel line is essential.

There are various convenient ways to recharge your Airtel line in Nigeria, both for prepaid and postpaid customers.

This article provides a detailed guide on the different options and codes for hassle-free Airtel recharge in Nigeria.

How to Recharge your Airtel Line in Nigeria


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Overview of Airtel Nigeria

Airtel Nigeria commenced operations in 2001 as the first GSM network in the country. It quickly established itself as innovative and customer-focused, introducing new technologies and affordable offers for Nigerians.

Airtel Nigeria currently provides the following services:

  • Prepaid and postpaid mobile voice services
  • 2G, 3G and 4G data services including mobile broadband
  • International roaming in over 100 countries
  • Innovative packages and product offerings like SmartConnect, Data Rollover, Family Plan, etc.
  • Digital financial services through Airtel Money
  • Entertainment content via Airtel TV
  • Customer support via contact centers and retail stores nationwide

Airtel Nigeria continues to upgrade its network coverage across the 36 states with aims to boost quality of service. It has over 150 million subscribers across its African operations.

How to Recharge Airtel Line

To continue enjoying Airtel services as a subscriber, you need to periodically recharge airtime and data balances on your line. There are various options available:

1. Recharge Cards

This is the traditional and most common method adopted by prepaid subscribers.

  • Purchase an Airtel recharge card from an authorized dealer outlet or retailer. Popular denominations are N100, N200, N500, N1000 although various amounts are available.
  • On the back of the recharge card is a 16-digit Pin Number. Scratch gently to reveal it.
  • Dial 311Recharge Card PIN# on your Airtel line and call.
  • The airtime amount will be credited instantly.

Recharge cards are readily available nationwide. The process is simple, though you need to purchase a new card each time.

2. Mobile Apps

Airtel Nigeria has an official mobile app on Android and iOS that allows prepaid and postpaid customers recharge their lines easily.

  • Download and install the latest Airtel Nigeria app on your smartphone.
  • Register and login to the app using your phone number.
  • Go to the Payments or Recharge section.
  • Select Prepaid or Postpaid Recharge.
  • Enter your recharge amount and complete the payment using your preferred method.

The app provides quick access to recharge your line on the go. However, you need a smartphone and internet connection.

3. Airtel website

Recharging your Airtel line is also possible on the Airtel Nigeria website.

  • Visit
  • Sign in to your Airtel account using your phone number
  • Under the My Airtel section, select Pay Bills
  • Choose Prepaid or Postpaid Recharge
  • Enter amount and complete payment through web payment gateway
  • The recharge is instantaneous

This method allows recharging from any internet-enabled system. However, it can only be done where you have access to a computer.

4. ATM

Airtel has partnered with several Nigerian banks to enable customers recharge at ATMs nationwide.

  • Visit any ATM of the partner bank networks
  • Select ‘Pay Bills’ option and choose Airtel
  • Input your Airtel phone number
  • Enter the recharge amount
  • Complete the transaction using your ATM card
  • The recharge reflects on your Airtel line immediately

Using the ATM is convenient and available round the clock. However, it depends on the banks. Only few ATMs currently offer Airtel recharge.

5. Bank Apps

In addition to ATMs, some bank mobile apps and websites like Access Bank, UBA, and FirstBank also allow direct Airtel recharge.

  • Log in to your bank’s mobile app or online account
  • Select ‘Pay Bills’ or similar option
  • Choose Airtel from billers list
  • Input your Airtel number and amount
  • Complete payment and recharge using your bank account

Though limited to certain banks, this method is fast and eliminates the need for scratch cards.

6. Retail Stores

There are authorized Airtel retail stores and top-up outlets across Nigeria that offer recharge services.

  • Visit any nearby stores with Airtel accreditation
  • Provide your phone number
  • Pay for the recharge amount in cash
  • The store attendant does the recharge instantly

Though not self-service, retail stores are ubiquitous and allow you pay cash for instant recharge.

Recharge Options for Prepaid Customers

Prepaid means paying for services before use. Airtel prepaid customers can recharge and subscribe to various packages:


This directly adds Naira credit to your account for making calls, texts, etc. Airtime can be topped up using any method above.

Data Bundles

Airtel offers data bundles that give you bulk data at cheaper rates. This includes daily, weekly and monthly plans. To activate, recharge and dial 140Data Code#.

For instance, to get 1GB monthly data, recharge N1000 then dial 140104#.

Smart Recharge

This bundles airtime and data, plus SMS and other benefits. To activate, recharge then dial *234# and select option. The code is 234Recharge Amount#

E.g. 234100# for N100 bundle with N70 airtime, 100MB data and free SMS.

SMS Bundles

Airtel provides SMS bundles for bulk messaging. To activate, recharge and dial 1204Digit SMS Code#.

For example, 1203001# for 1000 SMS bundle. Reply with 1 to confirm purchase.

Life Insurance

Airtel offers free life coverage on all recharges above N100. This provides insurance in cases of accidental death or permanent disability.

Int’l Calling Card

Prepaid customers can subscribe to an international calling card by dialing 315044XXXXXXXXXXXXXXX# to call abroad. X denotes your 19-digit recharge card serial number.

Recharge Options for Postpaid Customers

For Airtel postpaid or contract customers, recharging requires paying your monthly subscription bills promptly before due date. This is done using:

Airtel Payments Bank

  • Log into the Airtel Payments Bank app
  • Go to Payments > Pay Bills
  • Select Airtel Postpaid
  • Enter phone number and amount
  • Complete payment

Quickteller Paypoint

  • Visit or any accredited outlet
  • Provide phone number
  • Specify amount and pay
  • Your recharge is confirmed immediately

Failure to pay up before due date leads to line barring which prevents making calls. You can request for 7 – 30 days grace period to recharge if needed via Airtel Call Center.

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Recharging your Airtel line promptly is key to enjoying uninterrupted mobile, data and digital financial services. Airtel provides multiple options like mobile apps, websites, scratch cards, ATMs and retail stores to conveniently recharge on the go with instant airtime and data crediting. Prepaid customers can also take advantage of various bundled packages and loyalty rewards through timely recharging. With this detailed guide, recharging your Airtel line will be hassle-free.


How do I check my airtime balance?

To check your airtime balance, dial *123# on your Airtel line. You can also dial *556# to check airtime, data, SMS and validity status.

What is the code to migrate from prepaid to postpaid?

To migrate from prepaid to postpaid, dial 4441#. You will need to provide documentation and pay a refundable deposit.

You can link your Nigerian bank account to your Airtel line by dialing 9905*2#. This enables direct airtime top-up from the bank app/website.

How do I check my current data bundle balance?

To check remaining data balance, dial *140# and select ‘My Offer’. You can also send DATA to 141 to receive an SMS on used and remaining data.

What is the code to share airtime on Airtel?

To share airtime from your Airtel line, dial 424AmountReceiver’s Number# and press Call. For example, 42410008011223344#

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