How to Share Data on Airtel Nigeria 2024

How to Share Data on Airtel Nigeria: A Complete Guide

With over 50 million subscribers, Airtel is one of Nigeria’s leading mobile networks. Airtel offers a variety of data bundle options to suit different needs. However, users often ask – can I share my Airtel data balance with other Airtel subscribers?

The good news is Airtel provides two straightforward methods for users to share data balances namely:

**1. Data Me2U: ** Share a portion of your existing data allowance

2. Data Gifting: Buy a fresh data bundle for another Airtel user

This comprehensive guide covers step-by-step instructions for both approaches, tips, and answers to frequently asked questions on sharing data on Airtel Nigeria.

how to share data on airtel nigeria


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Airtel Data Me2U

Airtel’s Data Me2U facility lets you transfer part of your existing data balance to another Airtel customer.

Step 1: Dial *312#

Opening the Me2U menu starts the process. Simply dial *312# on your Airtel phone. This will display the Me2U service menu.

Alternatively, you can dial directly:

*312*0# - For prepaid users
*312*1# - For postpaid users

Step 2: Select “Share Data”

From the Me2U menu, choose the “Share Data” option by entering:

3 - For prepaid customers 
4 - For postpaid customers

This will take you to the Data Sharing menu.

Step 3: Pick “Data Me2U”

Now choose the “Data Me2U” option to initiate transfer of your existing data.

Step 4: Input Recipient’s Number

Next, you will be prompted for the Airtel mobile number to share data with.

Enter the recipient’s 10-digit Airtel phone number.

Step 5: Enter Data Amount

You will now need to specify amount of data you wish to transfer from your balance.

You can share 10 MB to 200 MB per day through Data Me2U facility.

Step 6: Input Transfer PIN

The next step will require you to set up a transfer PIN if you haven’t already. This PIN acts as a password to authorize your data sharing requests.

To set up your transfer PIN:

Dial *900*5*1*PIN#  
E.g. *900*5*1*12345#

Enter this PIN when prompted during data transfer.

Step 7: Confirm Transfer

Finally, you will get a message summarizing the data transfer details for confirmation before the recipient is credited with shared data.

That’s it! The specified data balance will be deducted from your account and added to the recipient’s Airtel number.

Airtel Data Gifting

Apart from sharing your existing data, Airtel also allows you to gift a brand new data bundle that you pay for to another Airtel subscriber.

Step 1: Dial *312

Just like Data Me2U, start by dialing *312# to access the Me2U menu.

Step 2: Select “Gift Data”

Input option 4 on prepaid or 5 on postpaid to enter “Gift Data” facility.

Step 3: Choose Data Bundle

You will be shown data gift bundle options – daily, weekly or monthly plans ranging from N100 to N20,000 in value. Select plan based on recipient’s needs and your budget.

Step 4: Input Recipient’s Number

Next, enter the 10-digit Airtel number of subscriber you wish to gift the data bundle to.

Step 5: Set Transfer PIN

If you haven’t already, configure a transfer PIN as password for authorizing data gifting.

E.g. *900*5*1*12345#

Step 6: Confirm Transaction

Verify all details before confirming purchase of the data bundle, which will be credited to the recipient’s Airtel number.

That’s it! Unlike Data Me2U transfers, there are no limits on Data Gifting amounts.

Data Sharing Tips

Keep these tips in mind when sharing Airtel data:

  • Recipient must have an active Airtel SIM
  • You can only share between Airtel numbers
  • Set a transfer PIN for security and transaction authentication
  • 200MB daily sharing limit applies for Data Me2U transfers
  • No limits on Data Gifting amounts
  • Unused gifted data expires based on bundle validity period
  • Confirm recipient’s number carefully before transferring to avoid errors

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are answers to some common queries on sharing data on Airtel Nigeria:

How much data can I transfer from my 10GB Airtel plan using Data Me2U?

You can share up to 200MB per day from your 10GB data balance using the Data Me2U facility.

Can I port an Airtel data plan I purchased for myself to another Airtel user?

No, data bundles are tied to the original purchasing number. You cannot transfer an entire data plan to another user via Me2U.

What is the maximum data I can gift to another Airtel number?

There are no imposed limits when gifting a brand new data bundle to another Airtel customer using the Data Gifting facility.

Where does the money for my data gift to another Airtel user come from?

Any data bundle you gift to another Airtel number will be debited from your main account airtime balance.

Can I share data from my Airtel plan with 9mobile and Glo users?

Unfortunately, Airtel data can only be shared from one Airtel number to another. You cannot transfer data to other network subscribers.


I hope this detailed guide gives you clarity on how to share your Airtel data allowance with other Airtel subscribers in Nigeria. Whether you want to share a portion of your existing data via Me2U transfers or gift a fresh data bundle, the process is quick and straightforward. Leverage these methods to help your friends, family and colleagues stay connected online.

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