MTN to MTN Transfer Code – Easy Steps for Seamless Credit Transfer

Comprehensive Guide: How To Transfer Airtime from MTN to MTN in Nigeria

Transferring airtime credit is a very useful feature offered by telecom networks in Nigeria. If you are an MTN subscriber, you can easily send airtime to other MTN users as and when required. There are several quick methods to transfer airtime from MTN number to another MTN number in real-time.

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Benefits of MTN Airtime Transfer

Before we look at the step-by-step procedures, let’s understand why MTN airtime transfer facility is helpful:

  • Send airtime to family/friends in need – Instantly send airtime to your contacts when they urgently need credit to make calls or use mobile data.
  • Remote airtime recharge – Transfer airtime for remote MTN recharge when you cannot physically recharge for someone.
  • Business payments – Safely pay vendors, suppliers, partners etc. via instant airtime transfers.
  • Cashless transactions – Avoid risks associated with physical cash payments by transferring airtime instead.
  • Rewards/incentives – Companies can easily send airtime rewards or incentives to customers and employees.

So in a nutshell, transferring airtime is convenient, instant, safe and has multiple use cases for both individuals and businesses.

Now let’s look at the step-by-step guide for transferring MTN airtime from your mobile number to another MTN number in Nigeria:

Method 1: Using USSD Code

The easiest way to transfer airtime on MTN is by using the Universal Shortcode 600 followed by the recipient’s number, amount and transfer PIN.

Follow these steps:

Step 1: Dial USSD Code 600

Open your phone’s dialer and dial the USSD code by entering:<pre>*600*</pre>

Don’t press call or enter yet.

Step 2: Enter Recipient’s Number

Next, enter the 10-digit MTN recipient mobile number you want to transfer airtime to.

For example, if transferring to 08031234567:<pre>*600*<b>08031234567</b>*</pre>

Step 3: Enter Transfer Amount

After the recipient’s number, enter the airtime amount you want to transfer. The amount should be a numeric value.

For example, to transfer N500 airtime, enter:<pre>*600*08031234567*<b>500</b>*</pre>

Step 4: Enter Transfer PIN

Finally, enter your 4-digit airtime transfer PIN to authenticate the transaction. The default PIN is 0000 but you can change it for better security.

If your PIN is 1234, enter:<pre>*600*08031234567*500*<b>1234</b>#</pre>

The full code will be:<pre><b>*600*08031234567*500*1234#</b></pre>

Step 5: Press Call or Send

Once you have entered the full code with recipient number, amount and PIN, press the green call button or OK button on your phone to send the airtime.

When transferred successfully, you will get an SMS notification confirming details of amount sent and applicable fees deducted from your balance. The recipient will also receive an SMS notifying credit received.

And that’s it! You have successfully transferred MTN airtime via USSD code.<img src=”ussd-airtime-transfer.jpg” alt=”USSD airtime transfer” width=”300″>

Method 2: Using SMS Service

An alternative to USSD is to transfer airtime via SMS. Follow these simple steps:

Step 1: Compose Transfer SMS

Write a new SMS message on your mobile and enter the transfer details in this format:<pre>Transfer RECIPIENT_NUMBER AMOUNT PIN</pre>

So if sending N1,000 airtime to 08045678912 with PIN as 3333, you would type:<pre>Transfer 08045678912 1000 3333</pre>

Step 2: Send SMS to 321

Send the composed SMS to the virtual mobile number 321 which handles MTN airtime transfer by SMS.

Once you click send, an SMS will be delivered to that shortcode with your transfer data.

Step 3: Confirm Transaction

MTN will send you a confirmation SMS asking if you want to continue with the airtime transfer you initiated.

Reply to that SMS with the word <b>YES</b> in capital letters to authorize the transaction.

Step 4: Get Notification

After you reply YES, you will get an SMS notification informing transfer status, fees deducted and available airtime balance.

The recipient will also receive an SMS confirming the airtime credit sent to their MTN number.

So in summary – Compose SMS, Send to 321 Shortcode, Confirm with YES, and Get transfer notifications.<img src=”sms-airtime-transfer.jpg” alt=”SMS airtime transfer” width=”300″>

Method 3: Via MyMTN Mobile App

MyMTN mobile app allows you to easily transfer airtime 24×7 from the convenience of your phone. Just a few taps and you are done!

Here is step-by-step process for airtime transfer on MyMTN app:

Step 1: Download App & Login

Download the <b>MyMTN</b> mobile app from your device’s app store. Register if new user or login with your registered MTN phone number.<img src=”mymtn-app.png” alt=”MyMTN app download” width=”200″>

Step 2: Go to Airtime Transfer

In the MyMTN app menu, click on <b>Airtime Transfer</b>. This will open the airtime transfer form.

Step 3: Enter Details

  • Select source MTN number (in case you have multiple numbers registered on the app)
  • Enter the 10-digit destination MTN number
  • Mention amount to transfer
  • Enter your transfer PIN
  • Review all details before confirming transfer

<img src=”mymtn-app-transfer.jpg” width=”200″>

Step 4: Transfer!

Once all details are correctly filled, click <b>Transfer</b>. The app will connect to MTN servers and process your airtime transfer request.

Step 5: Get SMS Notification

You and the recipient will receive SMS notifications confirming successful airtime transfer or failure in case of errors.

So MyMTN app makes MTN-to-MTN airtime transfer super quick and convenient without having to remember any USSD codes!

Method 4: Via MTN XtraCare

You can also transfer airtime from MTN number to another MTN number with the help of a customer service agent by calling the MTN XtraCare helpline.

Step 1: Call 180

Use your phone to dial <b>180</b> to reach MTN’s customer support helpline. Follow IVR prompts till you get connected to an agent.

Step 2: Select Airtime Transfer Option

When greeted by the customer service agent, request for airtime transfer support. Confirm your registered MTN number and OTP received.

Step 3: Provide Transfer Details

Give them the destination MTN number, transfer amount, and your airtime transfer PIN to initiate the transaction.

Step 4: Agent Transfers Airtime

The agent will process the airtime transfer request on your behalf using the details provided.

Step 5: Check SMS Notification

Once the agent completes the transfer via their interface, you will receive an SMS confirming the transaction status, fees deducted and balance.

This brings the convenience of assisted airtime transfer using MTN’s customer support channel.

So in summary – Call Helpline, Give Details, Agent Transfers Airtime, Get SMS notification.

Important Things to Note

There are some key points you should keep in mind when transferring MTN airtime:

Set a Strong Transfer PIN

  • By default, the airtime transfer PIN is 0000 which is easy to guess. Immediately change it by dialing 7777# when you activate MTN SIM card. Set a unique 4-digit PIN.

N10 Fee Per Transaction

  • Every successful airtime transfer on MTN attracts a fee of N10. This fee is deducted from the sender’s airtime balance.

Transfer Limits

  • You can transfer minimum of N50 airtime per transaction, while maximum amount per transaction is N5,000.
  • Daily transfer limit is capped at N10,000 cumulative across all transactions done in a day.

Know Your Limits

  • Based on your usage patterns, MTN can impose custom limits on transaction count and amounts applicable specifically to your line. Check in advance.

Get Receipt & Confirm Credit

  • Always save SMS receipts from airtime transfers done both by you (sender) and the recipient. Cross-check if correct amount is reflected in recipient’s balance.

Beware of Fraud

  • Do not share your airtime transfer PIN with anyone including customer service agents. Report suspicious transactions immediately.

I hope this detailed guide helps you easily understand and follow the processes to transfer airtime from your MTN number to any other MTN number across Nigeria.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Here are some common questions about MTN to MTN airtime transfer:

Q: Is MTN airtime transfer free?

No, every successful airtime transfer attracts a fee of N10 deducted from the sender’s available airtime balance. Only the transferred airtime amount reaches recipient.

Q: Can I transfer airtime to other networks like Airtel, Glo or 9mobile?

Unfortunately, MTN’s airtime transfer facility can only send airtime from one MTN number to another MTN number within Nigeria. You cannot transfer airtime credits across different mobile networks.

Q: What happens if I enter wrong details during airtime transfer?

If you enter incorrect recipient number, amount or PIN, the airtime transfer will fail. You will get an SMS notification about the failure reason such as incorrect PIN or recipient number not being MTN number etc.

Q: Can I still transfer airtime if recipient’s number is switched off/out of reach?

Yes, you can successfully transfer airtime even if the recipient’s MTN number is temporarily unreachable, switched off, out of coverage etc. The airtime amount will be credited to the recipient as soon as the number is back in coverage area or switched on again.

Q: How long does MTN airtime transfer take to reflect in recipient’s account?

Airtime transferred via any of the USSD, SMS, App or Xtracare methods is instantly credited to the recipient’s account in real-time. It will reflect in their balance within few seconds, unless the number is switched off or out of reach when slight delays can happen.

I hope this gives you detailed understanding of step-by-step process to transfer airtime from your MTN number to any other MTN number across Nigeria using USSD, SMS, MyMTN App or XtraCare.

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