How to Easily Recharge Your Glo Mobile: A Detailed Guide

How to Easily Recharge Your Glo Mobile: A Detailed Guide

Having sufficient airtime is essential to staying connected on your Glo mobile network. Whether you need to make calls, send SMS, browse the internet or use data services, recharging your Glo line promptly ensures you are never out of touch.

In this comprehensive guide, I provide all the information you need on the various quick and convenient ways to recharge your Glo mobile line using recharge cards, bank transfers, Glo portal and more.

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Overview of Ways to Recharge Glo Line

There are several easy methods you can use to credit airtime and data to your Glo number. The main options include:

  • Recharge Cards – Top up using physical or e-recharge cards bought from dealers and merchants.
  • Bank Apps/USSD – Recharge via your bank’s mobile app, online banking portal or USSD menus.
  • Glo Website – Recharge directly on the Glo Nigeria website.
  • Glo Simple Recharge – Dial USSD code to recharge from your bank account.
  • Third-party Websites/Apps – platforms like JumiaPay, Quickteller etc.

I will explain how each method works in detail later in this guide. But first, let’s look at some benefits of keeping your Glo line topped up.

Why You Should Regularly Recharge Your Glo Line

Here are some key reasons why it is important to regularly recharge airtime and data on your Glo mobile line:

  • Make and receive calls – Airtime allows you to make outgoing calls and receive incoming calls.
  • Send SMS – Airtime is required to send text messages.
  • Access internet – Airtime or data bundle is required for browsing the web.
  • Use Glo data services – Recharge to enjoy Glo data plans like Berekete, Glo Cafe, Daily Data etc.
  • Maintain number – Regular recharges keep your Glo line active and prevent disconnection.
  • Participate in promos – Many Glo promotions require some airtime/data balance on your line.
  • Retain bonuses – Rolling over unused data or airtime requires maintaining your line.
  • Enjoy discounts – Prepaid recharges allow you to benefit from bonus airtime or data.

Now let’s get into the step-by-step process of recharging your Glo line using the different available options.

Using Recharge Card to Top Up Glo Line

Physical and e-recharge cards offer a straightforward way to credit airtime. Follow these steps:

Step 1: Purchase Recharge Card

  • Buy a Glo recharge card from an authorized dealer outlet or retailer.
  • Choose your desired recharge amount, usually ranging from N100 to N10,000.
  • You can also buy e-recharge cards online and have the recharge PIN delivered to your email.

Step 2: Scratch Card to Reveal PIN

  • Scratch the foil on the recharge card to reveal a hidden 15-digit Pin.
  • This PIN uniquely identifies the card value.
  • For e-recharge cards, the PIN will be directly provided via email or SMS.

Step 3: Dial USSD Code

  • On your Glo line, dial 311PIN#
  • Replace PIN with the unique 15-digit recharge PIN.

Step 4: Wait for Confirmation

  • You will receive an SMS notification confirming successful top up of your airtime.
  • Check your new airtime balance by dialling #124#

And that’s all. Recharge cards provide an easy way to instantly load airtime from anywhere.

Using Bank Apps and Websites to Recharge

Most banks now provide quick means to recharge your Glo line via their mobile apps and online banking portals. Follow these steps:

Step 1: Access Your Bank’s App or Website

  • On your mobile phone, open your bank’s official app.
  • Or on your computer, visit your bank’s website and login.

Step 2: Select Recharge Service

  • Search for recharge service. Names like “Airtime Top-up”, “Buy Airtime”, “Bill Payment”.
  • Select or click it.

Step 3: Enter Recharge Details

  • Select Glo from Network providers list
  • Enter your Glo mobile number
  • Input amount (e.g. N1000)

Step 4: Complete Payment

  • Follow prompts to complete payment using bank card or account balance.
  • You may need to input OTP or password to authenticate.
  • Receive recharge confirmation SMS.

Bank channels provide secured and seamless airtime recharge options.

Using Glo Website to Directly Recharge

The Glo Nigeria website offers 24/7 recharge service directly. Follow these simple steps:

Step 1: Visit Glo Nigeria Website

Step 2: Enter Phone Number

  • Input your Glo mobile number under Recharge Mobile
  • Select “Others” if recharging someone else’s number

Step 3: Select Payment Method

  • Choose payment method – Card Payment, Bank Transfer or Glo Wallet
  • Input card details or initiate transfer

Step 4: Enter Recharge Amount

  • Under Select Recharge Amount, enter amount like N500
  • Review summary and click Pay
  • Follow prompts to complete payment

You will receive SMS notification once airtime recharge successful.

Using Glo Simple Recharge

The Glo Simple Recharge service allows you to easily recharge your Glo line directly from your bank account. Follow these steps:

Step 1: Dial USSD Code

  • On your phone, dial *805#

Step 2: Select Bank

  • Choose your bank when prompted from list

Step 3: Input Details

  • Select “Me” if recharging own number or “Others” if third party
  • Enter amount to recharge

Step 4: Authorize Payment

  • Input your bank PIN or OTP to authorize transfer
  • Wait for confirmation SMS notification

With this method, you don’t need cards or internet. Just dial and pay from your bank!

Using Third-Party Websites and Apps

There are several third-party mobile apps and websites like JumiaPay, KongaPay, Quickteller etc. that allow airtime recharge. Follow these steps when using them:

Step 1: Visit Platform’s Website or App

  • Launch the third-party recharge platform’s website or mobile app
  • Popular options include JumiaPay, KongaPay, Quickteller, Paga etc.

Step 2: Select Glo and Input Number

  • Choose Glo from list of mobile networks
  • Enter the Glo mobile number you intend to recharge

Step 3: Enter Recharge Amount

  • Select amount like N500
  • Some allow you to select from a list of pre-set recharge amounts

Step 4: Make Payment

  • Complete payment using bank transfer or debit/credit card
  • Follow payment prompts accordingly
  • You will receive SMS recharge confirmation

Third-party platforms provide another simple recharge method.

Checking Your Airtime Balance

After recharging, you can confirm your new airtime balance by:

  • Dialing *124# on your Glo line
  • Dialing *311# to check last recharge amount
  • Trying to make a call – your balance will be announced
  • Checking SMS notification from Glo confirming recharge

Monitoring your balance helps know when to top up airtime again.

Troubleshooting Recharge Issues

Recharges are usually instant. But if issues arise:

  • Confirm you entered recharge PIN correctly for cards
  • Verify payment went through from bank
  • Retry recharge if not successful
  • Call customer care for failed recharge issues
  • Report dealer for damaged or invalid recharge card

Problems are rare with digital recharge methods. But Glo has dedicated customer service to assist if needed.

Benefits of Prepaid Glo Recharges

Recharging your Glo line comes with great benefits like:

  • Avoid running out of airtime
  • Enjoy bonus airtime or data
  • Use discounts on recharge amounts
  • Buy data and call plans when needed
  • Manage spending by paying only what you use
  • Stay connected to make and receive calls/SMS
  • Convenience of instant digital recharge options

So keep your Glo line active!


Recharging airtime and data regularly on your Glo mobile line is easy and stress-free.

Physical and digital recharge options like cards, bank channels, Glo website, and third-party platforms make it convenient to top up your Glo line in seconds.

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