How to Send Airtime on Airtel 2024 (NEW CODE)

How to Send Airtime on the Airtel Network in Nigeria: A Complete Guide

With over 50 million subscribers, Airtel is one of the leading mobile networks in Nigeria. Airtel makes it easy for customers to send airtime to other Airtel numbers using various convenient channels. This comprehensive guide covers step-by-step instructions for sending airtime via USSD, SMS, the Airtel app, and third-party vendors.

how to send airtime on airtel


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Overview of Sending Airtel Airtime

Here are the key options Airtel subscribers can use to transfer airtime:

USSD: Dial a quick code to send airtime directly to another Airtel number from your main account balance.

SMS: Send a text in a predefined format to transfer airtime to another Airtel user.

Airtel App: Use the official “Airtel NG” app to send airtime with just a few taps.

Third-party apps: Apps like Transfast also allow sending airtime between Airtel numbers.

Step-by-Step Guide to Sending Airtime

Sending Airtime via USSD

To send airtime via USSD to an Airtel number:

  1. Dial *432# on your Airtel phone
  2. Enter beneficiary’s Airtel number
  3. Input amount to send
  4. Enter your transfer PIN for confirmation

You will get a message confirming airtime sent successfully.

Here is the *432# USSD format:

*432*Recipient’s Airtel number*Amount# 
E.g. *432*08045678345*500#

Sending Airtime via SMS

You can send airtime by SMS using:

  1. Compose new message
  2. Enter: 2U Recipient’s number Amount TransferPIN
  3. Send SMS

For instance, to send N1300 airtime to 07087665234, SMS:

2U 07087665234 1300 1234

You will receive an SMS notification confirming transfer.

Sending Airtime Using Airtel App

The Airtel NG app provides another simple way to send airtime.


  1. Launch Airtel NG app on your phone
  2. Login using your Airtel number
  3. Navigate to “Send Airtime” feature
  4. Input beneficiary’s Airtel number
  5. Enter amount to send
  6. Complete transaction with transfer PIN

That’s it! Airtime gets delivered directly to recipient’s Airtel account.

Sending Airtime Via Third-Party Apps

Third-party airtime vendor apps like Transfast also facilitate airtime transfers by specifying recipient’s number, amount to send and confirming transaction.

However, charges may apply. Stick to official Airtel channels for free airtime sending.

Airtel Airtime Transfer Limits

Airtel imposes certain transactional limits when sending airtime:

Minimum Amount: N50 per transaction
Maximum Amount: N5000 per transaction
Daily Limit: N20,000 cumulative transfer daily
Monthly Limit: N50,000 cumulative transfer monthly

Additional Tips

Keep these tips in mind when sending Airtel airtime:

✔️ Save beneficiary numbers to wallet for quicker future transfers

✔️ Set-up a dedicated airtime transfer PIN for security

✔️ Transfer early to avoid delayed reconciliations

✔️ Notify recipient if sending high value recharge

✔️ Leverage auto-debit payments for convenience

✔️ Track overall account balance changes

Troubleshooting Guide

Facing issues sending Airtel airtime? Try these tips:

Transaction delays – Allow up to 4 hours for transfers especially high-value ones to reconcile fully.

Airtime not received – Confirm correct Airtel recipient number and transfer completion SMS received before escalating.

Transfer PIN forgotten – Dial *321# to retrieve your transfer PIN for confirming transactions.

Daily limits reached – You have likely exhausted daily capped limit, so try next day.

Invalid amount error – Check amount entered meets minimum (N50) and maximum (N5,000) criteria.

Still facing problems? Call Airtel customer support or visit nearest service centre.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some common queries on sending Airtel airtime answered:

Can I send airtime to other networks?

Unfortunately, Airtel airtime transfers only work for recipient numbers also registered on the Airtel Nigeria network.

Is there a fee for sending airtime?

Airtel charges N10 as convenience fee for every airtime transfer to another Airtel number. GSM tax may also apply on top.

Can airtime be reversed/refunded once sent?

No, airtime transfers cannot be cancelled or reversed once successfully completed from your Airtel line to the beneficiary number.

How long does it take to transfer airtime?

Airtime sent via Airtel USSD or SMS is instantly credited to the recipient phone number in real-time. App transfers may take a few minutes to reconcile.

What happens to airtime not used by recipient Airtel number?

Any airtime sent but not utilized by the beneficiary number stays valid in the account balance as per normal recharge validity durations.


I hope this detailed guide helps you easily understand the flexible options, simple steps and associated tips & tricks for sending mobile airtime from your Airtel line to other Airtel numbers in Nigeria. Whether using USSD shortcodes, SMS, mobile app or third-parties – be sure to follow provided specifics for a smooth and instant airtime sharing experience.

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