How to Get Your MTN Transfer PIN Easily

How to Retrieve or Change Your MTN Money Transfer PIN

Have you ever needed to send urgent airtime or money to a friend or family member, only to realise you don’t remember your MTN mobile money transfer PIN? Or perhaps you want to change your default PIN to something more secure but you’re unsure of the process.

This detailed guide covers everything you need to know about managing your MTN money transfer PIN, whether you want to retrieve your forgotten PIN, change it to something personalized, or leverage mobile money services more effectively.

MTN Transfer PIN


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We’ll explore:

  • What is an MTN money transfer PIN and why it matters
  • Retrieving your forgotten default transfer PIN
  • Step-by-step process to change your PIN
  • Securing your account with best practices
  • How to use the PIN to transfer airtime & money
  • Frequently asked questions

Equipped with this knowledge, you’ll stay connected with loved ones through seamless mobile money movement on Africa’s largest network.

What is the MTN Money Transfer PIN?

MTN’s mobile money transfer service allows customers to digitally send airtime or cash to other users on the network using their mobile phone.

To authorize these digital transfers, you need to enter a unique 4-digit personal identification number (PIN) to validate each transaction.

When you first sign up for an MTN line, the default money transfer PIN is ‘0000’. But for security reasons, MTN recommends selecting your own personalized PIN.

This PIN protects account security and ensures only you can authorize airtime or cash transfers from your line.

Forgot Your Default Transfer PIN? Here’s How to Retrieve It

If you forgot your personalized transfer PIN, retrieving the original default PIN is quick and straightforward:

Step 1) Open up a new SMS message to send a text to the dedicated MTN information line:

Recipient: 310

Step 2) In the text body, type the word “YES” and hit Send:


Step 3) Wait for a confirmation SMS from MTN with your 4-digit default money transfer PIN number:

Default PIN: 0000

And now you have retrieved your initial PIN for authorizing transfers!

However, for security we recommend changing this default number. More on this next.

How to Change Your MTN Mobile Money Transfer PIN

While convenient to retrieve, using the initial default PIN leaves you vulnerable. Follow these simple steps to change your transfer PIN to something more personalized:

Option 1) Change PIN via SMS

Step 1) Send an SMS to 321

Step 2) Structure the SMS Body with the syntax:


For example, if:

  • Old PIN = 0000
  • New PIN = 1234

SMS: 0000 1234 1234

Option 2) Change Via USSD

Step 1) Dial the USSD Code:

USSD: *321#

Step 2) Enter PIN Change Details:


For example:

0000 1234 1234 #

Await confirmation SMS

And your MTN money transfer PIN is now securely changed!

Tips for Effective PIN Management

To maximize account security after changing your PIN:

  • Avoid obvious number sequences or birthdates
  • Don’t share your PIN with anyone
  • Change the PIN every few months

Transferring Airtime & Money using Changed PIN

Once updated, you can leverage your secure PIN for convenient airtime sharing or money transfers:

STEP 1) Enter recipient mobile number

STEP 2) Input transfer amount

STEP 3) Enter your 4-digit MTN money transfer PIN

STEP 4) Confirm details

Now quickly send mobile airtime or funds using your personalized identification.

Frequently Asked Questions

Let’s explore some common questions when managing your MTN mobile money PIN:

How many digits is the MTN money transfer PIN? The mobile money PIN consists of exactly 4 numerical digits between 0-9. Avoid letters or special characters.

I changed my PIN but forgot the new one. What now? Not to worry – you can repeat the PIN retrieval steps to restore the default 0000 PIN again via the 310 service.

Can I change my PIN via the MTN App? Yes, the MyMTN App enables convenient PIN changing under Mobile Money settings. Simply login securely and navigate to the change PIN option.

What happens if I enter the wrong PIN multiple times? After several incorrect attempts, MTN will automatically lock your money transfer capabilities for security reasons. You may need to visit an MTN service centre to unlock it.

Is the mobile money PIN the same as my SIM PIN? No these are different. The transfer PIN authorizes financial transactions specifically. Your SIM PIN unlocks the physical SIM card functionality.

Conclusion – Conveniently Manage Your MTN Mobile Money PIN

Using an MTN line enables the convenience of airtime and money transfers to loved ones digitally in seconds. Your personalized mobile money PIN keeps these transactions secure while avoiding forgotten details disrupting urgent transfers.

This guide outlined simplified methods for retrieving lost PIN details or proactively changing your PIN via SMS and USSD pathways. Keeping an updated, confidential PIN ensures you stay connected to friends and family through mobile money. READ MORE HERE.

So next time you’re caught out without airtime credits or need to send quick funds for electricity or groceries, your knowledge of MTN’s mobile money PIN system will prove invaluable!

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