How to Transfer Data from Airtel to Airtel in Nigeria

Airtel makes it convenient for subscribers to share data bundles with fellow Airtel users. Data transfer allows you to gift data to friends and family so they can also enjoy seamless internet access. Airtel provides multiple options to transfer data including USSD, SMS, mobile app and more. This guide covers step-by-step procedures for seamlessly transferring data between Airtel lines in Nigeria.

How to Transfer Data from Airtel to Airtel in Nigeria


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Overview of Airtel Nigeria

Airtel is one of the major telecommunication companies in Nigeria with over 50 million subscribers. It commenced operations in 2001 as the first GSM network in Nigeria. Airtel provides the following services:

  • 2G, 3G and 4G data network across Nigeria
  • Prepaid and postpaid voice and data bundles
  • Mobile financial services through Airtel Money
  • Digital entertainment via Airtel TV
  • Innovative product offerings like data rollover, family plan, etc.
  • Roaming services in over 100 countries
  • Customer service via contact centers, social media, retail stores.

As an Airtel subscriber, understanding how to transfer data allows you to seamlessly share your data benefits with loved ones also on the Airtel network.

Step-by-Step Guide to Transfer Data on Airtel

Follow these simple steps to transfer data from your Airtel line to another Airtel number:

Set Up Transfer PIN

  • Dial 14155PIN# and save a preferred 5-digit transfer PIN
  • This authenticates all your data transfer transactions

Select Transfer Method

  • Choose USSD, SMS, App or Retailer option explained below

Pick Recipient

  • Input the recipient’s Airtel number (must be in same state)

Enter Data Amount

  • Specify volume between 50MB to 1GB per transaction

Provide Transfer PIN

  • Input your 5-digit transfer PIN to confirm transaction

Get Confirmation

  • You will receive an SMS confirming successful data transfer

That’s it! The data will be instantly credited to the recipient’s Airtel line.

Airtel Data Transfer Options

You can transfer data on Airtel through various channels:

1. Using USSD

To transfer via USSD:

  • Dial *321# then select ‘Airtel to Airtel’
  • Input recipient’s number, data amount and transfer PIN
  • Dial *312# and select ‘Me2U’ to transfer from your bundle

2. Via SMS

  • Send SMS in format – DATA recipient’s number data amount – to 321

E.g. DATA 0804567892 100

3. Using Airtel Mobile App

  • Download latest version of Airtel App
  • Login and navigate to ‘Manage Data’
  • Select ‘Share Data’, input details and confirm

4. Through Retail Stores

  • Visit authorized Airtel store with recipient’s number
  • Ask to transfer data and provide transfer PIN
  • Confirmation is sent once completed

Important Considerations

  • You can only transfer data from Airtel to Airtel lines
  • Recipient Airtel number must be within same state as sender
  • Daily transfer limits apply – 200MB for Data Me2U, 1GB for Data Gifting
  • Transfer charges apply based on your current plan
  • Data Transfer Pin is required to authenticate transactions
  • Transferred data does not expire and gets added to recipient’s balance
  • Data transfers are instant and can’t be reversed
  • Notify recipient to expect the data transfer
  • Reach out to customer care if transfer issues persist

Troubleshooting Data Transfer Challenges

Problem: Recipient did not receive data transfer.

Solution: Confirm recipient’s number was correctly inputted. Also check service status and retry.

Problem: Getting “Insufficient Data” error message.

Solution: Ensure you have enough data balance to cover transfer amount. Buy a bundle if inadequate.

Problem: Data transferred but not deducted from your account.

Solution: Wait for up to 24 hours for transfer debit. If not reflected, contact customer care.

Problem: Unable to create Data Transfer PIN.

Solution: Dial 14155xxxx*xxxx# using a new 5-digit PIN not used previously on your line.

how to transfer data from airtel to airtel


Transferring data on the Airtel network provides a convenient way to share your data resources with other Airtel subscribers seamlessly. Follow the easy USSD, SMS, app and retailer steps outlined above to start transferring data today. Remember to set your transfer PIN first before initiating any transactions.



Is there a charge for transferring data on Airtel?

Yes, data transfer charges apply based on your current plan. Charges range from N20 to N200 depending on amount.

What is the maximum data I can transfer daily?

The daily transfer limit is 1GB. You can transfer multiple times until you reach the 1GB cap.

Can I transfer data to other networks?

No, Airtel data transfer is only possible from Airtel to Airtel numbers.

Does the recipient need to accept the transfer?

No acceptance is required. Once confirmed, data is directly credited to the recipient’s Airtel line.

How long does it take to receive transferred data?

Data transfer between Airtel lines is instant. Recipient gets the data credited real-time.

How do I retrieve my transfer PIN if forgotten?

Dial 14155xxxx*xxxx# using a new preferred 5-digit number to reset your transfer PIN.

Can I still transfer data if my line is barred for outgoing calls?

Yes, you can transfer data even if your line has outgoing call/SMS restriction.

Does transferred data roll over when unused?

No, transferred data does not roll over. Recipient needs to use it before validity expires.

What is the minimum data amount I can transfer?

The minimum amount of data you can transfer is 50MB. There’s no maximum cap.

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