How to Loan Airtime from MTN 2024 – Quick and Simple Guide

How to Easily Loan Airtime from MTN

Running low on airtime when you need to make an urgent call or send a crucial text? MTN’s airtime loan services come in handy when you need emergency airtime before your next recharge.

In this detailed guide, we explore everything you need to know about the airtime loan options available to MTN customers in Nigeria and South Africa.

how to loan airtime from mtn


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Overview of MTN Airtime Loans

MTN offers prepaid subscribers the ability to borrow airtime and pay back later. This temporary credit facility is available through:

  • MTN XtraTime (Nigeria) – USSD and IVR menu
  • MTN XtraTime (South Africa) – USSD menu

It allows you to receive instant airtime to stay connected even if your balance is low. The loaned airtime plus applicable fees get deducted from your next recharge.

Let’s look at how to access airtime loans on MTN in Nigeria and South Africa.

Accessing XtraTime via USSD in Nigeria

Nigerian MTN subscribers can loan airtime via the USSD menu by dialing:

Step 1: *303#

Dial *303# on your phone and select your preferred language.

Step 2: Select XtraTime

Choose the “XtraTime” option from USSD menu.

Step 3: Input Loan Amount

Select desired airtime loan amount from displayed options.

Step 4: Confirm Transaction

Review details and confirm loan with 15% service fee.

Step 5: Get Airtime

Airtime minus fee will be credited to your account instantly.

The USSD process makes getting emergency airtime loans quick and convenient.

Accessing XtraTime via IVR in Nigeria

You can also loan airtime by calling the IVR menu:

Step 1: Dial 303

Call 303 from your phone and select language.

Step 2: Select XtraTime

Choose option for XtraTime from IVR menu.

Step 3: Select Amount

Listen to available amounts and input choice.

Step 4: Confirm Transaction

Follow prompt to confirm loan with 15% service fee.

Step 5: Receive Airtime

Airtime minus fee will be credited to your account.

So both USSD and IVR provide easy access to XtraTime loans.

Accessing XtraTime via USSD in South Africa

In South Africa, MTN subscribers can loan airtime by dialing:

Step 1: 1362#

Dial 1362# to bring up MTN XtraTime menu.

Step 2: Select Loan Amount

Choose desired airtime loan amount from options displayed.

Step 3: Review and Confirm

Verify loan details and confirm transaction.

Step 4: Get Airtime Credit

You will receive loaned airtime in account instantly.

Step 5: Pay Back Later

The loan amount and fees deduct from next recharge.

Straightforward USSD access for South African customers to get emergency airtime.

Repaying XtraTime Airtime Loan

For both Nigeria and South Africa, repaying the airtime loan works as follows:

  • The loan amount + service fee get deducted from your next airtime recharge automatically.
  • You usually have 7 days to recharge enough to cover the loan.
  • If you delay repaying, additional charges will apply.
  • Failure to repay on time can hurt your eligibility for future loans.

So be sure to repay on time to continue enjoying uninterrupted service.

XtraTime Eligibility and Limits

To qualify for MTN XtraTime, you must:

  • Be an active MTN prepaid subscriber
  • Meet MTN usage criteria
  • Have sufficient loan limits available

MTN reviews your past recharges, usage, subscriptions etc. to determine:

  • If you pre-qualify for loans
  • How much you can borrow
  • When additional loans can be taken if repaid

Higher usage and recharge amounts increase your eligibility for larger airtime loans. But limits apply to prevent default.

Checking Your XtraTime Loan Eligibility

You can check if you qualify for XtraTime and your max loan amount by:


  • USSD – Dial *606# and select Airtime Loan
  • IVR – Call 606 and select Airtime Loan

South Africa

  • USSD – Dial 1365# and select Airtime Loan

This allows you determine if you have pre-approval before attempting to take a loan.

XtraTime Loan Fees and Charges

When taking an MTN airtime loan, you should be aware of the following cost implications:

  • Service fee – This is usually 15% of loan amount deducted upfront. So if you borrow N100, you get N85 airtime.
  • Delay charges – Additional fees apply if you don’t repay on time within the repayment period. This is typically 50% of loan value.
  • Ineligibility – Defaulting on loans can lead to you being barred from accessing future XtraTime loans.

Always repay your airtime loans on time to avoid extra charges and service disruptions.

Troubleshooting XtraTime Issues

In case you have problems accessing XtraTime, try the following:

  • Confirm you meet eligibility criteria
  • Check you have loan limits available
  • Retry dialing the USSD or IVR access code
  • Move to location with better network signal
  • Report issues to MTN customer care for assistance
  • Provide any details needed by MTN to investigate issues
  • Consider recharging more often to increase loan eligibility

MTN has dedicated customer service teams ready to address any challenges you face with XtraTime.

Benefits of MTN XtraTime Airtime Loans

Key benefits of using MTN’s XtraTime loan facility include:

  • Get instant emergency airtime
  • Continue making important calls
  • Avoid missing crucial communication
  • Maintain availability to contacts
  • Pay back at convenience later
  • Easy access via USSD or IVR menu
  • Pre-qualified loan limits based on usage
  • Access loans anywhere, anytime
  • Get reminders to repay on time

So in a pinch when your airtime runs out suddenly, XtraTime provides a quick cash injection to stay connected as you await your next recharge.


MTN XtraTime offers prepaid subscribers in Nigeria and South Africa the ability to take instant, short-term airtime loans. This acts as a safety net when you unexpectedly run low on airtime but need to continue making calls or sending texts. Be sure to check your eligibility status, understand applicable fees, and repay loans within the payment period to avoid issues. Used responsibly, airtime loans provide a financial lifeline to stay in touch until you recharge again.


What is the maximum airtime amount I can borrow?

The maximum loan amount depends on your usage history and eligibility status, but is typically between 100 – 500 units.

How many times can I take a loan per month?

You can take several loans per month if you repay on time. Your repayment history determines frequency.

Can I take a new loan before repaying previous?

No, you must repay existing airtime loan first before taking another.

What if I delay repaying beyond the repayment period?

Additional default fees apply if repayment is late beyond the grace period, up to 50% of loan value.

If I switch to postpaid/contract, can I still get loans?

No, XtraTime airtime loans are only available to active prepaid subscribers.

So in summary, MTN XtraTime provides quick emergency cash injection when you run out of airtime, enabling you to continue communicating until your next recharge.

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