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A Comprehensive Guide to Ecobank USSD Banking

Ecobank offers a robust, user-friendly USSD banking platform across 33 African countries. USSD, which stands for Unstructured Supplementary Service Data, allows customers to access financial services through simple feature phone menus without requiring internet connectivity.

For Ecobank customers, the main USSD code to use is *326#. This guide provides comprehensive details on how to fully utilize Ecobank’s USSD banking options for convenient, on-the-go account management.



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What is USSD Banking?

USSD is a protocol used by GSM mobile networks to communicate with devices and enable session-based interactive services. To use USSD, you dial a short code like *326# and navigate the text menu prompts to initiate transactions and queries.

Key advantages of USSD banking include:

  • No internet required – USSD uses your mobile network so internet is not needed.
  • Works on basic phones – Only a simple phone is required, no need for smartphones.
  • Real time – Transactions are instantaneous and confirmed quickly.
  • Secure – Encryption protects access and keeps USSD banking safe.
  • User friendly – Menus and steps are presented in simple text format.

For these reasons, USSD is extremely popular for mobile financial services across Africa and other emerging markets. It expands access by overcoming limited internet penetration.

Getting Started with Ecobank USSD

To start enjoying Ecobank’s USSD banking services, you first need to register for Ecobank Mobile:

  • *Dial 326# on your phone and select the registration option.
  • Provide your account details such as account number and debit card PIN.
  • Input your valid mobile number registered with Ecobank.
  • Create a preferred 6-digit USSD PIN.
  • A one-time password (OTP) is sent to your mobile number which you enter to complete registration.

Once registered, you can access the USSD menu by dialing *326# and entering your USSD PIN. USSD registration works seamlessly across all Ecobank locations in Africa.

If you forget your USSD PIN, you can reset it directly through the Ecobank Mobile App. Download the app, provide your account details and reset your PIN.

Key Services on Ecobank USSD

The Ecobank USSD platform *326# provides access to essential banking services on-the-go including:

Funds Transfer

  • Select Funds Transfer option
  • Choose recipient type – Ecobank account or other bank account using account number, or mobile wallet transfer using phone number
  • Input amount and provide transfer details
  • Confirm details and authorize with OTP
  • Get SMS notification upon successful transfer

Airtime Purchase

  • Choose Airtime Purchase option
  • Select mobile network
  • Input recipient’s phone number
  • Specify airtime amount
  • Confirm details and complete transaction
  • Recipient receives airtime instantly

Bill Payments

  • Pick Bill Payments option
  • Select biller category and account e.g. utilities, digital TV, etc.
  • Provide account name and number details
  • Input amount to be paid
  • Confirm details and complete payment
  • Get SMS confirmation upon successful bill settlement

Balance Enquiry

  • Select Balance Enquiry option
  • Choose account type e.g. savings, current, credit card, loan etc.
  • Your account balance is displayed instantly
  • Can check balances for multiple accounts

Mini Statement

  • Pick Mini Statement option
  • Select account type to view statement
  • Your last 5 transactions are displayed, with dates and details
  • Confirms your recent account activities

Airtime Top Up

  • Choose Airtime Top Up option
  • Provide your mobile number linked to Ecobank account
  • Specify airtime amount
  • Confirm details and complete self top-up
  • Airtime reflects in your account immediately

Change PIN

  • Pick Change PIN option
  • Input your old PIN
  • Create and confirm your new PIN
  • Get SMS notification upon successful PIN change

Link/Unlink Phone Number

  • Select Link/Unlink Phone Number option
  • Choose to link or unlink your mobile number
  • For linking, provide number and OTP sent to that mobile
  • Confirm details to complete linking process

Generate/Retrieve BVN

  • Pick Generate/Retrieve BVN option
  • Follow prompts to generate your BVN if yet to enroll
  • Alternatively, retrieve earlier generated BVN if registered at other bank

Purchase E-Statements

  • Choose E-Statements option
  • Select account type
  • Specify statement period
  • Make payment from account
  • Download your e-statement in PDF format

Loan Services

  • Check loan balance, repayment due date, make payments etc.
  • Initiate loan requests and get updates on status
  • Review existing loan account details

Savings Goals

  • Open a savings goal and monitor progress
  • Make deposits, withdrawals or close goals
  • Set reminders and update target amounts

And many more services…


Ecobank’s robust USSD platform brings convenient banking to your fingertips anytime, anywhere without internet. By simply dialing *326# and selecting options, customers can initiate instant transactions, check balances, buy airtime, pay bills and fulfill several financial needs safely without visiting branches.

USSD eliminates consumer pain points like data costs, smartphone requirements and lack of agent access. Utilize Ecobank’s USSD to enhance your digital banking experience. Read more here.


Is Ecobank USSD banking free?

Yes, Ecobank USSD access and transactions are free. However, normal account fees apply.

Which countries can use Ecobank USSD?

It’s available in all Ecobank locations in Africa including Nigeria, Ghana, Cote D’Ivoire, Senegal, DRC, Ethiopia etc.

Can I access it without registering my number?

No, you must first register your number linked to your Ecobank account to use USSD banking.

What happens if I enter the wrong PIN multiple times?

After 3 wrong attempts, your access will be blocked for security reasons. Visit a branch or call center to unblock.

How do I change my phone number for USSD?

Dial *326#, select ‘Change Linked Number’, enter old number, new number and OTP to change your linked mobile number.

Can I use USSD on my Ecobank credit card?

Yes, USSD works seamlessly across your Ecobank accounts including credit cards.

What is the maximum transfer amount via USSD?

USSD transfer limits depend on your subscription tier. The highest is up to 5 million per day for premium banking.

How do I get my account balance via USSD?

Dial *326#, choose ‘Account Balance’, select account, and your balance is displayed.

What’s the code to deactivate my USSD profile?

To deactivate USSD on your account, dial 3260#. You can reactivate it later by registering your number again.

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