How to Borrow Airtime on Glo – Quick and Simple Guide

How to Easily Borrow Airtime on Glo: A Detailed Guide

Running low on airtime when you need to make important calls or send urgent messages? Thankfully, Glo offers dedicated borrowing services that allow you to get emergency airtime and pay back later from your next recharge.

In this comprehensive guide, we explore the two main methods to borrow airtime on Glo – using USSD codes and the Glo website.

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Overview of Borrowing Airtime on Glo

Glo provides prepaid subscribers with short-term airtime loans through two facilities:

  • Borrow Me Credit – Borrow airtime on your own Glo line
  • Borrow For Others – Borrow airtime for other Glo numbers

This allows active customers to take airtime loans and continue communicating even when balance is low, before the next recharge cycle. The borrowed airtime plus applicable fees automatically deduct from your subsequent recharge.

Let’s look at how to easily access these borrowing services.

Method 1: Borrowing Airtime via USSD

The fastest way to borrow airtime on Glo is by simply dialing a USSD code on your phone.

To Borrow on Own Line:

  1. Dial *301# on your Glo line
  2. Select option for “Borrow Me Credit”
  3. Input amount you want to borrow
  4. Confirm the transaction
  5. Airtime will be credited instantly

To Borrow For Others:

  1. Dial *301# on your Glo line
  2. Select option for “Borrow For Others”
  3. Input recipient’s Glo number
  4. Enter amount you want to gift
  5. Confirm transaction
  6. Airtime will be sent to recipient

USSD access makes borrowing airtime super quick and easy on Glo.

Method 2: Borrowing via Glo Website

You can also borrow airtime directly from the Glo website as follows:

Step 1: Visit Glo Website

Go to

Step 2: Login to your account

Sign in with your username and password

Step 3: Select Borrow Amount

Choose the amount of airtime you want to borrow

Step 4: Complete Transaction

Follow the prompts to complete the borrowing process

Step 5: Get Airtime

The borrowed airtime will be instantly credited to your account

So the website provides another convenient borrowing channel.

Repaying Borrowed Airtime on Glo

When you borrow airtime from Glo using the above methods, repayment happens automatically by:

  • Deducting double the amount from your next airtime recharge
  • If you borrowed N100 airtime, N200 will be recovered
  • Ensure you recharge enough to clear the borrowed amount
  • Delay in repaying can lead to service suspension

So be sure to repay promptly to avoid service disruptions.

Eligibility Criteria for Borrowing Airtime on Glo

To be eligible for Glo airtime loans, you must:

  • Be an active Glo prepaid subscriber
  • Have used the line for minimum 30 days
  • Have recharged at least N200 in last 30 days

By meeting these criteria, you pre-qualify for airtime loans based on your usage history.

Borrow Limits and Amounts on Glo

The maximum amount you can borrow depends on:

  • How long you’ve used the line actively
  • Your recharge frequency and top-up amounts
  • Your past repayment history
  • Aggregate borrowing limit cap

Typically, you can borrow up to N200 airtime on your line and gift up to N100 airtime to others on Glo.

Airtime Borrowing charges

When borrowing airtime on Glo, you should be aware of these charges:

  • Service fee – A certain percentage of the loan amount
  • Delay penalty – Additional fees if repayment is late
  • Suspension – Line can be temporarily barred if repayment delays beyond the grace period

So ensure you repay promptly from your next recharge to avoid penalties.

Troubleshooting Airtime Borrowing Issues

If you encounter any problems borrowing airtime on Glo, do the following:

  • Confirm you meet all eligibility requirements
  • Retry dialing the USSD code if transaction failed
  • Move to location with better network coverage
  • Contact Glo customer care for further assistance
  • Provide any details needed for investigation
  • Repay borrowed airtime immediately to restore service

Glo has dedicated teams to help resolve any service issues promptly.

Benefits of Glo Airtime Loans

Key benefits of borrowing airtime from Glo include:

  • Get emergency airtime instantly
  • Continue important calls and texts
  • Pay back conveniently later
  • Avoid service interruptions
  • Easy access via USSD and website
  • Helps maintain availability
  • Supports responsible spending

So in situations when you urgently need extra airtime before your next recharge, Glo’s borrowing services prove very useful.


Glo makes it easy and convenient for prepaid subscribers to borrow airtime when their balance runs out before the next recharge date. By simply dialing the USSD code or using the Glo website, you can take short-term airtime loans and continue communicating with loved ones. Ensure you check eligibility criteria, understand applicable fees, and repay promptly from your next recharge to avoid service issues. When used responsibly, airtime loans can provide the financial flexibility needed to stay connected at all times.


What is the maximum airtime amount I can borrow?

You can borrow up to N200 airtime on your own line based on eligibility. For others, up to N100.

How soon must I repay the borrowed airtime?

Repayment is automatically deducted from your very next airtime recharge.

Can I take multiple airtime loans without repaying?

No, you must repay existing borrowed airtime first before taking another loan.

What if I delay repaying the borrowed airtime?

Delaying repayment beyond the grace period can lead to service suspension. Recharge at least the borrowed amount to restore service.

If I port to another network, do I still need to repay?

Yes, you remain liable to repay any outstanding borrowed airtime, even if you port your number to another network.

So in summary, Glo airtime loans provide quick emergency credits to continue communication when caught unaware without airtime balance. Be sure to repay promptly and manage loans responsibly.

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