How To Pay Migo Loan With Quickteller

How To Settle Your Migo Loan Payment Using The Quickteller Platform

As one of Nigeria and Kenya’s most popular digital lending apps, Migo offers fast, flexible loans to cover urgent costs before pay day. With no paperwork needed, loans get rapidly dispersed to your phone within minutes after applying.

However, amid busy schedules, you may miss loan repayment dates resulting in penalties or blacklist risk. Avoid this hassle by leveraging Quickteller’s convenient online and ATM payment options to settle your Migo loan promptly.

How To Pay Migo Loan With Quickteller


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This comprehensive guide covers:

  • Benefits of paying your Migo loan via Quickteller
  • Step-by-step instructions to pay via Quickteller website/app
  • Walkthrough for settling Migo loans using Quickteller ATMs
  • Tips for smooth, seamless Migo repayments
  • Answers to frequently asked questions

Follow these steps and take control of your Migo loan repayments using Quickteller’s secure payment infrastructure.

Why Pay Your Migo Loan Through Quickteller?

Before we dive into the step-by-step repayment process, what benefits does Quickteller offer for settling your outstanding Migo loans?


Through Quickteller web, mobile app or 40,000+ ATM network, you can repay urgent loans anywhere, anytime – no need to visit hidden microfinance offices.


With clear biller codes and reference numbers configured upfront by Quickteller, Migo loan payments involve minimal inputs saving you time.


Quickteller allows repaying exact amounts so you avoid overpaying on Migo loans. Adjust repayments to your unique cash flow.

Proof & Confirmations

Get SMS and email confirmation plus ATM slips reflecting your Migo loan payment – useful records for your diligence.

Added Control

By scheduling Quickteller payments upfront, never miss another Migo repayment deadline due to forgotten loans or admin hassles.

Now let’s walk through the straightforward process using Quickteller.

How To Pay Migo Loans Using The Quickteller Website & Mobile App

If you have reliable internet access, paying outstanding Migo loans through the Quickteller website or mobile app takes just minutes:

Step 1) Access Quickteller Portal

Website: Android App: Google Play Store iOS App: Apple App Store

Step 2) Login to Quickteller Account

Step 3) Select Pay Bills

Step 4) Input Biller Details:

Biller: Others Biller Code: 04354101

Step 5) Enter Reference Details:

Reference: Your registered Migo loan phone number

Step 6) Input Repayment Amount

Step 7) Confirm Details & Complete Payment

And your Migo loan is now fully settled via Quickteller!

Be sure to store the payment confirmation for your records.

Walkthrough Guide – Paying Migo Loans Using Quickteller ATMs

Beyond the Quickteller website and mobile apps, you can also settle due Migo loans using the 40,000+ Quickteller-enabled ATMs across Nigeria & Kenya powered by Interswitch.

Here is the step-by-step ATM process:

Step 1) Insert Your ATM Card

Step 2) Select “Quickteller” From Menu

Step 3) Choose Pay Bills

Step 4) Input Biller Category:

Biller: Others

Step 5) Enter Unique Biller Code:

Code: 04354101

Step 6) Input Reference Details:

Reference: Your registered Migo Loan Phone Number

Step 7) Specify Repayment Amount

Step 8) Confirm Payment Details

Step 9) Take ATM Slip For Records

By diligently following the right biller codes and reference details, your Migo loans get repaid instantly via Nigeria and Kenya’s expansive Quickteller ATM network.

Expert Tips For Seamless Migo Loan Repayments

To prevent missed dues or penalties, adopt these professional tips when repaying loans using Quickteller:

Set Calendar Reminders

Mark Migo repayment due dates on your calendar and set reminder alerts to initiate your Quickteller payment on time.

Schedule Recurring Payments

Use Quickteller’s recurring payments feature to automatically settle repeat loans each month without manual intervention.

Repay Early Mornings

Make loan repayments early mornings to allow same day or next day processing avoiding late penalties.

Store References & Codes

Save your personalized Migo biller details securely on Quickteller for streamlined future repayments with minimal inputs.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Still have some questions? Here are answers to common queries around repaying Migo loans using Quickteller:

How long does it take for my Quickteller Migo loan payment to reflect?

By correctly following the steps outlined, your Migo loan repayment should get updated in 24 hours. Log into Migo to confirm.

Can I use Quickteller if I don’t have a bank account?

Yes. Quickteller works seamlessly even without a bank account. Prepaid card users can load funds using cash at Quickteller agent outlets to pay bills.

Is there any limit on loan repayment amount via Quickteller?

No. You are allowed to repay any value within your outstanding loan amount due using Quickteller with no upper limits imposed.

What details must I provide to correctly identify my Migo loan?

You need your registered Migo loan phone number as the reference along with biller code 04354101. Entering accurate details avoids repayment issues.

What should I do if my Migo payment is still pending after 48 hours?

Kindly chat with a Quickteller agent online to investigate why your validated Migo repayment remains unprocessed. They will resolve it promptly.

Conclusion – Conveniently Manage Your Migo Loans

Through Quickteller’s user-friendly website, extensive ATM network and advanced mobile apps, you can easily track and repay due Migo loans promptly to avoid unnecessary penalties or credit issues.

By configuring calendar alerts and recurring payments intelligently, never miss another urgent digital loan repayment deadline even amid hectic schedules and multi-tasking.

Quickteller also empowers cash-based users without bank accounts to clear outstanding Migo loans using prepaid debit cards – expanding access across Nigeria and Kenya.

So leverage the convenience, security and reliability of Quickteller to take control of your short term loan obligations. READ MORE HERE.

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