IRCTC Travel Insurance Train Journey | Make Your Journey Safe and Secure

IRCTC Travel Insurance Train Journey provides financial protection for passengers against losses arising from unexpected incidents during rail journeys.

While train transport is largely safe nowadays, mishaps can still occur during long-distance trips. Having insurance alleviates the monetary burden in such distressing situations.


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Train Travel Insurance for Trains

Key Coverage Offered

1. Accident Death and Disability

  • Compensation up to Rs. 10 lakhs for accidental demise or permanent full disability
  • Major financial aid for affected families

2. Injury Treatment Expenses

  • Up to Rs. 2 lakhs coverage for hospital charges
  • Vital to cover expensive medical costs

3. Loss of Checked-In BaggageItemMaximum CoverageMobile, LaptopRs. 10,000Other ItemsRs. 5,000 per bag

  • Reimburses cost for misplaced or damaged luggage
  • Some restrictions on valuables apply

4. Journey Interruption

  • Provides refund for trip cancellation due to medical events
  • Covers emergent hotel stays, meal costs, etc.

Additional Benefits

  • Legal support for accident-related civil cases
  • Emergency evacuation for critical medical cases
  • Daycare treatments covered minor injuries

Who Should Purchase

  • Long-distance rail travelers
  • Senior citizens
  • Families with small children
  • Those with a medical history

Buying Tips

  • Compare premium rates across insurer plans
  • Check policy exclusions carefully
  • Opt ideal coverage amount as per trip duration
  • Save policy documents on a mobile device

Securing train travel insurance ensures complete financial assistance even during rare unfortunate incidents – allowing you to undertake your rail trip without monetary worries.

The Benefits of IRCTC Travel Insurance for Train Passengers

IRCTC Travel Insurance, offered at just 35 paise per ticket, provides valuable coverage against accidents and losses during train journeys. While train travel is largely safe, mishaps can still happen. This insurance alleviates financial stress in such situations.

Some key benefits of IRCTC Travel Insurance include:

1. Accidental Death and Disability Cover

  • Compensation up to Rs. 10 lakhs in case of death or total permanent disability caused by train accidents.
  • Vital risk protection for passengers and families.

2. Medical Expenses for Injuries

  • Hospitalization expenses up to Rs. 2 lakhs are covered if injured during train travel.
  • Crucial support to take care of treatment costs.

3. Partial Permanent Disability Cover: Coverage AmountDisability ConditionRs. 5 lakhsTotal loss of both hands or feetRs. 2.5 lakhsLoss of one hand and one footRs. 2 lakhsTotal loss of sight in both eyesRs. 1 lakhTotal loss of sight in one eyeRs. 50,000 Any other partial permanent disability

  • Flexible slabs of compensation depending on the nature of the disability
  • Provides income support for rehabilitation needs

Additional Features

  • Covers losses due to robbery, theft, or accidents during train journey
  • Simple claim settlement process via mobile app and web portal
  • Affordable 35 paise premium per passenger

Who Can Purchase

  • Indian citizens book train tickets online at IRCTC website or mobile app
  • Children below 5 years without confirmed berths are not eligible

Buying Procedure

  1. Select “Travel Insurance” while booking train tickets on IRCTC
  2. Pay 35 paise premium per passenger
  3. Receive SMS and email with policy document
  4. Fill in nominee details on insurance provider’s portal

Opting for nominal IRCTC Travel Insurance ensures complete peace of mind and financial protection even during unfortunate incidents for rail passengers.

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Will Travel Insurance Cover Train Cancellation?

Yes, most travel insurance plans cover train trip cancellations due to covered reasons such as passenger illness, family emergencies, or natural disasters. They reimburse your prepaid, non-refundable trip expenses in such situations.

Common Covered Reasons

  • Medical events: Illness, injury, or death involving the policyholder or their immediate relations
  • Weather issues: Hurricanes, blizzards, floods that interrupt train journey
  • Disasters: Terrorist attack or civil unrest outbreak at destination
  • Strikes: Transportation labor unions strikes leading to cancellation

Some policies also offer cancellation protection for:

  • Quarantine requirements before/during the trip
  • Jury duty obligations
  • The military deployment of the passenger
  • Loss of job or job relocation

Reimbursable Expenses

Train fare, accommodation charges, prepaid tours, and meal costs are some of the common expenses covered under trip cancellation benefits.

Typical Coverage Limits

  • Premium plans: 100% of trip cost reimbursement
  • Mid-range plans: $20,000 to $50,000 limits
  • Basic plans: $5,000 to $10,000 coverage

Claims Process

To receive benefits, travelers must:

  1. Notify the insurer immediately when the trip is canceled
  2. Submit cancellation proof and covered reason documents
  3. Provide original receipts and proof of non-refundable bookings
  4. Complete the claim application form accurately

Securing travel insurance with generous trip cancellation benefits saves you from major financial losses when unexpected covered incidents arise before or during planned train journeys.

The Trip Guarantee on the Train

Train trip guarantee allows waitlisted train ticket holders to either get confirmed reservation status or a full refund of ticket costs when tickets remain unconfirmed until a specified time before the journey date. Offered by certain online travel agencies (OTAs), this facility ensures hassle-free rail travel without cancellation worries.


  • Peace of mind for waitlisted ticket holders to undertake a journey
  • Avoids financial losses due to last-minute cancellations
  • Confirmed tickets on alternate trains or different classes in case the waitlist status does not clear
  • Full refund provision if no upgrades available before the deadline


  • Nominal convenience fee charged by OTAs for guarantee
  • Typically 1.5 to 2 times the base train ticket price
  • Extra fees applicable for changes after the guaranteed purchase

Eligibility Criteria

  • Only available for e-tickets booked via OTAs
  • Applicable for tickets booked under the general quota
  • Not valid for Tatkal or premium trains

OTAs Offering Service

OTA Name Train Trip Guarantee Name
MakeMyTrip Super Saver Flexi Fare
Goibibo Guaranteed Train Ticket
Yatra Yatra Train Protect

Purchasing a train trip guarantee provides a vital safeguard for waitlisted passengers against last-minute disappointments due to reservation cancellations before train departure dates.

How to ClaimTrain Travel Insurance

If you face incidents like luggage theft, train delays, or medical events during your rail journey, you can recoup costs by filing an insurance claim under your active policy. Follow these key steps:

1. Intimate Insurance Provider

  • Inform the insurer about the claim within 24 hours of the occurring incident
  • Provide initial details like policy number, incident date/location, etc.
  • Receive claim reference number for future correspondence

2. Assemble Claim Documents

Proof Type Documents Required
Medical Hospital bills, treatment records, discharge summary
Baggage Loss Police report, purchase invoices, photographs
Train Delay Ticket confirmation, delay certificate from Railways
Trip Cancellation Cancellation invoices, medical certificates

3. Submit Completed Forms

  • Find claim forms on the insurance provider’s website or app
  • Fill accurately providing incident narrations, causes, and expenses incurred
  • Attach all supporting claim documents

4. Follow Up on Claim Status

  • Track status online via insurer account or policy number
  • Provide additional details if more documents are requested
  • Clarify any discrepancies flagged during verification

5. Receive Claim Settlement

  • The amount is electronically transferred to a bank account if all paperwork accurate
  • The timeline is 7-30 days depending on claim complexity and submission timelines

Key Tips

  • Preserve originals and submit photocopies of papers
  • Highlight details tying evidence to claim circumstances
  • Retain a record of all communications with the insurer

Well-documented claims with clear incident descriptions get processed faster by insurers – enabling travelers to recoup train travel losses seamlessly.

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