Your Complete Guide to ICICI Lombard Travel Insurance

Traveling creates lasting memories but also carries risks of delays, accidents, illnesses or worse. While hoping for smooth journeys, preparing for the unexpected through travel insurance brings peace of mind in case plans go sideways.

Among the top providers serving India, ICICI Lombard travel insurance shines for affordable premiums and extensive included protections. From domestic holidays to overseas adventures, their comprehensive plans prevent minor mishaps from becoming major budget-breakers.

So whether globetrotting as a student, family or solo explorer, does ICICI Lombard deserve consideration as your travel insurance provider? Let’s dive deeper into their offerings.

ICICI Lombard Travel Insurance

Overview of ICICI Lombard Travel Insurance

As a leading private sector insurer founded in 2001, ICICI Lombard offers travel insurance solutions for both international or domestic Indian holidays. Their streamlined plans come bundled with well-rounded protections instead of forcing customers to decode complex policies.

Key features common across ICICI Lombard’s travel insurance options include:

  • Accident and sickness medical expenses while traveling
  • Personal accident cover for dismemberment or death
  • Trip cancellation or interruption reimbursement
  • Delay of checked baggage benefits
  • Loss of passport and documents assistance
  • Legal expenses related to false arrest while traveling
  • Hospital cash income while admitted overseas
  • Hijacking distress allowance
  • Emergency cash advance and fraud protection

Customers need only pick the right tier based on trip location. With both domestic and international plans available, ICICI Lombard solutions exist whether you’re visiting relatives within India or jet-setting to exotic shores abroad.

Domestic travel insurance covers multi-city trips within India for vacationing residents with options like:

  • Amigo Domestic Travel Insurance
  • Individual Domestic Travel Insurance

International travel insurance protects Indian citizens vacationing globally with choices like:

  • Students Travel Care policy
  • Business Travel Care policy
  • Silver International Travel Insurance
  • Gold International Travel Insurance
  • Platinum International Travel Insurance
  • Schengen Travel Insurance

Round-the-clock assistance helplines also back every customer worldwide for urgent travel issues.

Now let’s explore what distinguishs ICICI Lombard as a trusted travel insurance brand.

Why Choose ICICI Lombard Travel Insurance?

With so many providers promising safety nets against travel mishaps, why select coverage from ICICI Lombard? Several key advantages make this insurer stand out:

Industry leader reputation – As one of India’s largest private general insurance firms, ICICI Lombard holds over 15% market share thanks to competitive pricing and customer satisfaction spanning two decades. Well-rated across comparison portals, they are a stable option compared to untested newcomers.

Cashless overseas claims – Unlike needing to front expenses then file claims, ICICI Lombard offers cashless hospitalization at over 20,000 international network centers. Simply call their 24/7 helplines to directly settle medical bills at overseas institutions. This perk alone provides invaluable aid for health emergencies abroad. Cashless coverage also applies within India at 4,000+ domestic hospitals.

COVID-19 protection – Many insurers still exclude this risk, but ICICI Lombard covers coronavirus medical expenses including tests and hospitalization. This removed a major gap providing peace of mind during the ongoing pandemic.

Online convenience – Purchasing coverage requires no paperwork or agent meetings. Policies instantly generate through user-friendly web quoting platforms accessible 24/7 from mobile devices. Claims also submit digitally alongside easy tracking.

Premium affordability – Backed by over 8 million customers, ICICI Lombard leverages size and efficiency to offer low pricing without skimping on quality. Most travellers find charges reasonable compared to coverage obtained.

With leading reputation, cashless convenience, coronavirus coverage and affordable pricing, ICICI Lombard removes stress so travelers simply enjoy journeys while protected against emergencies.

Breakdown of ICICI Lombard Travel Insurance Plans

Rather than overwhelm customers with dozens of options, ICICI Lombard simplifies choices around tiered plans balanced by trip location and personal budget. Let’s compare key coverages across their main travel insurance offerings:

Domestic Travel Insurance Plans

Amigo Domestic Plan

  • Up to Rs 10 lakh medical cover
  • Rs 50,000 baggage cover
  • Rs 5 lakh personal accident protection
  • Trip cancellation up to Rs 50,000

Individual Domestic Plan

  • Up to Rs 50 lakh medical cover
  • Rs 1 lakh baggage cover
  • Rs 10 lakh personal accident sum insured
  • Trip cancellation up to Rs 2 lakhs

Designed for budget-conscious families and couples travelling locally, both plans offer ample coverage for domestic holidays without international premium markups.

International Travel Insurance Plans

Students Travel Care Plan

  • $500,000 overseas medical cover
  • $2000 maximum trip cancellation expenses
  • $125/day overseas study interruption allowance for 50 days
  • $3000 baggage loss reimbursement
  • 7 days family visit coverage
  • $100000 personal liability protection

Business Travel Care Plan

  • $500,000 emergency medical expenses per illness/injury
  • $250 daily overseas hospitalization allowance for 30 days
  • $500 emergency dental pain relief
  • $3000 trip cancellation costs
  • $5000 flight delay inconvenience
  • $125 daily trip delay for 10 days
  • $500,000 personal liability cover

Silver International Travel Plan

  • $100,000 medical cover per injury or illness
  • $750 for total baggage loss
  • $250 for each 6+ hour delay
  • $20,000 for permanent disability or death
  • $200 for trip cancellation per insured person

Gold International Travel Plan

  • $500,000 emergency overseas medical expenses
  • $100 daily hospital income abroad for 10 days
  • $750 baggage loss per bag
  • $500 trip cancellation costs
  • $750 flight delay allowance
  • $40,000 personal accident protection

Platinum International Travel Plan

  • $1 million medical cover per injury/illness
  • $300 daily overseas hospital cash for 30 days
  • $3000 total baggage loss reimbursement
  • $1000 trip cancellation expenses
  • $1000 flight delay following each 6+ hour delay
  • $100k personal accident protection

With tiered plans spanning backpackers to business travellers, ICICI Lombard segmented options prevent overpaying for unnecessary frills while getting necessary protections.

Schengen Specific Travel Insurance

Beyond broad international plans, ICICI Lombard offers dedicated Schengen insurance meeting Europe’s visa requirements for minimum 30,000 Euros of emergency medical coverage plus repatriation benefits.

Schengen plans mirror ICICI’s Gold and Platinum tiers at value rates, making separate European policies unnecessary for most visa applicants.

Through simplified bundles mixing desired coverage limits across essential categories like medical, cancellation, delays and personal liability, finding the right travel insurance match proves much easier.

ICICI Lombard Claims Process

Of course the true test of great insurance shows during claims. How does ICICI Lombard stack up ensuring travelers receive reimbursements easily without endless red tape?

Claim filing options exist through multiple channels:

  • Online claim portals
  • Email forms to [email protected]
  • Post to regional branch office addresses
  • Agents assist filing by appointment

Documents required include:

  • Completed claim form
  • Medical reports and bills
  • Police reports if applicable
  • Original invoices and receipts
  • Bank details for direct deposit

Claim investigation involves:

  • Case assigned to processing team within 24 hours
  • Contact from agent for any clarification needed
  • Decision on approval within 30 days if paperwork complete

Claim payment channels:

  • Direct bank transfer for approved claims
  • Cashless settlement coordinated abroad
  • Rejection letter if claim denied

Thanks to direct payouts within 30 days and cashless overseas coverage, ICICI Lombard makes it smooth for adventurers of any age to rest easy with comprehensive backups for unexpected situations far from home.

Buying ICICI Lombard Travel Insurance

Ready to obtain your custom ICICI Lombard travel insurance quote? Sourcing coverage takes just minutes online, phone or through local branch agents.

Getting Quotes Online

For instant self-service, visit and click Buy Travel Insurance then Get Quote to launch the web form.

Supply details like:

  • Name and personal information
  • Trip start/end dates
  • Chosen destinations
  • Travel purpose (leisure, education, business etc)
  • Health disclosures

After submitting details, quotes generate showing various plan rates to protect your particular journey.Purchase desired coverage digitally through integrated payment processing on the website.

Phone Support Quotes

Call toll-free helplines anytime to discuss travel plans with agents who recommend suitable insurance options over the phone along with pricing. If online enrollment proves confusing, telephonic support makes obtaining protection simple.

Local Branch Assistance

Alternatively, locate nearest branch offices across India to meet ICICI Lombard representatives in person for personalized guidance. Bring trip documentation to receive quotes tailored for your situation. Face-to-face explanations assist first-time insurance buyers understand key covers.

However you engage ICICI Lombard for travel insurance, their helpful staff simplify picking comprehensive policies fitting trip parameters, risk profiles and budgets.

Final Thoughts on ICICI Lombard

While ICICI Lombard may not boast cute mascots or clever jingles, they win on substance through reputable history and affordable insurance safeguarding Indian globetrotters since 2001.

Their direct coverage tiers remove guesswork to bundle the essential protections 99% of travelers actually need during domestic or overseas journeys. Top-notch medical cover accompanied by generous cancellation, baggage, delay and personal accident benefits deliver complete peace of mind with the paperwork, red tape and hassle characteristic of lower tier insurers.

So when seeking protection enhancing your next passage to beloved lands near or far, put ICICI Lombard travel insurance near the top as a stable one-stop shop keeping holidays happy whatever may come.

Frequently Asked Questions About ICICI Lombard Travel Insurance

Below find answers surrounding common queries regarding ICICI Lombard’s insurance offerings protecting globetrotting Indians from harm while vacationing:

Does ICICI Lombard cover pre-existing medical conditions?

Yes, ICICI Lombard covers pre-existing conditions like diabetes or hypertension as long as disclosed upfront before buying coverage. Certain ailments incur loading charges depending on claim histories.

What countries accept ICICI Lombard’s cashless international claims?

ICICI Lombard maintains overseas partner hospital networks in the Americas, Africa, Europe, Asia, Australia and Middle East easing medical claims across top destinations like USA, UK, Schengen Area, Thailand, Singapore, Malaysia, UAE and more.

Does ICICI Lombard cover adventure sports like rafting or scuba diving?

Yes, ICICI Lombard travel plans generally cover even risky hobbies like bungee jumping, scuba diving, rafting, paragliding etc unless specifically prohibited by additional exclusions. Always disclose full adventure activity details beforehand.

Can I extend my ICICI Lombard travel policy if my trip gets longer?

Certainly, short extensions accommodate changed itineraries via online renewals or by informing ICICI Lombard representatives through call centers or local offices to amend dates and adjust premiums.

Does travel insurance from ICICI Lombard cover COVID-related quarantines?

Yes, medical coverages apply for COVID hospitalizations including mandatory quarantines considered part of treatment. Trip delays from positive tests also qualify for cancellations or interruptions reimbursement as published exclusions no longer apply.

What factors decide ICICI Lombard travel insurance premium pricing?

Main rating factors setting travel insurance premiums include trip duration, destinations, age of travelers, claim history, policy limits like medical or cancellation sums insured, pre-existing illness disclosures, adventure activities, addons selected amongst other criteria. Multi-trip or group plans offer further bulk discounts.

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