Your Complete Guide to Infinity Auto Insurance

When buying car insurance, most drivers default to nationally advertised giants boasting clever mascots and catchy jingles. However, regional carriers like Infinity insurance offer localized advantages and discounted premiums rivalling big names for a fraction of flashy marketing budgets passed onto customers.

Part of the Kemper family of insurance brands operating for over 50 years, Infinity insurance furnishes affordable coverage protecting both everyday commuters and commercial fleets across 43 U.S. states. Policy perks like new car replacement, rental reimbursement and gap insurance add value relative to premium dollars spent.

So how does Infinity insurance stand up regarding reputation, customer satisfaction, coverage breadth, and premium affordability?

Let’s evaluate what sets them apart from competitors.

Your Complete Guide to Infinity Auto Insurance

Overview of Infinity Auto Insurance

Founded in 1955 originally as Unitrin Direct, today’s Infinity insurance formed through mergers of multiple prior brands into an integrated carrier cementing financial strength and geographic reach.

Core offerings span expected auto insurance needs like:

  • Bodily injury and property damage liability
  • Personal injury protection (PIP)
  • Comprehensive and collision
  • Medical payments
  • Uninsured and underinsured motorist bodily injury
  • Car rental reimbursement
  • Roadside assistance

Beyond personal lines, Infinity Business Insurance tailors bespoke packages protecting corporate vehicles, contractors and enthusiast collections with speciality products covering:

  • Commercial vans, trucks and trailers
  • Wrapped promotional vehicles
  • Classic and antique collectible autos
  • Non-owned company cars used by employees
  • Rideshare driver coverages

Bundling options even stack homeowners or renters insurance for additional multi-policy savings. Skilled local agents assist navigation for new customers while convenient online account management tackles policy changes, bill payments and roadside help requests.

Now let’s examine what pushes Infinity ahead of basic insurers.

Why Choose Infinity Car Insurance?

Superior customer service distinguishes quality insurance providers who earn loyalty through attentive claims and thoughtful policy fine-tuning as life situations change. Infinity captures hearts and minds by getting the little things right.

Round-the-clock support via knowledgeable call centers solves problems quickly without frustrating phone trees. Infinity reps offer empathy, patience and kindness – rare commodities when accidents spike stress.

Proactive adjustments initiated by savvy agents keep coverage aligned with life changes like adding teen drivers or moving residences. Infinity doesn’t wait for renewal paperwork to update records.

Forgiving accident forgiveness for long-term customers skips rate hikes following first at-fault collisions. Infinity won’t immediately punish minor mistakes of loyal policyholders.

Convenient app-based servicing puts account management, roadside assistance requests, virtual insurance cards and quick payments a few screen taps away.

Bilingual assistance across English and Spanish caters families speaking multiple languages under one roof.

Strong financial backing thanks to Kemper Corporation’s stable A- rating securing finances to fund future claims for years ahead.

Going beyond obligatory protections into relationship building earns Infinity insurance praise consistently ranking among America’s most reputable auto insurance firms.

Overview of Infinity Auto Insurance Products

Across personal and commercial lines, Infinity insurance delivers flexible solutions aligning ideal coverage/premiums whether insuring an old clunker or showroom-fresh performance machine.

Personal Auto Insurance

Protecting everyday vehicles ferrying families to school and work, Infinity’s personal auto product lineup ensures safety through features like:

Core Coverages

  • Liability insurance
  • Personal injury protection
  • Collision damage
  • Comprehensive losses beyond collisions
  • Uninsured and underinsured motorist injury

Additional Options

  • Roadside assistance
  • Car rental reimbursement
  • Rideshare coverage
  • Gap insurance paying remaining loan balances after total losses

Value-Adding Perks

  • New car replacement – pays MSRP on new totaled cars
  • Disappearing deductibles
  • Accident forgiveness – protects premiums and loyalty discounts

Mixing all relevant coverages into easy smart choice packages simplifies quoting complex insurance speak into good/better/best choice sets limiting guesswork.

Commercial Auto Insurance

Many small businesses, contractors and automotive shops rely on customized policies accommodating unique vehicles with volatile usage requirements. Packages available for drivers needing speciality insurance include:

Commercial Auto Coverage Mixes

  • Commercial vans and trucks
  • Business vehicles with custom branding
  • Non-owned company cars used by staff
  • Hired or borrowed third-party autos

Industry-Specific Offerings

  • Contractor insurance
  • Tow truck insurance
  • Food delivery driver insurance
  • Independent service provider insurance

Collection Auto Insurance

  • Antique and classic car insurance
  • Modified/imported vehicle insurance
  • Collector car storage coverage
  • Agreed-value comprehensive

Instead of forcing square-peg personal policies onto round-hole situations facing many entrepreneurs and gearheads, Infinity furnishes tailored commercial-grade alternatives filling protection gaps.

Now let’s evaluate how Infinity insurance premiums compare to popular market rivals.

Infinity Auto Insurance Costs and Discounts

Thanks to lower-key market presence beyond clever animal mascots and celebrity cameos found with giants like Geico and Progressive insurance, Infinity passes on savings through reduced advertising costs directly discounting customer premiums.

Let’s compare average nationwide rates across top insurers:

CompanyAverage Yearly Premium
State Farm$2,342
Infinity Insurance$1,857

For the same coverage selections, Infinity rings in below competitors while outpacing all but Geico regarding overall affordability – saving a few hundred dollars annually makes a big difference for already stretched household budgets.

Beyond baseline premium cuts, Infinity also extends common discounts lowering quoted rates further through:

  • Multi-car policies
  • Safe driving tenure
  • Good student grades
  • Advance full-term premium payments
  • Paperless e-policy delivery
  • Defensive driver training
  • Vehicle safety feature bundles

Savvy customers combining company affinity or multiple product discounts atop strategic policy optimizations drive premium costs into impressively affordable territories outpacing generic rate comparison sites. Independent agents assist unearthing every possible breakpoint through custom packaging aligned to unique driver risk profiles.

Let’s now uncover the claims process upholding Infinity’s consumer-first reputation.

The Infinity Auto Insurance Claims Process

A company’s character gets defined by how they handle problems, not just promises made on sales calls. Adverse events like accidents or natural disasters represent the best times to demonstrate good faith through compassionate actions during stressful scenarios.

Here is what Infinity pledges regarding insurance claims:

First Notice Claims Steps

  • Immediate phone notice after accidents
  • Meet with claims adjusters summarizing incident
  • Authorize vehicle inspection assessing damage

Ongoing Claims Handling

  • Status clarity from dedicated case managers
  • Prompt decisions on covered repairs
  • Digital claims tracking by dashboard

*Settlement Resolution

  • Fair market value assessments
  • Replacement cost reimbursements
  • Warrantied used parts to control expenses
  • Direct deposit payment delivery

Efficient digital tools avoiding paperwork paired with empathetic adjusters who advocate get customers back driving without fighting uncaring bureaucrats.

Insureds leveraging repair shop networks may qualify for upfront payment arrangements through Infinity accelerating fixes while awaiting claim reimbursements. Such gestures demonstrate why long-term clients remain loyal supporters.

Final Thoughts on Infinity Auto Insurance

When initially seeking insurance, discount-minded drivers understandably gravitate towards big savings from big-name carriers like Geico and Progressive. But once pricing stabilizes after initial sign-up discounts, keep Infinity Insurance atop the shortlist thanks to localized service and reputable responsiveness avoiding frustrations marring mammoth national corporations.

Between affordable premiums matching competitors, bilingual support, proactive annual policy reviews ensuring adequate changing life situation coverage, and compassionate claims handling – Infinity insurance furnishes a complete value-driven package their 4+ star customer satisfaction ratings confirm.

So for both daily commuters and collectors requiring customizable protection plans aligning unique vehicles with state minimum laws, rely on Infinity insurance for lasting partnerships standing by you before and after life’s inevitable bumps in the road.

Frequently Asked Questions About Infinity Auto Insurance

Does Infinity insurance write policies exclusively online or can I meet local agents near me?

Infinity enables quote starts and purchases online but encourages prospective buyers to connect with localized agents in their communities. Visiting neighborhood Infinity branches allows discussions with advisors considering metro area risk patterns and claim trends advising regional optimizations.

What discounts offer the largest savings on Infinity auto insurance?

The biggest premium cuts come from paperless e-policy delivery (up to $100+ depending on state filing fees) and multi-line insurance bundles like adding homeowners or rental insurance from Infinity alongside auto policies earning up to 15% off combined.

How many years must I remain claim-free to qualify for Infinity’s accident forgiveness program?

Infinity usually extends accident forgiveness rate protection for insureds maintaining five years of continuous coverage without interruptions paired with no at-fault accident or violation claims. This allows one mishap without punitive premium hikes.

Does the Infinity insurance mobile app offer crash response features?

Yes – beyond just virtual insurance cards and payment options, Infinity’s mobile apps provide emergency features like crash detection alerts that automatically notify emergency responders if drivers are unresponsive following accidents plus give GPS coordinates aiding location.

What driver usage metrics does Infinity insurance track for premium pricing?

Infinity does not currently leverage in-car telematics or usage-based insurance packages tracking real-time mileage metrics, acceleration or braking behaviors which then influence rates. However, some affiliate insurers operate such programs which may integrate optional enrollment.

Am I able to manage all my Infinity insurance accounts through a single online login?

Infinity delivers unified digital dashboard access showing integrated status views, billing particulars, and servicing options for auto, motorcycle, renters, homeowners and business insurance products consolidated under registered account logins for streamlined 24/7 self-service management across multiple active policies.

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