Top 5 Best Value Watches Under $200 – Seiko, Tissot, Orient, Certina

Hello and welcome to just one more watch welcome to another top five roundup. It’S been ages. I’Ve missed wearing this t-shirt today, we’re going to look at the top five watches at or around $ 200 now 200 US dollars or the equivalent in your local currency is not an inconsiderable sum to spend on a watch. I think this carries a certain set of criteria, a certain set of expectations. The first is, it should be a decent brand, something you can be proud of wearing something you can be proud of.

Having spent a little bit of money on the second is durability, reliability, longevity, something that you can keep on your wrist and wear every day for 2, 5, 10 years or more. Alternatively, if you’re a bit of a flipper or you plan on upgrading this one at some point in the near future, you want to buy a timepiece for 200 that you can get 60 65, maybe even 70 percent of your money back, providing it’s in good condition. So with that being said, let’s get into today’s roundup. So as always, these are in no particular order, but as always I’ll start at number 5, with my choice, if I had to buy one of these timepieces, it would be this one. In fact, I bought this one about two weeks ago.

It is, of course, the Seco skx, okay, so the Seco skx. What can I say about this watch that hasn’t already been said. It is so ubiquitous as to become almost a cliche, but not without good reason. I bought my last month and I’ve been struggling to leave the house with any other watch on my wrist. They really are that good, so at $ 200 and you’re getting the key model so you’re getting the mid in Malaysia not quite been able to stretch to the mid in Japan, but I don’t think it makes much of a difference still a few to choose from This is the double or nine.

I guess this is the the classic one, the most iconic of the models. This features the pepsi basil and the dials are little dark rice, it’s a kind of charcoal colored darker than it appears in this picture anyway. If you want to go for something slightly more conservative, there’s the all-black double or seven. Both of these ones feature the same dimensions: around 42 and a half millimeter diameter 22 millimeter lug width 15 and a half mil thick. These ones have 46 build lock to lock so quite short log length weighing in at about 140 grams on this ratalie classic rattly jubilee bracelet.

If you want something slightly smaller, though there’s the a13 now, this is the one that I went for this just under 38 mill diameter coming in at 115 grams on the bracelet and 20 millimeter lug with so perfect, for guys with slightly smaller, less wrists, though, to Be honest: the log length is the same at about 46. So really try these on. If you can and decide which one suits your personal aesthetic, I went for the slightly smaller one but, as I said, the double or nine is really the classic model. So what are you getting in all cases where you’re getting the sequel, 7s 26 movement, entry-level, no, hacking, no hand winding 40-hour power reserve and an accuracy of between minus 20 and plus 40. My skx is currently running at about minus 13, not amazing, but within tolerances.

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It’S fine, you get psychos crazy, proprietary, Lumi, bright loom. It is just mental and lasts all night, no solid end links on these bracelets. However, that’s a bit of an egg, I think the bracelet. Those are key once you get used to it. I wear mine slightly lower, so a loser.

You get used to the rattle, it’s not too bad, just pressed clasp as well and, as you can see there, there just push pins, not screw pins, but at this price point you know you expect a few negatives. The hard lights crystal is another negative, not as hard as sapphire and no shortage of people selling you modded skx, though so you can play around with these ones, replace the the crystal. If you want d date, complication proper 200-meter, water resistance as well. You know it’s not a luxury watch the fit and finish isn’t quite fantastic. My basal insert is a little bit.

Rough doesn’t quite line up at 12, either, which I hear is a common bug: beer with the Malaysian models, but all-in-all skx, legendary and deservedly so next up at number 4. If I hadn’t just bought the SK X, this would have been my choice. It’S at tea. So all right, so I’m gon na cheat a little bit it’s my video I can cheat. If I want to I’m, not gon na, show you one tea, so I’m gon na show you half a dozen of them.

My point is that, regardless of what you’re looking for you’ll find a quartz Teasle at or around $ 200, to meet your criteria? If you want something dressy on a leather, strap you’re sorted by this one, a nice looking butterfly style deployment there as well. If you want something dressy, but on a bracelet, slightly smaller size, again, no problems well under $ 200. I’Ve always fancied this quickster. Now it comes in white dial.

At this price point I can address divert a bit of loom on those hands there. I think that would be a great long-term timepiece. You can even afford our vintage style, quartz crooner with Swiss made on the dial a proper Swiss brand just over $ 200, but my choice would be this one, the PR 100. I really like this. I think it’s a a great clean tool watch style, aesthetic very much like theirs.

In five five, six, you can get it in a black dial here on a leather strap, no shortage of options so, regardless of which one of these watches you choose from you’re. Getting a quality Swiss brand you’re on that swatch group ladder and you’re, certainly not on the bottom rung of it Swiss made on the dial Swiss quartz movement, you’re, getting sapphire crystal 100 meters, water resistance and you’re getting without a doubt. The best packaging have any watch at this price point now. I’Ve criticized companies before for spending too much on that packaging III. Think it $ 200, though it’s nice to get a little bit of this a nice box, make you feel special that little tab on the right hand side there.

You pull that down. There’S a booklet! There, with all of the the T, saw history and heritage a bit of information about the company. What are you not getting? Well, you’re, not getting a milled clasp they’re only pressed clasps on these bracelets, but I think you can forgive that and as discussed you’re, not getting an automatic you’re restricted to Swiss.

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I think that’s a reasonable trade-off at this price point, though it seems to be Japanese, automatics or Swiss quartz. I think plenty of value points to to enjoy from a tee saw at this price point and at number three, it’s little brother. The symphony made it into a list a couple of weeks ago today, the Orient Bambino, oh right, the Orion Beno, then no shortage of options to choose from here either this one’s. Now, in its fourth version, there’s been a few halfway iterations as well, so plenty of different styles, all of them quite similar, though aesthetically overall from 139 dollars here, for us, are the older one up to $ 200 really as the maximum you should be paying for One of these brand new mark fours. So what do we got?

These are what some of my favorites that I’ve chosen here. This is my favorite looking mark for sunburst style and this lovely suede eight strap. I actually used to own this one. I owned the mark. One though so, is that alder movement rose gold and black, I’m a sucker for that combination.

This one looks so much more expensive than it was sat beautifully on the wrist as well. If you want something, can a clean and classic just go for a silver and black again love these ones, with the door fan, hands and the big indices, I’m not a big fan of these ones, they’re slightly more fussy, complex dial. I think that takes away from the look but hey it’s your watch. It’S not my watch regardless you’re, getting something that looks a lot more expensive than the price you pay for it. These are all 40 to 40 and a half mil diameter should fit most wrist sizes, lovely domed, mineral, crystal 21.

Male love with those, so be careful choosing the one that you want. Straps you’re, not gon na, have straps lying around in your drawers for these ones. Big complication, only water-resistant still 230 meters and that mineral crystal prone to scratching, I actually sold mine, because I got a big dent in the mineral and I couldn’t remove it with poly watch, no matter how hard I rub. So if you’re clumsy, perhaps look at the curator, I’ve got a full review of the curator coming up, try and avoid the mark 1. They didn’t have hacking and hand winding, but from mark 2 onwards, they’ve all got the hacking and hand winding orient in-house Japanese movements.

They do tend to be a little noisy, though these basic entry-level Orient’s but small price to pay for a watch. That looks a lot more expensive, a really classy looking item and should give you plenty of change left from 2 and at number two, it’s another orient. If you just can’t bring yourself to join the Seco, SKS Club go for the Orient Rey instead, so another offering from Orient. That leaves you with plenty of change from your $ 200 and a similar variety of choices, as we saw earlier on with skx. I like this watch a lot.

The Orient rate too, especially this one and Blanc, reminds me of the Omega Seamaster 200, the pre bond model, as well with those soft hands and circular indices. You can get this one in black. You can get it in blue blue tile as well. If you prefer, there’s also our PVD, this Ray Raven. They call it very interesting, looking timepiece but a little bit over budget today, and you can get the Mihkel essentially they’re the same watch, but with arabic s — and a slightly different handset.

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The decision is yours, regardless of which one you go for 41 and a half mil diameter this one. So it kind of fits in between the two sk x models, and I think you should view it as perhaps slotting them between those two timepieces. You get a Japanese in-house movement day. Complication, it’s not a iso certified, but you do get two hundred meters of water resistance, good, loom, screw down crown all that stuff. You’D expect from a diver at this price point same set of disadvantages as well.

Although the bracelets aren’t the best pushpins, no solid end links and mineral crystal on that dial there so you’re not getting the security that comes with sapphire crystal, but I think I really attractive look and watch this one plenty of change. As I said from your 200 bucks and finally at number one, if you stuck around this long, congratulations you’re in for a bit of a treat, it’s a Sortino, alright, a little treat for you at number one. I was pretty chuffed with myself when I found this one: it’s the Cetina D s first ceramic now available on Amazon, one hundred and ninety seven ninety-nine all links in the description. By the way, though, clearly this seller doesn’t want to sell any because they provided one low resolution picture so we’re off to Juma shop. To get I better look price is very similar.

There look at that thing. What a beauty! I think that black ceramic insert looks like a million bucks Sosa Tina, another slightly left-field Swiss brand, very much part of the swatch group doll since the early 1980s hundred odd years of history and heritage, but I think slightly less obvious choice than that II saw this. One quintessential desk diver that looks just beautiful on a leather strap though so you’re gon na, have to change it out. If you want to actually do some diving with it 200 meter water resistance.

Now DNS stands for double security. It’S a Cetina, it’s their in-house system. Where they make their watches waterproof and also shockproof, this one can take a hit or two beautifully thin there. I think a nice thin bezel des on the crown screw down crown, of course, for 200 meters and look at that case back deep itched with a lovely picture of a turtle on there. I think this one a great choice, if you’re looking for something that you can wear Monday and Friday, 9:00 to 5:00, hop it over for a rubber, strap or a NATO at the weekend, gorgeous gorgeous gorgeous less than $ 200.

So there you have it. No shortage of decent watches for you to choose from at $ 200 seems to be Japanese, automatic or Swiss quartz. That’S not a bad choice to make. I think, thanks for watching, see you in the next video

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