The BEST Watches Under $300 – 2021 and Seiko, Orient, Timex, G-Shock, and MORE



So some of the most popular videos that we’ve ever posted on this channel have involved more affordable price to your watches, and i think that is an obvious thing. That’S going to happen because i think there’s a lot of people that are just getting in watches want to know a great place to start, and also people that are just looking for just some fun pieces to add kind of more in a spontaneous way to their Collection that they can just have fun with,


and today we’re going to be looking at a long list of watches under 300 that are perhaps some of the best that you can possibly buy so before i get too far into this. One just want to document and just say i am not going to be able to feature every single hatch under 300. So there’s going to be quite a bit of watches that i’m just going to just, for the sake of time not be able to mention so referencing a couple helpful places. One will be a blog on our website.


Looking at the best automatic watches up to five hundred dollars also have done some videos in the past, looking at different seiko five models. I don’t want this video to turn into a big big psycho five list. I also have just a list playlist on my channel, where you can go through some of the different list: videos and look at watches at different price brackets, and that should be a good jumping off point for you wanting to further your research and also guys before We jump into this video on our site, a full authorized dealer of a couple brands that we’ll probably mention a little bit in this video, especially uh timex, as well as g-shock, just to point out some of the more popular models. Maybe looking at something like the timex marlin automatic and different variations, whether you’re going for the day-date option, traditional date, a great option in the world of everyday wear.


You can also look at the wide variety of g-shocks, whether you’re going for a traditional dw, 5600 or you’re, going for something that’s a little bit more spruced up with some different case options. We have them all available, link in the description, as well as some other relevant links. That might be useful if you like, watches of this price category. So for this video i’m going to be kind of going by category and to begin i’m going to be looking at first, the everyday style washes something you can wear more casually in an everyday type of format and just could usually take a little bit more of A beating than a traditional dress watch and to start us off here, it’s more of a funky type of design with the timex q root beer.


So out of all of the different designs, i think a lot of people saw the original this timex q. That was very popular, but i wanted to highlight the timex q root beer. I i really just personally like the look of this one, it deviates from the others i think quite substantially, while still offering that very vintage retro. Look that i think many people fell in love with the only thing i will say about this watch. That is a downside for its price and where it falls around 100 170 180 is going to be the bracelet and considering the fact that you are going to be kind of married to it in a way uh.


Just given that kind of lug hood to no shape style case, that is going to be one point of consideration. It does pull here, maybe just a little bit, but it’s still a fantastic watch. I think many people going in with the expectation of this timepiece understand what it is: it’s a fun complimentary piece to round out either a collection or just something you can wear in a more casual environment. It looks great 38 millimeters with its case. Size is nice compared to the m79s, which do fill out that case size a bit more you’re, getting a quart seiko movement within uh.


So just a solid watch with some interesting looks for the money now next up. We have the orient defender, 2 And in terms of what this model is done compared to the first version of this line of the defender, i think is quite substantial in making it a much better product. Just some aesthetic things that change in terms of the handset, as well as the crown position from the first one, but probably the most notable thing, is the fact that you are getting an upgraded movement here. That also is going to feature hacking. Now you can get a few different versions of this piece.


I think the one that i think stands out the most for me is the ion plated haste variant. It just looks very stealthy and sleek and kind of just goes in line with a watch classified as the defender and what it might look like. 100 meters of water resistance, you’re, also getting a screw down crown, which is fantastic, 42 millimeter case. But it is going to work closer to that of 40 to 41 millimeter, with that more compact lug to lug, considering that case diameter of just 48.8 millimeters, so a very good do it all style watch with some very sleek looks so next up we’re kind of Following along the same format, with kind of that tactical style look looking at the marathon navigator, so this is a pilot watch from marathon, if you’re not familiar with marathon, really solid military, rich brand, producing watches starting back in 1941 for the allied forces and have created Almost three different verticals in terms of their watches kind of the day-to-day everyday pieces, with their hand-wound mechanical pieces that they have as well as looking into their jsars.


So more of the search and rescue and diver oriented timepieces. And then you have your pilot watches on the far right, with the navigator and of all three of the lines is going to be the most affordable. This one was actually originally designed in response to a request from the kelly air force base in texas in 1986, who just wanted a low pressure resistant watch for pilots and air crews and marathon delivered this watch here. So swiss course movement inside 60 meters of water resistance. You have an integrated crown guard design, pretty interesting style case of 41 millimeters by 47.


7 millimeters find this one where it’s closer to say a 39 40 millimeter case, and you have that sapphire crystal and rounding out for under 300. So when looking at watches under 300, i think it’s of course very obvious and i think needed to mention the g-shock in terms of everyday wear. It’S a certain type of individual, but almost it’s more of a certain type of lifestyle you want to fulfill and not in terms of profession. I think it’s just the type of just demeanor and style that you have to want to pull off a g-shock, but in terms of their utility, you really can’t do much better. These things were built to be shock resistant.


They were built to be able to take on anything you’re getting capable water spec when you’re looking at it, i’m primarily talking about the dw 5600s, because i think the case size is going to be more appropriate for many people out there. Of course, you can get very eccentric with the g-shock styles. I just think this is probably the most user-friendly. You have many different options to choose from with different colors, as well as different case formats, complications added features, and these will start under 100 in terms of price. If you’re going for more of the traditional resin models, then move your way up.

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To say more of the stainless steel options that have now become readily available as well, but you really can’t go wrong with the g-shock if a watch could be used by astronauts navy seals as well as just your regular dude. I think that is something that certainly uh bodes well for a watch and why it is a great watch to just consider for the price and for the money.


So we looked at one pilot watch a little bit earlier. I want to go back to orient, though looking at their orient pilot, so this is a watch in the style that i think is very popularized amongst many german brands, as well as swiss brands, of course, but to get it at a more affordable price. It is sometimes very difficult.


You have locko that’s just a slightly above, usually at that 400 range, putting the yota calibers in their watches to allow it to get a little bit down. They have, of course, very rich history in the aspect of producing pilot watches, but if you want to go down even further and just want to get a taste of this world, i think orion then will just offer the best option in the market with their orient Pilot watch, so this is a type b style dial that was used for navigators during world war ii and was designed with intentions of easily being able to see the precise time with the outer minute track on the outside, with large, corresponding numerals to easily see at A glance legibility is top of mind a case on this one 42 millimeters with pretty wearable lug to lug distance, is going to make this one.



I think lean in the direction towards the originals that sizeable in terms of the case sizes, i mean original uh type b, style, dial, watches navigator, watches from world war ii were 55 millimeters for many of the case options, so 42 is quite restrained, but still does Lead on the larger end of things, 100 meters of water resistance should offer great utility and being able to wear it in a variety of situations and like every single pilot style. Watch of this type you’re going to have a ton of different strap options to choose from, and this thing really is versatile, as can be so as of late. I’Ve been mentioning a lot of the srpe series like the 5 3, the 5.


as kind of people referring to them as, like the dress kx, i think they’re fantastic, everyday watches, but let’s go back to maybe a watch. That’S been on the market for quite some time doesn’t have. Maybe the newest and updated spec, but still is a very good watch for the money, and that is with the seiko snz g13. So this one is basically a more spruced up version of the very popular snk 800 series, which are commonly being found under 100 still to this day, but seiko has basically discontinued almost all these old seiko five watches for the most part, so finding them has become Harder and harder – and i imagine the prices just to continue – go up over time – prices for these still around 150 dollars getting a little bit larger case, size, 42, millimeters lug to lug of 48.5 millimeters, but also getting 100 meters of water resistance and, of course, the 7S26, the infamous 7s26 movement uh within that entry level movement from seiko, but these are great – just everyday wearers – should offer a nice kind of field, hybrid style watch and a watch.


That’S certainly been on the market for some time, but still a good one. To consider. Now to round us out here we’re going to be looking at the citizen garrison and the particular version that we have here black dial case variant, 43 millimeters and the eco drive movement within the eco drive just offers an amazing experience in terms of not having to Worry as much about your watch, i mean charge when a full charge, six to 12 months, typically depending on the different movement that you’ll have within, and it doesn’t take much time to actually charge it.


Both artificial lights as well as natural light, and this particular version. Pretty much covered from an everyday scenario: 100 meters of water resistance, a little bit larger on the case size, but there’s quite a bit of different options that have this general style.


You can also look at the different citizen channelers out there that are sometimes even more affordable and have some different case options to choose from. But citizen does a lot of things in this general range of like 150 to like 250 outside of the traditional promaster divers that are very good watches for everyday wearing now, it’s kind of crazy, because when this watch originally came out, i think everybody knew that timex Had a hit on their hands,


but i don’t think people really understood how much of a hit it would be and, of course, talking about the timex marlin. When this thing first came out in the market, i’m talking about the hand wine version they’ve since created. Basically, all different types of styles day dates automatics, as well as just traditional automatics, with the dates and pretty much every dial color. You can go for as well as snoopy editions, which certainly could be mentioned as well in the everyday category.


But when i think of the timex marlin, i still think of this version simple hand. Wine watch 34 millimeters could be worn with a variety of different outfits. I love the versatility with the straps. It is a small watch and i do definitely want to make that a point of note here, because uh, if you are not comfortable or familiar with wearing watches this small, then you’re not going to like this watch and i would not recommend it. But if you do like the vintage, retro style, you’re cool with wearing a 34 millimeter watch and just want uh, just a simple fun wearer.


I think this is certainly still in the price category. One of the best hand one watches you’re gon na find but very attractive, watches different versions to choose from and honestly a real trailblazer in the last say, five years or so and kind of ushering in a lot of these vintage reissue watches that have now flooded. The market, of course, so this is a watch that probably could have been fitting into the last category. But i think that also bows really well for it being in this category, because it’s going to have some utility mixed with, of course dressier appearance, and that is with the orient maestro. So the watch that i have covered mostly is the green dial variant.


That is a bit more playful and, i think, leans farther into the everyday category. But there is a variety of different options to choose from from this line that you can choose how you want this watch to be kind of fitting within your scenario: 100 meters of water resistance, very wearable case 40 millimeters, but is gon na work closer to a 38 millimeter case factoring in that pretty compact lug to lug distance in-house automatic movement on the flip side, sure it’s not a looker, but i find that these movements typically even outperform that of sago counterparts for the price. I see these ticking away, sometimes in the high single digits in out of the box specs. So you know that’s anecdotal evidence of just handling. You know hundreds of orient watches over the years, but it is probably something of consideration: you’re, getting a very solid movement for the money and a watch that is going to work in a variety of different scenarios and also, if you’ve not seen my video, comparing the Orient maestro to the srp e53: i will link to it in the description down below, as that will probably be a relevant video for somebody.

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That’S watching this, so you guys knew this is coming. This is pretty unexpected um. You know lacking some creativity here, but you know i’d get destroyed in the comments. If i didn’t mention it so orient bambinos, we all know them we all like them. I think we understand what they represent in the world of watches is a great entry door into mechanicals.


You have many different generations to choose from the one that we’re looking at here is the generation five, so a newer variant, kind of arabic style numerals looks really attractive. I think the only thing that i have against this particular version is the date window. It does clash a bit and i really would like to see it without it in many instances, but very attractive looks way more expensive than it actually is like many bambinos out there in the market. But what really more could be said about the bambino? Probably the one of the best entry doors uh yes expected uh, but still again, one of the best entry doors into the world of mechanical watches.


So as somebody who really loves german watchmaking, primarily someone who loves junghan as well as nomos, one of the most asked questions i get is either comparing those two watches or hey. What’S a good, affordable alternative to those brands and for a long time it’s always kind of been a stretch in terms of the design language, you know what could you maybe recommend for that range and i think if i’m going to recommend something, that’s you know pretty Well, built it’s definitely more fashion forward and is appealing more to the design element. Is a brand stern glass. It’S now one of the fastest growing german brands out there and what i would recommend in this instance. They have an automatic version, but i think the naus quartz might be the better option to go for very simple bauhaus inspired level design here in terms of what it is going for very simple, aesthetic kind of matching the elements of a nomos, junghans or even brands.


Like a brawn, for example, that are just rooted in this style of design and for the course version, you’re, basically cutting the price in half, which i think really bodes well 38 millimeter case, which is going to be very wearable lug to lug 41 millimeters. So this is going to be pretty much representative of the max spill in terms of its case size, but for the course version, looking at six millimeters in regards to the thickness. So that’s helpful and you’re also getting a sapphire crystal so watch. That’S probably not gon na be for everybody, but i know there are many people that just are looking for that style and design, and it’s hard to pinpoint so that kind of classifies you. This is probably what i would recommend and then to finally round out the dress category, a very popular and probably maybe one of the most famous seiko 5 watches out there with the snkl 2 3 Now this tuxedo hybrid style dial is very popular.


There’S been a lot of buzz around this thing for the last five or so years, and i think it’s all very much warranted still these things they come and go in terms of their availability. It’S featuring an automatic 7s26 movement classic seiko 5 case dimensions and right now it looked like at the time. I’M posting this video around 150 or some of some availability out there on the market. But again i don’t see these watches being around or relatively consistent in terms of their availability, so these are watches. If you want to get, i would just get them now, but in terms of the world of seiko 5, these watches look more expensive and definitely have more of a dressier appearance.


And although these prices have went up on these and say the last, you know few years and of course, their availability being a little hit or miss still for what you can get for say around 150 bucks. I think it’s still a very solid watch and looks much more expensive than other sako 5’s out there. So now, to sum up, we’re going to be looking at some dive watches and to begin, probably maybe the biggest cult, following of any dive watch out there, or at least close to it, maybe with the skx, i’m not going to mention the skx just because i Don’T want to go too crazy seiko, but with the boss stock with the amphibia, so the amphibia forgiven the price of being south of 100 across pretty much every single model that you could possibly choose from getting. Of course, an in-house movement wearable case options, great possibilities with regulation. I hear people just regulating their movements to incredible accuracy, you’re getting dive respect with 200 meters of water resistance, automatic movement.


It also uses a type of case construction that actually flexes a bit underwater, making the watch more water resistant as more pressure is applied and also has a proprietary crown design to also assist as well there’s a lot to like with boss stock. Although the designs are not going to be for everybody, you cannot fault in terms of what is packed within these little watches. Now for this next brand, probably the brand that has solidified themselves is providing some of the best value in the world of 100 to 300. In the world of dive watches, and that is orient starting with the mako 2 line or the ray 2 line either or i’ve always loved the orient mako 2 as a fantastic entry door point to the world of dive, watches in-house movement wearable case different dial colors To choose from pretty good bezel action, really solid water resistance, and you really cannot beat the price for say, like 100 150 bucks, typically where they fluctuate a great value for money. Moving up to that next price category, you have two different options, i think are fantastic choices to choose from with the orient canoe to start with, the canoe has gotten quite a bit of some rehaul in regards to different dial options.


This new red dial version is really, i think, a lot of fun as well as it’s very striking and different than what you would see from some other watches from orient a bit more of a sunburst style, rather than more of a subtle, just kind of sun. Ray finish with some of their other pieces and more of a textured finish on the dial. This has much more of an ability to catch the eye, but not being overly crazy and, of course, i think many people that will look in the direction understand what this thing is going for also getting 200 meters of water resistance, and probably my favorite handset as Well, as markers on the dial and bezel combination, i think the canoe is just very attractive. The downside is mineral crystal, as well as a larger case for those out there, but it is going to work closer to that of a 42 millimeter case when you factor in that lug to lug distance and then of course, the other orient watch to mention here Is the orient kamasu, basically taking the elements of the canoe changing up the style in regards to the design a bit with the handset, as well as the markers,

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the bezel style, and also adding a sapphire crystal with mirroring the 200 meters of water resistance and a Slightly smaller case in regards to pricing and where it sits with value, you really can’t beat this one as well. I think if you are just a spec junkie, really the orion kamasu probably is the pinnacle in terms of this price range of what you can really ask for and expect from a watch, although it is not, iso certified still is going to do the job by Far for many people out there that are looking for a watch with solid utility and carefree wear so looking at seiko i mentioned, i was not going to look at the skx just partially, because i am tired of kind of talking about the skx and they’re discontinued And the supplies is going to gradually go away, so i do want to mention another watch with the srpd51 and at the time of the release of this watch, there was quite a bit of controversy or just kind of hate thrown at this uh.


This design, as well as just where it sat in terms of price – and i think a lot of that was maybe not warranted as much just considering that seiko made so many seiko fives, as well as seiko skx’s, that people got so accustomed to the over abundance. Of supply of those pieces where you get an skx for like 150 bucks like like five years ago and then just started gradually going up and correcting itself as supply went down, then you saw these watches come out on the market for around 300 and you’re, like Hey where’s the value here, but if you do look on the surface now that he’s been on the market for some time,


i think you can look at it with more of a fresher eye and more appreciation, because these are still very good, watches fitting. Within that case, dimensions of the classic skx 42 millimeters, a very compact lug to lug distance. You are getting an upgrade with the 4r series of movements inside of here. That will also feature hacking, which is a nice upgrade from, of course, the 7s26, and although it might be a bit of a stretch to classify these as divers, i think they do have specs to warrant a bit of classification as well as that rotating bezel uh.


To make these very much appropriate for the task for the average person out there, that is looking for a sports style watch in this price range. Now sticking with another japanese brand, we’re gon na stay with citizen now with the promaster diver. Now, if you’re looking for a watch that can actually withstand and be a true dive watch, i think citizen is producing some probably of the best value in the range. Their watches featuring eco drive, with amongst their promaster collection in the sub 300 range. Probably really can’t be beat if you are just looking for diver specifications.


This particular reference with the bn015028e is going to be just south of that 300 price range at 280 case size of 43 millimeters and a nice lug to lug distance of around 48 millimeters 200 meters of water resistance, mineral crystal eco drive movement, so set it and Forget it type of technology there. This is definitely one of the brands, as well as the industries go to course, divers that you can get and then to round out our list today we’re going to be looking at the casio duro blue dial, so the duro originally was released with the black dial. With the you know, traditional kind of marlin at the six o’clock, but the number one thing for this watch was watchers, look way more expensive than it was these things around sixty dollars and in terms of just beating these things around. These are watches that i know uh people are just getting into the world of watches, enjoy, as well as people that have been into the world for quite some time and are just looking for a beater watch. This is, i think, the pinnacle of a beater watch, a reliable quartz movement within attractive, looks a little bit larger on the case size, but i think the blue sunburst dial actually is a just really improvement from the black dial in regards to what it’s looking solid, Loom for the money, but again 60, how many times we have to say that 60 dollars, usually on average for these pieces, sometimes even cheaper, depending on, if you’re going for this version or the black version, just great value and just honestly a no-brainer for the money.


Uh in the world of the hive, oriented watches in this price range all right guys. That was a lot of talking from me. If you did enjoy this video thumbs up subscribe hit. The bell icon really would appreciate that also we’ll have a ton of links in the description to relevant reviews of watches mentioned some other places to look. If you want even more in this price category micro brands, seiko fives as well as say, automatics under 500 i’ll.


Just throw a ton of things down there if you want even more in this video didn’t satisfy you, but if you did enjoy it again thumbs up subscribe hit. The bell icon really would appreciate that also full authorized dealer of 30 brands. If you are in the market, for a new watch definitely go check it out full authorized dealer full factory warranty for all the products we carry quick and fast fulfillment dedicated customer service also offer price match. So if one of our watches that on our site is available at another authorized dealer for cheaper, fill out the form of the product page and we’ll reach out to you and finally, nine out of every ten dollars that we generate from our store is right.


Back in this content, allowing us to continue to foster a new generation of watch enthusiasts, but guys, thank you again. So much for watching be well and i’ll, see you all very soon.

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