The BEST Watches for Women in 2021

So recently i’ve been receiving a ton of comments about revisiting or doing a new video looking at the best watches for women, and today we’re going to be doing exactly that. So now it’s been a couple years since i released a video like this, so i wanted to just kind of make a comprehensive guide in 2021, looking at a variety of different price ranges from more attainable, watches all the way up to luxury, watches and kind of Touch on all different, just price segments as we’re going about this now, when i cover watches on this channel, i definitely just covered the watches for the watches sake, and i think many of the watches i cover would also look very suitable for women as well.

So that’s going to kind of follow suit here in regards to the watches, are going to be recommended. I think some of these just designs of some of the brands throughout are so on the nose of just being just like overly feminine, just to like be appealing to some type of demographic or what they think is going to be appealing to a demographic. In this case, we’re just going to be looking at some awesome watches that i think, would just be great recommendations if you’re, just looking for specific watches in different categories and different styles, so going to make this as comprehensive as possible.

A couple other things to mention before we jump into this video, a lot of the watches mentioned in this list. We have full in-depth reviews of so i can link to those down below if you want to delve in a little bit deeper and get some more information. We also have a list playlist on our channel, where we go through different, like lists and price categories, as well as just building collections with a specific budget.

So those would probably be helpful if you’re just trying to get an idea and just your research and using those as a jumping off point so definitely recommend those and then also on our site. We have a very comprehensive set of buying guides and blogs, one that i’ll call attention to now is looking at some of the best automatic watches, so definitely check that out.

That list is pretty comprehensive and should be helpful in your research, but now to begin here. Let’S look starting up at the more entry level option. I want to start at the watch that i think really opened up the door for brand timex and kind of getting more in line with mechanical watchmaking. Now. The version i want to look at is the timex marlin.

34 Now this was the hand winding option that was originally unveiled as that first mechanical watch that timex offered in quite some time and really again open the floodgates for more mechanical watches. To come, why? I think this is a very just appealing watch for a variety of different people out. There is going to be the classic wearing dimensions and just the versatility that comes with the dial itself you’re. Getting these arabic numerals a variety of different dial colors to choose from it’s very unassuming, and it looks great in a variety of different circumstances and environments.

34 millimeters is going to be on the smaller end of things. Uh you’re also getting a hand wound movement which you know if you like, just kind of the simple wear and tear to strap it on. Don’T have to have that intimate type of relationship with your watch. This might not be the perfect, maybe a watch for you, but in terms of being, i would say, dressy casual watch. It would look very good on the wrist.

The timex marlin is a great entry level watch, i think, would work very well and also getting quite a bit of variety at your disposal if you want to go for just different dial options, so one of my favorite dress, watches from seiko, has to be the Cocktail time just collection now this is a fan favorite for many people out there, and i think one thing that many people don’t consider is there are also alternatives in regards to a smaller case size option available.

So my girlfriend actually has the srry cocktail time. This has the traditional kind of rib. Like finish on that dial surface very striking, i think it’s probably one of the best looking dials that you’re going to find for the price range. But there are a variety of these different models available and i don’t think many people consider it 34 millimeters just south of that in terms of case size, pretty similar wearing dimensions but also coming on a bracelet which i wouldn’t say is a world beater.

But pretty good once you get it sized up with the pin and collar kind of system also comes with their 4r35 and their hard luxe crystals. So just to kind of keep in mind, this watch is not going to be as durable. With that hard luxe crystal, you can’t buff out scratches the same way, but in terms of you just want a dress, watch or a casual watch, you’re not going to beat around too frequently i’m gon na be showing is my girlfriend, so it is definitely beaten up And seen better days, but she absolutely loves the thing – and these are just great watches in this 300 400 range now for the next watch. Here we have the jung hans max bill. Now there are a few different variations that you can go with with the max bill family, but this is a watch that really was an embodiment of taking a baja school, a designer in max bill and adapting a watch from say, a wall clock to the wrist And baja’s design is very storied if you’re dealing with any industrial designer they’ll be able to tell you all about or even architectural design.

I’Ve done a video in the past describing with kind of the methodology around the production of this piece, we’re really all about. Now. There are the automatic versions that are going to be slightly larger and you also have the hand winding versions, i think the hand winding versions are probably going to be a bit more appropriate these watches. Are they just look great? I mean i love just the simplicity of these watches, the curving of the dome crystal on these, with the kind of tailing back of the edge of the dial surface itself.

These just kind of pull the eyes in and there’s really nothing else fully like this. In terms of its effect, it has this bulbous case shape very wearable on the wrist and really just that dial real estate and what it’s taking up with that thin outer bezel. It’S almost non-existent you’re getting all dial, and it just has a nice presence on the wrist without being overly ostentatious. Now the manual wound version is going to, of course, be have to be manually wound, and it is a smaller watch. Then, though, you have to factor in that this is all dial, so it is going to appear a little bit larger than that, but still is a smaller watch on the wrist, but a good just middle ground, and i think jung hans.

Does this exceptionally well of casual wearability from a modern contemporary perspective, while also being able to play in the field of just traditional dress watch as well? Now, when you’re talking value for around 500, even south of a thousand dollars, hamilton makes some of the best watches out there no question now what is probably going to be the first stepping stone when you’re getting into hamilton watches is going to be the khaki collection. Now those are great options as well. If you want something, that’s a bit more casual, but for something that might be, i would say, casual while also getting some dressier undertones. I want to look at the hamilton intramatic, particularly the champagne dial.

Now i like this model for a couple reasons: one is going to be: wearability 38 millimeters, i think, works on a variety of different wrists out there. It has some good presence without being just a burden on the wrist when you have it strapped on good wearable. Lug to lug dimensions and also getting some suitable water resistance, not something you’re going to have to bang around like crazy, but still does the job also getting a very good swiss movement inside of here that, i think just does the job, but the intramatic just line In general, it has its own design dna. That is very just, i would say, mid 20th century in its approach. You’Re getting no second hand, so it’s rather simple.

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That also is just going to be representative with the just use of markers on the dial. Very slim markers it’s simple, uh, also just getting some good just symmetry on that dial as well and the champagne color here i just love this. The salmon champagne color. This is something that’s kind of become a bit of a fad as of late, but a fad that i am completely behind and i almost don’t want to be a fad because i’m all for this dial color and what it’s going for. It’S got just a great look to it and works incredibly well with the hamilton intramatic layout.

Next up we have a watch and brand that i don’t think many people will consider as being so unisex, because this brand is so synonymous with creating very robust tool watches. But i know from firsthand experience that this is something that my girlfriend absolutely loves. I own the zen 556, just the traditional black glossy dial, just traditional markers and she hijacked this thing and it’s basically her watch now and quite frankly, it looks better on her than it does on me. So i don’t mind it at all, but this is a watch that is a perfect everyday watch. It looks great with that h-link bracelet it’s over manufactured 200 meters of water resistance.

It has this very just contrasting striking dial that i absolutely love for that particular version. But you do have some other variations as well like the mother of pearl dial, which probably leans a bit more into, i would say its design, rather than just a simple kind of the tool watch aesthetic. You also have the blue dial variant as well with the applied markers and the lack of a date, so quite a few different variations. The wearability on this one is fantastic, though it wears like a true 38 millimeters, which works on a variety of different wrists out. There that h-link bracelet is very very good for the money: 200 meters of water resistance, so pretty much every different type of scenario.

You can throw at this thing and it is going to be able to take the beating. That’S ridiculous amount of water resistance for a watch of this category, that’s more of just an everyday kind of pilot field, style, watch and zinn. I think knocked out of the park with these watches one of my personal favorites uh, but i don’t wear it as much as i used to because my girlfriend just wears this thing all the time now. Another personal favorite of mine and i think a great watch, for i would say both men and women – is the nomos. Just collection of dress, oriented watches in this two thousand dollar price range.

Now, the models that i think are the best representation of this are going to be the tangente, the ludwig and then also the orion. Personally, i think the orion is my favorite of this trio. I actually own one and have loved it for now over five years. It’S been a part of my collection, it’s just a great contemporary form on the dress watch you’re getting an alpha manual movement. This is a watch that, when you flip it around, it’s going to be probably one of the best finish movements.

It’S worked off a pizoo 7001, which is essentially an edit-based caliber, but nomas has shifted all their production in-house and producing these, and it just really does look the part and looks great on this watch now. This is rather minimalist in terms of what it is going for. I think when you look at these watches, some people just say hey is that daniel wellington. At first glance, i’ve had people say that to me in the past, and then i show them this and i go that looks a nice watch, but i have no idea it’s kind of a cool just you know stealthy watch, but it looks great. The silhouette of the lugs and the longer lugs is going to make the wearability of these a bit larger, so kind of keep that in mind.

35 millimeter is going to wear larger 38 millimeters, going to wear a little bit larger, so add like a millimeter or two to the wearing dimensions. If you want to get an idea of the actuals here, but simply put nomas produces some of the best value for money, watches in that price range of, like 2, 000 bucks or 1600 bucks for the starting club models all the way up to the 5 000 Price here i think that is the range and they just absolutely nail. Their designs are not gon na be for everybody, but when they are for you, uh they’re, absolutely a great brand to look at so next up on our list. Here we have rado with the rado captain cook 37 Now this is a watch that i just love. The looks of i also gifted this watch to my girlfriend in a recent video.

She was absolutely enamored with this thing for so long and for good reason, it is a great looking watch. The sizing of it is perfect from a modern, just sports watch perspective 37 millimeters lug to lug of 43 millimeters. It’S gon na wear pretty true to that, if not a little bit smaller closer to a 36 millimeter case, but this is gon na work great on smaller wrists that are out there and has a good amount of presence and also, i don’t think over stretches in Terms of being too showy, it’s like the perfect balance. It has that ceramic bezel with that glossy nature to it that’s going to catch the light in a lot of instances: 100 meters of water resistance. So you have great versatility there being able to do a lot of different water activities and bring this in the water.

With you, but some of my other things that i love about this watch is the thickness 11.1 millimeters. So it’s a thin watch on the wrist for a diver styled watch also getting that eda caesar seven caliber inside has an 80 hour power reserve movement. Why? I love that is, you could just put this down for several days or a few days, and you know pick it back up and you’re all good to go, and i think that is something that’s so overlooked when you’re looking at some of these other watches that Have power reserves, typically between like 38 hours and 50 hours, to get something like this in this range is great to have, and also that beads of rice bracelet when you get it perfectly sized up, there are no micro adjustment points, so that is one thing to Consider in that clasp, but it just looks the part it’s slim to the wrist.

It fits well on the wrist. My girlfriend absolutely loves hers and she wears it like every single day. This is probably her favorite watch that she owns and just wears it all. The freaking time now to transition into our next watches, i’m going to look at kind of more traditional rectangular style cases and the first one is going to be from michelle. So michelle is a great entry door into the world of these kind of rectangular style, watches and kind of that nice.

I would say middle ground between affordability and some of their watches, while also you know, in some cases being a little bit higher end. In other instances, but i see it as a great stepping stone into some of those really high-end watches from the likes of like cartier or jlc and brands of that type of ilk, but these watches have a variety of different sizes and different variations. Those deco style watches, i think, are probably going to be the most synonymous with, i would say, the brand and then also being the best representation of getting into this design style. These art deco just inspiration in terms of that rectangular finish and again, just being a really good stepping stone to getting into this design style. A variety of different options to choose from there are again these more expensive options, as well as some more entry-level options to choose from.

So definitely just keep that in mind when looking at this brand they’re owned by the fossil group, so you’re getting a lot of support behind this brand as well and being a large large brand and well known in the united states, where i am from uh. But just again good stepping stone into this world of rectangular style watches, but speaking of rectangular style watches. I think the watch that probably epitomizes it is going to be cartier with the cartier tank. Now the cartier tank in terms of the different variations that you can go for is it’s quite expansive. You could go for the solos, you can go for the cartier tank of the wii, which is going to be kind of the more higher end mechanical option.

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But most recently we saw the introduction of the solar beat tank, which is cool for two reasons. One is going to be one of the more attainable cartier watches that you can go for and then also utilizing solar power to allow that watch to tick with quartz, oscillation, so high accuracy and then really a carefree wearing experience, while still keeping that buttoned up. Look that comes with the cartier tank collection. Cardi is one of those rare brands that is able to transcend their product categories and just be known as a luxury provider of just amazing goods. Other options to look for also is the cartier santos de cartier, which is another fan, favorite and personal favorite of mine, a great unisex watch that could be, i think, worn by couples, which i always love when you can just share your watches, with your other significant Other but the cartier tank is a true icon in terms of design, it’s well known and if a watch can be worn by anyone from princess diana all the way to muhammad ali, i think you have a design.

That’S going to stand the test of time, to say the least, so a brand recently that has absolutely been killing it and also being a brand that, i think, is fantastic. When you’re, looking in the world of say, unisex, watches or being watched that can be enjoyed by both men and women is with aorus now a few different options to choose from you can look at the aorus aquas collection. Now these are going to be diver, oriented, watches so more sporty in nature, which of course, going to be very popular right now. The aqueous is their integrated, bracelet professional dive, wash collection now the model that makes the most sense. For me, there are many different size options that you have at your disposal.

You have a 39 and a half millimeter 41 and a half millimeter and 43 and a half millimeter, i would say the 41 and a half or the 39 and a half would be the most suitable thing. But i will just say this: the aorus aquas cherry in terms of the striking dial color and what this watch is going for. It just is a beautiful watch and it looks very good on a woman’s wrist. I, like the look of this one, even with it being a little bit larger with the case size it’s going to wear closer to that of a 40 millimeter case. Whenever i see this watch on a woman’s wrist, i just love the look of it uh.

It’S very sporty 300 meters of water resistance, so very capable in that regard, but that red just striking dial, it’s just so vibrant and just brings in the eyes and that just pop of color just works so well within the architecture of the aquas case. But when you’re talking about pops of color, i also have to mention the aorus cotton candy editions. Now these are watches that are very unisex in terms of their nature, they’re in terms of wearability. I think they knocked it out of the park on these 38 millimeters. So they’re gon na wear pretty true to that, if not slightly smaller than that.

A pretty compact lug to lug distance, but the star of the show here without question is going to be the different dials and also the bronze cases. Now, bronze as a material is something that is going to age or patina over time in a much more expedited manner compared to that of stainless steel. So kind of keep that in mind, but it adds a lot of character to the look of the material. So touching, just the oils of your skin as well as maybe water will all kind of cause. This aging process to happen will create that different level of patina.

It makes it more custom to you now. This is going to be a downside for some people, but maybe an upside for others, but also to go in alignment with that pop of color with the case is also the different dial options to choose from these things are just striking, they’re fun. A lot of people do not like these, but i think from a unisex perspective. These can be enjoyed by both men and women, the green dial kind of more of a teal turquoise color. You have the blue dial, as well as the pink, i think, watches at the end of the day are all about having fun, and these watches, i think, epitomize, that idea of having fun speaking of another brand that absolutely knocks out of the park when it comes To delivering watches that can be enjoyed by both men and women and models that i think will just walk the line very well.

It’S tutor. Now, i’m just going to mention three different models from tudor, as i think, just good representations of being a watch. That would be suitable and look great on a woman’s wrist. One will be the tudor royals, so this is kind of their integrated bracelet style like high horology alternative. That kind of has this, like oyster quartz case – has a cool engine turn style, bezel and, i think just looks good.

You have a variety of different options. It’S going to be a bit more polarizing than maybe the other two here, but certainly a watch to consider. Also, i want to look at the black bay collection. The two models i want to look at is the black bait 36. This is kind of the everyday explorer-esque style watch from tudor good value as well great bracelet on these fantastic dial symmetry and using that black bay dna in a very compact manner for an everyday type of watch that can really just take a beating.

But my personal favorite here is going to be the tudor black bay 58. So i own one of these watches. This is another watch that my girlfriend hijacks from time to time. I just love the wearing dimensions on these now tutor, for quite some time were seen as at least in their diver watches was just being too large kind of having these slabbed off sides being too thick too large on the wrist and not offering any alternatives to That and being 15 millimeters thick, that is quite substantial as they started putting in their in-house calibers into these watches. But when the blackberry 58 came out first with that black guilt, dial and then transitioning to the navy, which is my personal favorite, these absolutely just created a huge level of enthusiasm amongst just watch fanatics out there.

I think for good reason. There are watches that can be enjoyed by a variety of different people, those who, like vintage wearing dimensions and just want a dive, watch that kind of leans into that style. These have just knocked it out of the park getting an extended power reserve on these. So you get kind of a nice carefree experience, nice, suitable water resistance and just the design and the bracelet. I think just works really well, some don’t like the riveted bracelet.

I do not mind it at all and don’t notice it at all. When i have it on the wrist, it really is kind of hidden when you do have it strapped on, but these watches are just simply fantastic, a great choice. If you want a dive watch style in a very wearable package, next up, we have long jean and long jean as a brand is probably one of the best in terms of just delivering fantastic value. In this, two thousand to four thousand dollar range variety of different options to choose from uh, in terms of watches, to look at just to stick with the dive watches, because i think this is something that’s very popular and they probably epitomize this style better than anybody Else in this price range i’m going to be looking at the legend diver 36 millimeters. Now this watch comes in a variety of different options in terms of dial colors case sizes, but the 36 millimeter, i think, will be the most appropriate.

It’S going to wear pretty true to that because of the style of watch that this is. This is going to be a compressor style watch. So this is a this design that was famous in the mid 20th century as a way for divers to be able to time their dives and because it has an internal rotating bezel, the whole thought around it was. It couldn’t be knocked when you’re underneath the water. So it just created a more secure experience, but in terms of a modern perspective, i think these watches just look great they’re fun, they’re different they’re, not something you’re going to see every day and the wearing dimensions on the 36 millimeter are, i think, very accommodating as Well, pretty reasonably thin: you are getting a different movement compared to the larger uh case size variant of these, so these are going to be based off of an eda caliber inside sapphire crystal and just quite frankly.

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Nothing really else like this in this price range and also being in an accommodating case size as well. So one of our personal favorite models from breitling is the super ocean collection and one of the areas where they’re also very accommodating, in terms of case options too and when you’re looking at their entire catalog. The next model we have here is the breitling super ocean. 36 Now my personal favorite here is the white dial and bezel this variation. I don’t have, i just seen it on women’s wrist and it just looks great in terms of what it’s going for white and divers.

It’S just very striking and it looks really good on the wrist now. This is going to be starting getting into that luxury category: great alternative to that of the black bay 58 kind of leaning a bit more contemporary in terms of its approach, great wearing dimensions. At 36 millimeters nice thickness, as well as a nice lug to lug distance on these as well, but whenever i just see these out in just the wild, i just have always liked the look of them and, i think, brightly just knocked it out of the park. With these, they also have their chronomats that are going to be another – maybe alternative to this – that you can also look at, but if you want something from the dive watch perspective, the super ocean has to be on a short list. Next up here, we have omega and omega has probably one of the most expansive catalogs of watches that you’re going to have at your disposal almost to maybe a negative perspective, because you just can get lost in it.

But one of the model, families that i just want to just key in on is the omega aqua terra. Now i think, from a contemporary perspective in 2021. This is one of the best luxury watches that you’re going to be finding out there. Now the model we’re going to be showing here is mostly the small seconds the 38 millimeter aqua terra. I will keep in mind, though, that there are so many different variations of these models, and the small second was just recently introduced as a new variant within the aquaterra family, getting suitable water resistance at 150 meters.

This is just that perfect everyday watch you’re also getting some of the best movements in the price category as well. Inside of these watches, but just to kind of keep in mind, the aquaterra has so many different variations and the one that we’re showing here is going to probably lean a little bit more into traditional feminine undertones. But there are also different variations out there. That kind of walk a more neutral ground we’ve looked at some in the past. These 38 millimeter options, i think, will just look great on both a man or a woman and definitely recommend checking it out, as maybe that one watch i can take on every scenario with the aqua terra now as an alternative to the aqua terra.

I think you have to mention the rolex oyster, perpetual, 36 Now, when these watches the new generation of these watches were unveiled in 2020, there were some mixed feelings, but now, a year later, these watches are some of the most high watches out there and it’s kind of unfortunate because for starting price ranges around 5600 bucks. That’S at least retail. They are pretty compelling value for rolex. They are kind of that entry door into the world of rolex watches, but the problem is because they were so well received. They become increasingly hard to get your whole hands on and there are a variety of different options to choose from you have these kind of teal blue colors, which are just fun uh.

The pinks also have like that oxblood red or that really striking red. There are so many different variations here to choose from, and i think rolex just knocked it out of the park with these and utilizing color. There’S been a lot of brands to follow suit here, as rolex had rolled these out in the past year, brands just offering up a variety of different colors as a byproduct of the success of these. There have been many other brands that have created these more, like pastel variations of models that they’re creating, but the rolex oyster perpetual. If you can get your hands on, one is a great just one and done luxury watch that can walk the line of casual wear, but also even some dressy circumstances.

Depending on what model you go for, maybe don’t go for the crazy, vibrant colors. If that is the case now to round out our list here, we have the jlc rendezvous and i don’t know exactly what it is about these watches, but they just are complete class. When you put these things on the wrist variety of different options to go. For i, like kind of the more traditional, more restrained variations of these without the crazy diamonds and things of that sort, so something a little bit more under the radar, and these watches i think, deliver just that high elegance high class that can be associated with a Brand like jlc now, apart from just the watch itself, the finishing on these are fantastic. I will get some close-up macro shots just to kind of show you what the dial finishing is like you’re getting these different grain finishes and striations within the dial.

That just looks so good and creates such an immersive res just experience here. Also, when you flip the watch over uh jlc in terms of their manufacture, calibers are the best in the business and some of the best in the price range no question: if not setting the standard for the price range, this one coming with that automatic 898a. In terms of the movement inside well finished, with a contagion of finish across the bridges, also the gold tone rotor with that nice engraving of jlc, it just looks fantastic from top to bottom you’re, getting an am pm indicator, which is nice and fun, but also, i Think just has this high end elegance and opulence associated with it without being in your face, and i think that is just the epitome of class on the wrist, but alright guys. That is my list of looking at some of the best women’s watches in 2021. I know this is rather comprehensive.

I’Ve been talking quite a bit, i’m happy to do more of these in the future. So, if you do enjoy it, please do give it a thumbs up, subscribe and hit. The bell icon also definitely check out. Those just mentions of links down below to those full in-depth reviews that we’ve done also looking at our list playlist and then also that blog on our site, looking at some of the best options of under five hundred dollars. Also, when you’re at teddybaldestar.

om definitely check out our offering of different watches, some of the watches that we mentioned in this video are also on the site full authorized dealer of all the brands full factory warranty for those brands, so you’re completely covered. If something goes wrong. Also, offering quick and fast fulfillment and dedicated customer support as well and nine out of every ten dollars we generate from our store goes right back in this content that we’re creating. Also, you want to stay up to date with the content see some cool photos and watches definitely stay up to date by following on instagram as well, but thank you again so much for watching be well, and i will see you all very soon.

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