The Best Watches For Women and Under $100 and Up (2018)



So, despite the vast majority of the people that watch the content on this channel being men – and I mean the vast majority – 97 %, so one of the most recommended videos – I seen the comments – is watches or women. So, what’s going on everybody Teddy Baldus out here and in this video, we’re gon na be looking at some of my favorite watches for women.


So when compiling this list of watches, I realize how horrible a lot of the value is for women when you’re looking for watches to buy, I think there’s a lot of steep markups and the amount of you know return on investment you’re, getting it’s quite low. So we’re not gon na be looking at any of these. You know fashion watches, like the Michael Kors of the world, Daniel wellington’s, looking at solid quality timepieces, which I think are a good return for your money in your investment.


So, of course, this is a huge topic and I can imagine doing more videos of this type in the future, breaking down like affordable watches for women, luxury watches for women and all of different types of videos in that ilk. So if you guys do like this concept, be sure to give it a thumbs up, that’d be a great indicator to me whether or not actually continue to do this so guys, let’s jump in to the video hi guys, so I’m gon na be going through some Affordable options and then some entry-level luxury and then some luxury options, but let’s first start with affordable lodges and first up we have the Timex Addison.



So this watch is a square watch and it’s definitely a cheaper option. If you like the elegance, that is a square watch, and on top of that, I love the different color options and the double wrap bracelet. This watch is coming in at $ 85 K, size of 25 millimeters, it’s powered by a quartz movement and has a water resistant up to 30 meters, when I say with 30 meters of water resistance, just know that is not enough to jump in the water with So if you want to learn a little bit more about water resistance, I have a whole video that I’ve done on that.


To give you a little bit more edification about that subject. Next up we have one of my favorites, the Timex Fairfield. This watch comes in with $ 100 price point and you can find it with a case size of 37 millimeters. It also has a 41 millimetre option, but definitely for I would recommend a 37 millimeter for most women out there, movement, quartz movement, water, resistant up to 30 meters and why I like this watch is that it plays off that fashion. Daniel Wellington style has several different.


Color options also comes with a lot of different variations with bracelets and leather options. However, I would definitely consider investing in another band, since most of the watches in this price range are not going to come with bands that have the best build quality, but still a great watch to consider. So next up we have the citizen Chandler the em0 five. Seven: two: zero five, a and citizen goodness your reference numbers are way too long. So the price point for this watch is one hundred and ninety five dollars case size of 30 millimeters powered by a quartz movement and is water resistant up to 30 meters.

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Next we have the Timex Marlin, so the Timex Marlin is, of course, the real release of the famous Timex watch that was famous from the 1960s originally launched, with the classic silver dial and black hand version and then released. The blackout version and most recently announced the release of a few other models of the Marlin, a gold colored stainless steel, both with black and silver dials, and then my favorite and all silver dial option with silver hands. These watches are coming in with a price point of $ 209 case size of 34 millimeters powered by a mechanical hand, winding movement and are water resistant up to 30 meters. Next up we have Seiko we’re gon na be looking at the Seiko sut 376. So this watch is gon na retail around $ 225 a size 28 millimeters, it’s powered by a solar, caliper, v1, 37.


So once it’s fully charged, it will have a six-month power reserve. So if you’re a person that does not like replacing batteries, we’re having to set the time on your watch, this is one for you. It comes with a gold-tone stainless steel case and is water resistant up to 30 meters. So now we have one of my favorite brands and then one of my favorite lines within this brand, the tea so every time we’re gon na be looking at the tea. So every time small here so the price point $ 240 retail case size of 30 millimeters powered by a quartz movement, water resistant up to 30 meters – and I just love the very simple minimalistic style from a brand wit hat, which has a lot of respect within Just the horological community, so next up we have the me tobu luna lady, so this watch is going to usually come in between the seven hundred and a thousand dollar mark kay size of 33 millimeters powered by an automatic Mito caliber 80 movement.


This is an ETA based movement as water resistant up to 50 meters. You can also find these s with certified kilometers, so this is definitely watch that I don’t know necessarily would be for everybody there’s a lot of different options within this line. I, like just a standard silver dial option, but I definitely take a look at this brand Mito and the options they have. Now we have one of my favorite brands, young Hans and now we have the young Hans max bill hand winding washed. So this watch comes in with a price point of 695 dollars: retail K, size of 34 millimeters powered again, of course, by hand winding jade 8:05, one movement on e ta, 2801 to caliber and a water resistant up to 30 meters.


So this watch is, from a dreamer wash making company that directly designed these watches in partnership with famous Bauhaus designer max bill back in the mid 20th century, you have several different dial options and color options and, as an owner of one of these watches, I own The young Hans max built chrono scope. I must say these are some great looking watches, look even better in person. So next up, we probably have arguably my favorite option, that is the Nomo Ryan, so these watches are retailing between $ 1,800 and $ 2,200, and I’m gon na be looking specifically at the 33 millimeter version. These are powered by an alpha manual. Lining movement, water, resistant up to 30 meters and you have a few different dial actions to go for.

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I would recommend if I was lady, I would go for the Rose option or the champagne option. I think they’re really great looking watches and I think just the minimalist design epitomizes what’s in right now in terms of style fashion, so definitely give these watches of look. I mean you’re getting a lot of value as well in house movements and I think, just a really really up-and-coming brand in Nomos. Next, we have the Tudor Claire de rose, so this watch is coming in with a $ 2,300 retail price case size of 34 millimeters movement is an automatic ETA 2824 and then our water resistant up to 100 meters, like the elegance of this piece, really impressed with The amount of watches Tudor has, and I think, with their new partnership with a lot of new celebrities. Someone like Lady gaga.


I think there is a good amount of work being done in there to appeal to the women consumer. So, following right, along with that, we have another tutor watch, so the tudor style of 34 millimeters. So this watch is going to come in between $ 2,000 and $ 2,500 case. Size is 34 millimeters powered again automatic ETA 2824 and then are water resistant up to 100 meters. So these watches are really solid, several different dial options and has a great-looking fluted bezel as well, which I would never underestimate when you’re looking at it in pictures.


It looks fantastic when you’re gon na be looking at that fluted bezel in person and, of course, Tudor owned by Rolex. So you’re gon na get that same type of finishing that you’ll get with a lot of Rolex watches because of course they are owned by them. So next we have the cardi a tank solo, see. These watches are gon na retail, between twenty four hundred dollars and forty six hundred dollars depending on f, you go for the steel or gold option case. Size is thirty, one by twenty four point: four millimeters powered by a quartz movement, which i think is unfortunate.


But when you’re looking at this watch and the reason why this watch is so iconic is because of its design. The tank was introduced in nineteen eighteen and entered full production in 1919, and the smaller solar version is the perfect watch for women or those with smaller wrists. The cardio tank line is an icon that has been seen on the risk of Jackie Kennedy, Princess Diana Muhammad Ali and countless others, alright, so from one square watch to another, we have the reverse, o classic small steel, so these watches are coming in with a price Point at retail, six thousand one hundred and fifty dollars case size of thirty four point: two millimeters by 21 millimeters powered by a manual; eight four, six one movement and are water resistant up to 30 meters. The reverser was introduced in 1931 as a watch capable of surviving the hard knocks of a polo game and what the uniqueness of this design is the case that could be swiveled in its carrier to protect the watch glass. So a really awesome and iconic watch.


But you definitely wan na give a look to next. We have the omega deville lady Matic, and there are a ton of different variations with these watches. So i’m gon na be looking at the reference number four, two five, three three three four 2001 and zero zero one and goodness omega makes a lot of different variations of their watches. This one, I think, is a little bit more understated, so I saw these watches for a little bit cheaper than what I would sell for the initial retail price at other places, retail prices, of course, sixty four hundred dollars. So definitely a pricier wash in this range case is 34 millimeters powered by an Omega coaxial, eight five, two zero movement, which is really a heavy, getting movement you’re in your coaxial movement.

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So I think, that’s probably why the price point – and these are a bit water – resistance up to a hundred meters. So the reason why I like this watch is it’s not you know blinged out with diamonds or anything like that, but it has a really solid movement. Has a really cool wave pattern, stainless steel ring with a black supernova pattern on the dial, and I think you have to consider Omega as a great option if you are looking for a watch as a woman and finally, we have probably one of the most iconic Watches and I think a watch – that’s been worn by countless women over the years the Rolex day just so, there are a lot of different options with the real estate. Just I mean you can get some that are completely blinged out and are ridiculous when it comes to the price that they’re going for or you can just kind of start with this stainless steel version, which I think still look very classy and they start around. You know a little bit under five thousand dollars.


You can find them in different case sizes, 26. 28. 31. 34. The movements are going to vary, they’re all going to be automatic movements and they vary depending on the case, size, water, resistance of a hundred meters.


So this is a watch, you can jump in the pool web. You know really do any activity with and I think if you have money to cough up for one of these watches, I definitely think it is something to consider so guys. Those are my choices for women’s watches. To take a look at, of course, I was kind of looking at this more from a high-level perspective. I was really diving into different categories.


So if you want me to kind of continue this series for women’s watches it’s kind of fun because it does familiarize myself with you know, what’s on the market for women, something I don’t normally do, but, as you know, guys out there or women out there you’re Either you know buying a watch for somebody that might be a significant other or you’re just trying to buy a watch for yourself that you can be proud of and have for many years to come. I think this might be a good thing to continue.


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There would be great appreciate it so guys. Thank you so much for watching be well, and I will see you all very soon.

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