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Affordable shoes every time everybody talks about affordable shoes, they’re talking about Air Force Ones, they’re talking about Vans, we’re talking about anything like that. So today, I’m gon na be trying to switch things up. So, in my opinion, when you’re talking about shoes under 100, all the list comes out the same. So let’s try to mess around with it, we’re still going to keep things affordable. Today, I’m going to be going over a few options that you could pick up for under 200.


So, for example, the best shoe that I picked up under 200 is going to be a pair of New Balance. 550S. There are a few color options out there. The one that I picked up are going to be this gray and white colorway this one I picked up very recently ever since I picked it up. It’S been my go-to sneaker.


In fact, in my rotation it replaced the Air Force, One which is kind of funny. I was always my go-to shoe, but now realized I can’t keep wearing Air Force Ones forever and if you’re the same way and you used to always wear Air Force Ones, I definitely recommend picking up a pair of New Balance 550s. It still has that chunky. Classic. Look that the Air Force One gives, but yet it’s still a completely different shoe in its own way.


I will say: mine are a little dirty, so I do need to clean them. But if you wanted to stand out a little bit more, there are a few different color options. I really like the university Blues. I really want to pick those up, but if you want something, that’ll go with everything that way in great colorway. You really can’t go wrong with it.


Alright, the second one, I’m probably gon na mispronounce and that’s going to be Adidas belasama or, however, you pronounce it. So this shoe – I honestly heard about very recently, but I have definitely seen it become a trend more and more now I will say that this would definitely be my next shoe pickup. In fact, I was supposed to buy it, but I didn’t quite pull the trigger, but I really wish that I did yes, this one is definitely going to come up, but as of right now, I feel like I’m, not seeing it too much. So if you want to hop on that Trend before it gets too big, I definitely recommend starting off right now, it’s another popular shoe that is still hard to get for retail price, which is honestly a good thing. I hate paying high resale prices, so this shoe you don’t really have to worry about too much, but if you can get your hands on it for retail, then that’s even a better deal all right.


The next best shoe for under 200 is going to be a pair of Jordan. 1 lows. These I haven’t, really won too much, but I definitely need to. But again, this is another classic that I feel like you, don’t really see too much just because I would say about like a year or two ago, everyone was hating on Jordan, 1 lows for some reason, but now I feel like because of the Nike Dunks people Realize that they look very similar, so people started to hop on them a lot more now and there’s definitely plenty of options out there when it comes to the colorways. The ones that I have are the bright toes those the red and black versions, with a little bit of white in there as well, but there are way better options that I’ve seen out there.

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Then I always consider picking up so yeah. Maybe I might pick up some more Jordan windows, but at least having one in your rotation would definitely do you a lot good, especially if you get them a retail price like the ones that I got. I bought them a retail price, only 120. Yes, they are very affordable all right. The next one is gon na be a very common one, and that is going to be some Nike blazers.


I will say that this was a huge Trend back then, and slowly dying off, but are never going to go away completely. That’S just because it’s a classic sneaker! That’S never going to go out of style. The silhouette makes it very easy to style it’s more of a Slimmer sneaker. I personally prefer Slimmer sneakers over bulky sneakers, so I feel like this shoe is definitely a perfect option if you feel the same way again, it’s another shoe that has plenty of different colorways.


You can get the Nike logo in a bunch of different colors. I chose the green one because that’s the first one that I saw in my size last shoe. I picked up about a year and a half ago, and I will say during that time: everybody wanted to wear Nike, blazers they’re such a popular Trend, and it was honestly hard to find in your size every time I went to the mall to find them. They never had them in my size so and now a year and a half later, I’m still wearing it to this day. So yeah it was a great pickup, especially for the price.


I think I only paid 90 for it so under a hundred dollars, which makes them very affordable and should definitely be a shoe that you should look at for your next shoe pickles all right. The next shoe is gon na be a pair of Converse truck 70s. Before you come after me, I guess I know Converse truck 70s is another shoe that everybody has but again since we’re talking about those affordable shoes. Obviously, a lot of these shoes are gon na, be what other people are wearing, but I will say that most people are going to be wearing the normal Converse. So if you wanted to stand out a little bit while still having the same aesthetic get a pair of Converse truck 70s, they just look significantly better.


In my opinion, and for only 20 extra, I think is well worth it all right. The next one is going to be a pair of Reebok Classics. Now this is a shoe that I had before right now. They are very dirty in fact they’re one of my basketball shoes, so yeah they’re very messed up now, so I don’t even want to show them on camera. That’S how bad they are, but I will say that I’m gon na be picking up a new pair.


Very, very soon, just because the retail price is gon na, be one of the cheapest shoes out there literally only 75. Sometimes you can find it on sale for 65 or 55 yeah. This is definitely gon na, be one of the most affordable shoes on the list. So, if you’re on a budget – and you want a nice pair of shoes – Reebok Classic – should definitely be the one that you look at. It is a bulkier sneaker and, like I mentioned earlier, I prefer Slimmer Sneakers, but you should definitely have some bulky sneakers in your collection.

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So that way you can switch up your aesthetic and a good place to start off is going to be these Reebok Classics. Anyways. I’M going to be picking up a new pair very very soon, and who knows maybe, when I’m picking up a new pair, I might make a video on it like I said I owned them previously and I’ll continue to have them in my collection. Alright, the next one’s gon na be another one from Reebok, but let’s talk about a shoot from Reebok that nobody talks about, and that’s going to be, these workout Ripple pluses. The first thing that everybody says: is they don’t like these spikes?


When you have them on foot, you don’t even notice them. So just imagine them without the spikes it has suede material. The colors are a bit more of like an off-white beige sand. Color. I got ta say these have been one of my favorite shoes recently, because their shoe that not everybody else is wearing out of the list.


This definitely has to be the most underrated shoe like I said for that: affordable sneaker price range, everybody’s gon na be wearing the same shoes. So if you want something different make sure to take out a shoe like this, and I really cannot emphasize that you can’t see the spikes when you have them on foot, and I got ta say those in particular are one of my most comfortable shoes, retail price. I think I paid about 75 dollars, but again Reebok’s always having sales, so you can probably find it for a way better price, honestly Reebok’s, probably one of the most underrated sneaker Brands out there, because they’re some of the most affordable and best sneakers out there. I mentioned two already and the next one is gon na be another one. It’S going to be the Reebok Club Seas again.


This is another shoe that I used to own back then haven’t picked it up in a long time, but I definitely need to pick some up very very soon again because this silhouette it’s more of a slim silhouette, but it’s also very versatile, so literally go with Everything you don’t have to worry about, styling it, because it’s very easy to style and that price range again Reebok makes very affordable shoes. I think it’s around 65 70, so not a bad option at all. If you want something very affordable all right, so the next one doesn’t have any brand in particular, but that is meant to be a pair of leather sneakers, specifically more ones that you could dress up. So I used to call them leather canvas sneakers, but then everybody in my comments started to correct me saying that canvas is the type of material so saying leather canvas doesn’t really make sense, but now that I understand that I’m just gon na be calling them leather Sneakers these you could pick up pretty much anywhere because there’s really nothing special about them. I’Ve seen them at h, m Asos.

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If you want really expensive ones, you can get something like common projects, but me personally, they’re just so generic I feel like I wouldn’t spend that much money on them. So if you want a nice alternative that doesn’t cost that much money, the ones that I got are going to be from all those. These literally only cost me 55, and these are a shoe that will go with everything, but I personally don’t really wear them. That much in a casual setting, I prefer them more in a dressed up, setting indication where I’m dressing up, but I don’t want to dress up too much, so I don’t want to wear something like boots. I still want to keep that sneaker look, but still keep it very minimal, I’ll, be wearing it with something like this.


So lately I have been enjoying dressing more like that. So, for only 55, it was a great pickup and you should definitely try it out for yourself, another very common one that you’re gon na see in anybody’s, affordable sneaker list is going to be a pair of Nike Dunks, but it definitely all depends on the colorways. These I got hooked up ones, I want to say I paid around 150, but last time I checked these go for like 250 I personally wouldn’t spend that much on a pair of Nike Dunks right now. Everybody knows that Nike Dunks are just not worth it. The material isn’t really the best, especially what you’re paying for and keep in mind that’s resale price.


So the retail price is a lot less, so if you can get your hands on them for retail price, I definitely recommend that or another thing that I’ve been seeing a lot of people do is going to be Nike Dunks by you, which is pretty much you Go on the Nike website, design your own Nike Dunks and you could either make your own or you can make some very similar to have the actual Nike Dunks look, but for pretty much half the price.


I really can’t tell you the actual price of those, but if you want to see me, make a video on that I’d definitely be down to at this point. I’D look for any excuse to buy some new shoes but, for example, something like the Nike pandas those you can pick up for around 130 dollars.


Those literally go with everything they’re a very popular shoe, but, like I’ve mentioned so many times throughout this video, those affordable, sneakers all come out relatively the same because everybody’s looking for the cheapest shoe, but hopefully this list helped. You find some new shoes that really not that many other people are wearing, but still keeping that affordable price tag, but if it did help you out make sure to leave a like.


I really appreciate it. If you haven’t subscribed already in this channel, I simplify men’s fashion, so I’m Gon na Leave a body before you do that right here. If you want to see more videos right away, if you are, if you I think, could really help you out anyways other than that, I hope you have a great rest today and I’ll see you in the next video later

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