Need something worse than a trash. Can i love zenna right? Oh god, don’t you just hate it when youtubers start making videos just for the sake of jumping on trends and getting quick, easy views? I mean look at this guy with this stupid, t-list video, i rate them. I love them holy sh.


Welcome to the ben’s watch club, affordable watch, bronte list video, yes, today, i’ll be rattling through the biggest low-cost watch brands and sorting them into categories based on how good i think they are s being the best and then all the way down to d being the Very worst trash to be clear: this is my opinion on some of the watch brands.


I’Ve tried over the last few years put your thoughts down in the comments, we’re also not covering the smallest of micro brands, because this video could go on forever. Think of this video as your benz watch club christmas, special we’re gon na zip, through in alphabetical order to keep things interesting and organized yeah. First up here, we’ve got a couple of offerings from aliexpress. Now aliexpress is an interesting place.


The main one i’ve got here for aliexpress, i’m just clumping up all of the chinese kind of no-name brands together. You can then go on yourself and buy from aliexpress some of these, as we’ve discussed before, like some pagani design models. That say they can offer quite good value, whilst others are just shameless rip-offs with poor build quality. It’S a little bit hit and miss with aliexpress, but there is some value to be had for sure. So all these aliexpress brands, i’m gon na, give them an overall b tier.


I think that’s rather fair. Obviously, when you order on aliexpress it takes a while for the watch to arrive, and sometimes the specs aren’t accurate. Next up, we’ve got aliexpress drop shipping. Now this is my summary of many of these brands. Some big brands who’ve, clearly just drop shipped their products from sites like alibaba, aliexpress and their low quality, and then have a massive markup applied onto them.


So for this we definitely go in dtr as a consumer yourself, there’s basically no point in buying a drop ship to watch when you can just go directly to aliexpress and basically get the same thing for much less. Next, we’ve got aviator and this one just about made the cut: it’s not the biggest brand by any means, but i’ve started to see these sold in other watch stores, so i’m kind of categorizing them. It’S big enough for the list. The striking designs aren’t going to be to everyone’s taste, but i think they’re executed rather well and based on the last one i received from them. I think i’m gon na put this one in the atar.


They offer great specs for the money. In most cases, i just wish they had some smaller models that i could realistically wear. Next up, we have casio now casio my favorite watch brand. I’M not gon na lie. I’Ve even got one on my wrist right now and i think when it comes to pure value for money, they’re not really beatable.


If you want to spend barely anything and get a fair chunk of watch for your money, there’s only really one option and as a result of that, they’ve got to make esteer sure if this was based on their marketing as well. They’D, be nowhere near that. But fortunately, i’ve had so many good experiences with their watches, so many of them have such good alignment as well in their analog models that they can’t go anywhere else, at least for me.


Next up, we’ve got citizen and i think i’ve only ever showcased one of these on the channel they’re one of these brands that i’ve always wanted to like, but i’ve never been able to because, as far as i can tell from all the research i’ve done almost All of their models are like 41, 42 millimeters and over. I found a couple of options that are slightly smaller, but there really isn’t much choice if you’ve got a slimmer wrist in terms of pure quality, they seem to be up there with some of the others.


At the price point, so they’re definitely going to go fairly high on this list, though, with the limited experiences i’ve had with them, i’ve had numerous issues with regards to alignment, both in terms of the movement and also the indices. That indicates to me a little bit of sloppy quality control. Perhaps, although i think in terms of pure durability, the watches seem quite good. So, as a result, this is my list, i’m probably gon na just chuck them in at b tier they’re, fairly, decent, but nothing great. If they bought out some smaller watches, perhaps they make it up to eightier, but either way they’re definitely going to beat out the next contender on our list, this one being daniel wellington.

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Yeah we’ve covered these a few times, not only on this channel, but on my old channel. If you want to pay like 100 quid for a watch, that’s cost like three four quid to make daniel wellington is the way to go for sure. When i first was getting into watches, i quite liked the look of these and at the time there really wasn’t that many other, like minimalist, watches from some of the mainstream brands. But that’s no longer the case. There’S plenty slim options: i’ve showcased before on this channel.


I also did a video where i bought one for a fraction of the price on aliexpress and it turned up and it was exactly the same watch as a result. There’S really nowhere else. I can chuck them other than dtr unoriginal boring low quality yeah. I can’t really recommend that one then we’ve got the brand featured in perhaps the craziest video on this channel so far, philippo loretti the links at which this company have gone to try and seemingly intentionally deceive customers is disgusting lying about the origin of the watches, completely Over-Egging the quality of them too, not to mention these super annoying video ads that you’ve, probably all seen, especially after watching that video, without a doubt straight into dtr. If there was an e tier here, they’d be going in there as well.


Another brand that didn’t get a positive review on this channel was fossil. I had reasonable expectations when i got one of these into the studio. A few of you had said how good these were, at least upon my impressions. With the first watch i tried from them. I can’t recommend them.


The quality control, in particular, was just terrible. Alignment was a huge issue not just on the hands. The whole rest of the dial, even parts of the case, yeah that watch it looked super cheap and felt terrible, including the strap, was it on the same level as danny wellington. Probably not it’s probably a bit better, and at least they haven’t been bombarding me with ads, like philly poloretti, so this one probably belongs in the ctr at least with fossil. They do have a lot of original designs and perhaps some of their other models are better.


But i can only judge them on my experience. Next, we’ve got g-shock, so i’ve put this as a separate brand to cassio because it seems to be marketed almost as a separate entity, and my thoughts towards them are a little different. I think these are undoubtedly the most durable watches you can buy, especially in terms of banging per buck. If you want a watch that you can throw off a cliff and it’ll survive, then this is probably the way to go. My only thing with them is they’re.


So chunky i’d rather wear one of the smaller casios instead, like that w59, that i reviewed a while back. That seems chunky enough for me. It’S durable for most people, but i can see how g-shocks definitely have a market. I mean none of them would fit my wrist, but even so, i think they still have a very clear selling point and, as such, they’re gon na make it into a on my tier list, pretty darn good. Now we’ve got a controversial one invicta most of you watching are either going to love or hate this brand.


I am definitely somewhere in the middle with them. They’Ve undoubtedly got the resources and potential to make a great watch. I mean that pro diver, i reviewed, is undoubtedly one of the best valley watches under 100 pounds. But it came with caveats such as the weird inscription down the side, and then you’ve also got the fact that it’s just an outright clone of the rolex submariner, which is seemingly a theme through the most popular invicta watches. Loads of them are just copies of rolexes.


Nevertheless, they are done to a relatively high standard and there is at least lots of watches out there, some of which are a bit questionable. But i’ve got one coming up in the next couple of weeks on the channel that i thought was quite interesting and they’re definitely miles better in terms of quality than the likes of fossil, at least so. For me, this is making it probably to beat here. It could be going down into c because i’m not a fan of most of their designs, but it probably just about squeezes in to be for me loris now, loris are a seiko subsidiary brand. I featured them a couple of times before on this channel, including a titanium field watch that went down super well for about 30 40 quid that was an absolute corker of a watch super comfortable and if an alternative brand was selling that they probably ramped the price Up to like 90 odd quart as such, i think these are really good value for money.


I don’t think they’re quite on casio level. Many of their designs are a bit too vanilla, i think for most people, but overall you can get some solid, stainless steel, quartz watches for a very fair price. So, as a result, i’m lobbing them into a tier as well. Next up movement watches, um, okay, so i’ve got a history with these guys. I ripped them a new one, a few years back for just super aggressive marketing, absolute garbage quality watches, especially back then really bad stuff.

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I mean they don’t need exposing when you’ve got the products in front of you. They expose themselves. Nevertheless, in the most recent video i did featuring that brand like a few months ago, uh, i did note how they seem to be on somewhat of an upward trajectory. Now we looked at that arc automatic, definitely a step up in terms of visuals and feel from all the other watches. It was just about 270 pounds so yeah.


It’S certainly far from my favorite brand, very tempted to put them in they’re going in dt. If they’re going in dtf, if it wasn’t for the stupid outlandish claims and this affordable luxury nonsense that they all go on about, they certainly wouldn’t be. In there now nixon is kind of like the good boy version of uh movement. They clearly make fashion watches, but they price them, like fashion watches, they’re, probably better quality than movement too. The one i looked at much better water resistance and they don’t bombard you with adverts.


So as a result, they’ve definitely got to go higher. I’M thinking ct possibly beat here i’ll, probably drop it in bt for now we’ll come back to it at the end, see if we have to do a bit of shuffling next up, we’ve got orient now orient. They definitely have some of the most legendary watches at this price point plenty of mechanical options. They’Ve actually got an extensive quartz range, which a lot of people on youtube haven’t explored. Yet some people out there don’t like the aesthetic look of the orient logo itself, but i have to say i’m a bit of a fan weirdly.


You got great watches like the kamasu, which came out recently, one of the best value divers around for sure i feature the bambino and the tristar in this channel as well they’re almost unbeatable, especially entry-level mechanical. So i think they’ve got to be up there with cassio they’re, definitely one of the best cheaper brands, and they do have some more premium lines too, which maybe one day i’ll uh investigate. Next up, we’ve got rotary, who were particularly popular in the uk, used to be a swiss brand, a while back then kind of moved to the uk. Then no one really knows where they’re kind of based now or where they’re producing the watches from probably china, but they definitely still play into this swiss thing a bit more than i’d like in terms of quality. They seem okay, certainly nothing special and when you look at retail stores, it kind of seems that most of their popular models are just rolex look-alikes.


There doesn’t seem to be a clear design language and, as such, they’re going in btr, they’re kind of not trash. Just very meh just very average to me: well, the products don’t seem to be a complete waste of the money. We got a big boy, seiko, sorry, the logos chopped off there, there’s no doubt about it. Seiko we’ve got some absolutely killer, watches. I featured three of the the best looking watches uh in a recent video for sure, all of which were seiko’s the brands.


Definitely behind the times. In other aspects, though, such as some of the marketing strategies and they’re not very clear when they discontinue products, they haven’t got that many styles for some of the younger audience either. For me, i’m kind of torn i’m thinking a maybe ester. They have got some great individual watches, but then again they’ve got tons that they’ve discontinued um, so i’ll probably drop them into a for now. Maybe they could make it up to stir one that won’t be making it to ester is skagen.


This is a fossil sub brand, my opinions of this one, i think it was better than fossil the design i looked at at least was like this minimalist style one. As with a couple of the other watches on this list. They had a few qc issues, not as many as the regular fossil brand. I’M not sure if these are made in exactly the same place by the same people, but my views on them were slightly improved, probably not enough to bump up to a b, though i’m going to keep this one in c, once more, going with this whole denmark Thing even though the watch is made in china, i don’t like that. It’S deceptive we go from a slightly smaller brand to uh a bigger one.


Swatch i’ve already made my overall views clear on swatch in a video i did a while ago these types of watches they just kind of don’t appeal to me. I can maybe see how other people would like them. They have got lots of original designs. In fact, tons of original designs, but to me they definitely they look and feel more like a toy which isn’t something i like. Maybe it’s something that you’d like, but not personally are these bad is the ones below it on the list, probably not, and have they got some good watches.

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Yes, they do there’s one coming up on the channel in a few weeks, which i actually really liked much better than the two i previously reviewed so make sure you stay tuned for that one and as a result of that watch, i’m bumping these up a bit. I was tempted to just love them and see, but i think i’m going to chuck them in a solid b they’re like high up b as well, i’m going to chuck them somewhere there, yeah they’re, not bad. I wouldn’t just personally buy the plastic ones. Next up. We’Ve got timex super popular brand got plenty of watches.


I’Ve reviewed few of them on this channel. My overall feeling, with timex watches, is the quality for the money, isn’t as good as the likes of casio for sure or seiko for that matter, but they do have some really nice. Looking designs, they’re, bringing out new ones, all the time, they’re putting some marketing effort behind them and they are getting people into watches that might not otherwise have been. I’M still yet to find a timex that i am really in love with and as such, i don’t think they can make stm, probably not eightier either.



I think again, they’re, probably above swatch, for me, they’re, like the top of b tier, in my opinion, they’re asking a bit too much for some of their quartz watches, as i mentioned before, and i’ve also experienced multiple alignment issues but like with citizen one thing i Will credit them for is releasing multiple sizes of certain watches, though, gives me some options.


Okay, now we’ve got tommy hilfiger. I see these all over the place, all over amazon and other retail stores as well. Honestly, just trash tommy, hilfiger watches are like ones that you pick up at the garden center in terms of quality, maybe that’ll change in the next few years, because i’ve heard the likes of calvin klein have improved but yeah come on tommy. You need to up your game mate, stop selling this chinese garbage! Oh we’re on the topic of chinese garbage vincero.


Now you know what these actually in terms of pure, what you get for the money, they’re, certainly better than, in my opinion, they’re better than a fossil they’re better than the likes of daniel wellington and movement as well. However, they’re not going to make beetier like they otherwise probably would have, and that’s because of their just ridiculously aggressive marketing.


That’S just pissed me off they’re ramming these down your throat, advertising them as luxury and premium, and all this going with this italian signing name, even though they’re not italian, and they retarget me again and again and again, and i just want them to just yeah. So i’m dropping them down, i’m tempted to drop them all the way into d they’re they’re at the bottom of c. We’Re gon na go with that at the bottom of the seat, just clinging onto the edge of the cliff.


But if i see one more ad this week, i’m gon na bloody drop him and finally, we’ve got a brand. That’S almost like the antithesis of vincero proudly russian vostok watches spelt with a b um, which is how it’s written. I quite like vostok watches crazy. A little bit wacky, you get a fair amount of watch for your money, which isn’t much money either. Do i like their designs as much as the likes of cassio and orient?


No? Is the quality control questionable yeah, but can you get some bargains for? Basically, every wrist size, absolutely as such. These are just going to make it, i think, into the bottom of atea, so yeah, here’s a final look at my list. We’Re going to do a little bit of shuffling i’m going to bump up citizen above aliexpress.


I think because citizen watches seem to be built quite well – i’m probably gon na just chuck swatch there as well, although there is some great aliexpress watches, no doubt and i’ll probably bump rotary up above nixon, it’s sort of on par with invicta. For me, we’re also going to push sega up to the top of eightier and then g-shock up one as well other than that. I think we’re looking pretty darn good. So this is a final look at my tier list. I’D love you to do the same.


I’Ll leave a link to this in the description, so you can make your own and let me know in the comments, if there’s any brands, you think should have made this list. Remember we’re looking at brands here, who’ve got significant offerings for under 200 pounds. If you enjoyed the video, consider subscribing i’ll see in the next one, merry chin miss

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