Local SEO Strategy 2022

Local seo strategy for 2022, this video will be all about a local seo strategy for 2022. That is the exact topic of today’s video local seo strategy for 2022. It looks like we’re live, so that’s that’s a good thing right, so uh. This video will be focused on a local seo strategy or yeah a local seo strategy. Now, more importantly, uh.

What we will be talking about today is a strategy um and how it is utilized with specific services. Okay, so in any case hey there, my name is chris palmer in today’s local seo strategy for 2022 video. What i’d like to go ahead and lay out for you from beginning until end is every step every step that you’re going to need to implement on on a high level. Of course, i’m not going to get into intricate details, but i’ll walk you through step by step, a local seo strategy and how it can be utilized with services. So with that being said, i don’t want to waste too much time here.

I want to start laying out a strategy and when we’re talking about local seo strategy or any seo strategy, you know everything starts with foundation. Okay, so i think it is massively massively important to get the foundational elements of your website dialed in without any shadow of a doubt, so going from a two or three dollar hosting plan to say you know your eight or nine dollar a month type plans or Maybe even cloud services will massively impact the overall success of your campaign, plus on top of it when you pay more you’re, getting better customer support. So with that being said, you know there’s a magnitude of services here, i’m not here to promote a service, but what i will say is starting with your hosting okay, go for cloud or vps. There’S also services out there uh like a duda, which is which is hosted on top of amazon services, but i mean there’s a plethora: microsoft offers them uh, there’s tons of them; okay, there’s absolutely positively tons of them. You know, on top of that, if we’re looking at shared hosting okay um, you know the deal is, is no matter what it’s on hardware somewhere right, so that would mean that there’s a dedicated server somewhere that has been partitioned out multiple times now, the cheaper, the Service they have to make up for that money somewhere.

You see what i’m saying so pay the fee start with a wildly strong. You know two gigs, maybe three gigs or maybe cloud services. You know start with the foundation and dialed in. I cannot emphasize this enough. It will save you so much headache and trouble start with hosting uh being fast and uh high quality.

Okay, you know, i i recommend cloud or vps or a service like due to perhaps you know, i don’t have any affiliate links or anything like that, even though i use dude and i love dude and they’re great um, but it it’s up to you. You know some of squarespace’s stuff runs fast, but hey! That’S it’s completely up to you choose what’s best, but go fast. Try not to go shared, go vps or cloud go with a service that can provide a ultra fast foundation for you, so cloud or vps, or a service like duda. That is fast and higher quality try to skip lower cost solutions that might not have the same resources, meaning when i’m talking about resources, i’m talking about virtual cores.

So that’s how servers are broken down or virtual uh, like virtual ram or virtual cores? Okay. So when you’re going for cloud, you can scale infinitely the amount of resources that can be utilized for your website. All right, it’s great! It’S a great thing: okay, um!

On top of that, too, let’s say you’re hosting the type of stuff. I’M trying to give you all the success possible. I don’t know if this would be um, let’s keep going here. So next, in my opinion, is it’s like? Okay, once we have established a high quality um host and we’ve secured a high quality host, if you haven’t already be mindful of the name that you utilize, you know for short-term gains, it might be really good to own.

You know uh best car shops in miami florida dot com, but you never know what tomorrow will bring um. So i i i would wildly say: choose something: that’s more brandable right! I i so yeah go with something more brandable uh, because, yes, you won’t get that you know upfront benefit of having an exact match domain in one location, but over time you will have much more benefits than fallbacks for short-term success. Go with your exact matches or partials, and all that kind of stuff for longer term. What i have found in my opinion is go for a more branded play.

Okay, so – and you can still get uh keywords in there too, by the way so uh step number one nailing in your hosting step, number two or step number one is acquire a high quality domain that is more brandable than exact match or uh tied to a Specific location, the next thing after we do this uh. What i would do is uh keyword, research, but not in the way of so keyword, research, meaning once you’ve made your initial list of services that you offer. Okay, so you know the services that you offer right. So what i would do is keyword research, starting with a list of services, okay, so list out your services and list out your locations that you want to win now. I completely understand that you might want to go for hey.

I want to dominate all of i don’t know texas, that’s that’s quite a goal. Uh and i’m sure that’s what you want. However, you know i would start with the immediate cities or smaller areas. First um and really map that out and and if you have the budget to propel a campaign, that’s going to be optimistic, as you want to take over a whole state. Make sure that you have the budget to back that up, because as we’re going to as i’m going to lay out here is the overall objective here when laying out keyword.

Research, starting with your primary services and primary locations, is really starting to do. What what i like to call either website or keyword mapping? Okay, now what i mean by keyword, mapping or website mapping or whatever it is, is the first pages that i’m going to lay in there other than foundational pages. Okay are going to be location-based service pages and what that looks like when we’re talking about uh location based service pages. Okay, to give you an example all right – and i guess i can make a list and fill this out later, but location based service pages here – give me this uh.

Why is this making numbers? I don’t want numbers, i just don’t. I just don’t want them. Location-Based service pages uh, for example, okay, for example, it let’s, let’s keep with texas, let’s say that you’re a plumber and you offer plumber services you want to first and foremost once you have outlined to yourself a list of locations and a list of services. The next thing that you’re going to want to do is start laying in your location-based service pages.

So what i mean by that is this: so you’ll have your https website.com, okay forward, slash um! You know um plumber, houston, okay, so let’s say that these are going to be some of your service pages. So this is a location based service page, for example, it’s going to be the website. Uh dot com forward, slash plumber dash houston, so we have website and keyword mapping um, making a list of all all of the items.

The next thing actually before that i’m trying to make a a list, so i can give people a list. Some things to follow. Start with a high quality site, we’re going to do some keyword, research, starting out with a list of services and a list of your locations um. Let’S just call this research, okay, because you already know what the primaries are going to be. Research is starting with a list of services and a list out all of your locations uh.

The next thing is uh layout main navigation, okay um. So i would draw out uh main navigational elements, meaning visualize your home page placement services, placement about us right. Your contact page right visualize, these particular types of elements inside of the header, okay. So what i would mean by this is when you’re having your website, you know the main navigation like. What are your plans going to be?

Okay, so like? What’S it going to say, are you going to have home page? Are you going to have? Are you going to? Are you only doing?

Are you only doing say, texas, okay, great, do texas. So then, i would probably list out services. If you plan on doing other states, then i might list out states, okay, because i wanted to be very, very easy for not only the crawler but people to find the pages that i want to rank. Okay, now not only do i want to do header, navigational mapping and figure out, okay, what’s the layout going to be right, but i also want to do well. How can i point to the most specific pages?

I want to also map out and get a clear understanding as soon as you go to launch okay, what’s my footer going to look like these are very this. This is where i see you know when, when clients come um, you know this is where i see a lot of the trouble. Okay, so get a clear understanding, so i i’m gon na. Do it i’m gon na make a whole list here so layout, main navigation. So draw out main navigation now they have a thing.

Okay, now something that’s really good could be a gantt chart. Okay, if you don’t like a gantt chart, use sheets, that’s what we use all right and if you’re curious or or if you’re, having trouble visualizing right now, as i’m explaining here check this out so come over here, i won’t give you any client stuff, but i’ll Share this with you so like literally visualize, it lay it out like right out home right uh, i don’t know texas, okay, say you want to do. I don’t know ohio, maybe you want to do. I don’t know florida right. Okay, lay it out about us.

Okay and start visualizing, it then lay out your footer page, make your whole page in a visual element, so you can lay it out and it’s it’s clear to implement and easy to implement. So you can hand it off to somebody that’s willing to go. Throw pages for 20 bucks a piece right instead of paying people, 100 200 305 grand upset up a site like. Are you kidding me? No stop?

This is madness, but in any case do whatever you want. I don’t care um, but that would be the first thing right. So a header navigation or main navigation right, it seems so small, but it’s so big internal linking is massive, because what i’m going to set you up for a success here, so header navigation set that up from the door get a gantt chart, lay it out in Sheets lay it out and visualize it. You want to do it and click up any fancy stuff. You want to do, go do it, but what what i would do is use sheets.

Okay, then the next thing is going to be. Go. Lay out lay out your footer okay, then. The next thing, too, is as you’re starting to do um your website and keyword, mapping, okay, so website and keyword mapping. What we’re going to start doing is we’re going to lay out um, create a list of all services.

Uh that you offer okay, okay and then uh create a list of all locations. You want to offer your services in okay. So after we we’ve laid out our initial pages like about us’s our portfolios, our reviews and all that stuff make yourself a list of all the services that you want to offer. Then, after that, make a list of all the locations you want to offer. The next thing i want you to do is start look look up populations in those areas.

Okay, do a search say you want to go out and do because this this will get you off of the little stuff. That’S not going to bring dollars for you and your family right, because i see this all the time you got a winner. You got somebody in houston right, let’s take this, for instance, i see this a lot i want to set you up for success. Say you want to go in houston? What i’ll see then, is okay, let’s go out and create nine trillion pages and let’s target now, if you’re trying to rank in gmb two, specifically in smaller areas or you’re, trying to green up maps and you’re doing something tricky.

That’S more advanced stuff that isn’t stuff. You should be focusing on as you’re trying to build authority and topical relevance for your website, layout main foundational products and services in the primary locations that are going to drive the most traffic. So what i would do is you can lay out pages, but if there’s not enough people or enough searches in those specific areas, just because it’s a zero search doesn’t mean that it’s not worth targeting. But if there’s only a thousand people and the average for a specific location is 10, i do not want you to lay out pages for those locations. It doesn’t make sense.

So this is what i mean. We have a centralized location of houston. You know somebody might go in there and create a page for southeast houston, no by targeting a bigger, broader keyword, houston if i have a enough authority if i have enough age, if i can build up enough, if you give it enough time, you’ll win the southeast By having a properly optimized page okay, so this is what i want you to do: make your list of your locations and all your services. Next, when you get done with your locations, go out and check and start looking up south east, let’s say central, let’s say: chinatown, houston, okay, so china, town, houston, okay, so chinatown, houston, uh population like go! Take a look!

Is it worth me doing a page for this? The next thing i want you to do is, depending on the type of service you’re offering okay, if you’re offering commercial based services, okay or whether you’re doing residential services check it out, you shouldn’t be creating pages. If you’re offering residential services and it’s all commercial locations, you see what i’m saying so what what? What i’m trying to gear you towards is, once you uh cradle all locations that you want to offer your services in look up the populations in those areas. Next, if you offer uh residential services or commercial services, once the population, uh criteria is met right like once, you actually do the homework and figure out hey.

Is there actually people here? Well, what kind of service am i offering? Well, i’m offering residential services well chinatown and houston is primarily all businesses 73 plus the search volume is really low for houses, because there’s only 14 houses there right. I’M not saying that there is i’m just giving this as a reference, but what i’m getting at is be mindful about what you’re doing, don’t just throw it up, do not allocate budget time money or mental resource on anything that is not going to produce dollars. For you, your business or your family period in the statement, okay, so there it is so next offer residential services or commercial services.

Once the population criteria is met, okay make yourself a finalized list. Okay of locations. Trust me. It will be a lot smaller than when you started all right. Also, next do the same for your primary services.

Okay, have a look at volumes. Okay also have a look at the serp, and what i mean by this is let’s say, you’re doing uh leaky faucets, but you also do leaky bathroom faucets, look up both of those terms and and then put a geo modifier on it. So uh leaky, bathroom, faucets, houston leaky, sink faucets houston. If google throws the same result, only create one page create one page simply by having those secondary terms on the page just one time, if you can have enough authority and you’re targeted right towards the more broad keyword generally you’ll bring in those smaller keywords. Okay, especially as you bring in authority, so give it time don’t be in a rush.

You know take your time, so do the same for primary services have a look at volumes. Also have a look at the serp. If you are targeting okay, for instance, uh leaky, faucets, houston or leaky bathroom, faucets houston, look at the serp. If google is showing same results right same top five top ten rankers, they might switch orders. Okay, don’t let that throw you off if you see the same players right, yelp, yelp, whatever, whatever it is right but you’re, seeing the same guys same pages or gals or businesses if you’re, seeing the same businesses just create one page, go after the broader uh spectrum Of the term, like whatever, whichever one is a little bit more, better or more profitable for you and your business go after that one and then just mention those specific services secondary okay, uh, look at the serp is google showing the same results if they are create.

One page for the higher volume keyword, okay, um, doesn’t necessarily have to be the higher volume keyword or more profitable service. We’Ll worry about spelling later, okay, let’s, let’s talk about strategy right now for my uh grammar police out there, anyway, location-based service pages, for example – is this all right so so far, what i’ve done is we’ve gone through i’m going to recap here: real quick we’ve gone Ahead and started with hosting getting quality and dependent hosting next is research starting out with a list of services and a list of locations. You want to go into so create your lists. Okay, put it on an excel file or google sheets make your list everything you do most profitable first and then work your way down, lay out the main header navigation, so literally draw it out, visualize it it could be a gantt chart, it could be sheets. However, you want to do it and then also do the same exact thing for your footer lay out your footer, the same way: okay website or keyword, mapping i’ll create a list of the services that you offer all right create a list of the locations you want To offer your services in look up populations in those areas.

Next, if you offer residential services or commercial in those areas, look for the average only target locations that could lead to the best chance of service, rendering okay, like actually being able to get a sale or or get in front of somebody. Now, if you got a crazy budget right and you’re just like hey, i just want to create a trillion pages. I’M going to go. Bananas go for it, it’s up to you, but if you’re looking for a little bit quicker success for less i would. I would follow this uh next.

If you offer residential services or commercial services uh, once the price uh population criteria is met, make yourself a finalized list of locations. Uh based on population and types of commercial or residential uh population is in the area. Okay. So if you offer commercial services and the area is all residential, then that location is bad for your business. Okay, this could be common sense, but i i i see this pretty consistently.

Okay, so i’m making this video anyway. So next do the same. Exact thing for primary services have a look at volumes. Also have a look at the serp if you’re targeting uh, for instance, leaky faucets in houston, and then you also look up leak, leaky bass, bathroom faucet, faucets, houston, okay, and it’s showing the exact same results then just create one page and target the page. That has more volume or is more profitable for you as a business.

Okay, uh, location-based, service pages. Okay, now, once you’ve done your homework on the areas – okay, meaning hey, am i targeting residential areas? Am i targeting commercial areas? Is there a population here? Is there a search volume here right, you’ve done the homework okay, this is what we’re going to go with.

This is where the volume is. This is where the people is. This is this is what we’re going with. Okay. The next thing is start literally laying out your winner pages for your primary pages, like your flagship location pages, and what i would do is lay out location based service pages.

So it’s like website dot com forward, slash, plumber, houston now say you want to do other locations. That’S perfectly fine! You could do plumber austin, you could do plumber whatever you want, okay, but make those pages send them out. Next, after creating a pay uh list of all your location based service pages, [ Music ] make your list and send out to have your pages built with seo in mind. Okay, you there’s there’s all kinds of levels of uh services, but before you do that, okay, you’ve laid out your pages.

Your locations, you’ve laid out your services. You’Ve done your homework. The next thing is um: take your location, service keywords and do searches for every single one of your location, service keywords. What you are now going to do is look at the top one to five winners showing in the search, okay search results; okay, see how many words the top performers are using. Okay, you can use seo quake for this all right, so seo quake.

It’S a chrome extension as you can see. I use it all the time it’s right here. You can go click on density and then you can see total words on the page. It takes into account everything on the page. Okay, i think anything.

That’S in the source code actually whatever’s in the render dom that’s what google is taking into account source code is the next best thing. I highly recommend taking a look at this to get a general idea or a baseline of how much content you should be creating. Now, i’m not saying by any stretch of the imagination that you have to meet word counts. However, all right do you want to have to know that? Okay, all the top performers are using say.

1. 600 words. Do you want to guess that in the 700 words that you created, you answered the query specifically or do you want to write towards the serp and and do what google is rewarding and have a higher probability of ranking like do you want to guess and only Write less and hope that you’ve answered the query properly or do you just want to take a look and see what’s see? What’S winning and answer the questions properly? Just like all the top guys have done it’s it’s up to you to decide.

You don’t have to write all the word counts, but i recommend taking a look at that. Okay, next, once you’ve laid out all the words okay, you got your uh word counts all right, while you’re there, okay, so uh, while you’re looking at competitors. Okay, so you know usually two: i just want to rewind up the list. So after you make your uh location based service keywords, usually people would load these into like trackers. You know i don’t want.

I don’t want to recommend against it, but at first i recommend that you don’t track it because you will drive yourself completely insane. You will literally check your rankings. Listen you’ll, be walking through right. Here you go to the mall or whatever you’re doing right, go out for a burger and you’re sitting there waiting and the first thing that you pop in is: oh, i wonder how my rankings are doing right, you’re sitting in the bathroom, you pull out your phone You’Re gon na read an article, but instead you’re like i wonder how my rankings are doing right, it’ll drive. You crazy trust.

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Me trust me on this. You’Ll drive yourself completely insane, plus it might take you uh, quite a while to load them all in. But if you are going to load them in check out cert fox check out whoever you want do whatever you want syrup fox offers a pretty low cost surplus, really cool. They have a lot of other features. Um.

I like cert fox, that’s what we use. Oh serp robot is pretty cool too surfbot. I think it’s called it’s pretty cheap, but do whatever you want man or miss all right. Give me a second, oh my gosh, craig uh. I i do a um, a live chat with craig campbell.

If you haven’t seen craig campbell’s channel check it out, craig campbell seo check it out, you probably already did, but if you haven’t check that out, but anyway he was busting my chops about my desk uh last week or the week before and dude right now. He is so right. This thing is this thing is rough dude. I got one two three, four five bottles of water on here. Some remember: half drink drink.

We got these. We got these. We got stuff freaking everywhere. Ah i got ta clean. This off.

Dude it’ll drive me crazy, now cause i’m. I just thought of it. Give me a sec. Give me a sec. Give me a sec all right, throw those on the floor.

They’Re doing a giveaway. Oh, i can’t show that they’ll demonetize my video anyway, the company that i this i can’t show it right, but what i can do is the company’s doing this like giveaway, so i’ve been collecting the can, so i got tons of them all over the place. Not all over the place right here in one spot, i’m not a slob but kind of you know like i’m, not the tidiest guy in the world. There’S i did vacuum uh. I do vacuum twice a week in here, though so, oh and i do wipe my down my desk, usually in the morning, but by the end of the night.

It’S all a mess, whatever water i drink throughout the day, um anyway, moving into the next topic here. So, while you’re looking at your competitors, yes you’re going to make your list if you want to load them into say a tracker while you’re looking at your competitors, um, take your service keywords. Every single one of your location, take your location, service keywords and do searches for every single one of your location, service keywords then take all keywords and set them up in tracker. Okay, this is totally optional, okay, um, so you could set that up in a tracker. Totally optional, these blue lines are making me crazy, houston, houston, okay, okay, all right, i know my spelling.

I know google there’s red lines and blue lines and they put like little squigglies all over. It’S like they’re, like hey, hey, hey, [, Laughter, ], all right, so load them into a tracker. Uh. Take your location, okay, uh! What we’re going to do is look up.

Uh, the one to five winners and look for word, counts, yep. So, while you’re looking up your competitors, um all right, so we’re going to move this down so why you already have all those up and you’ve created all of your lists. Okay, um! You already have the pages up and you’re doing it, one by one, all right. Um, before sending off content to be written, okay, while you’re doing all searches um while you’re doing all searches.

Also note competitors websites also note down competitors websites. Okay, so not only are you looking for, word counts for content links right, um, you’re, also copying down your competitors, and what we’re going to be looking for here is while you’re looking at your competitors. Uh use a tool like semrush, okay to have a look at root domain. Overall, referring domains, okay and get a count of sites did a count of referring domains that are dr or tf, 30, plus okay, whether they’re do follow regardless, if no follow or do follow. Okay, so regardless, if they’re no follower do follow, make your list also note just note it: okay, don’t go crazy with this, like don’t go.

Just also note just note: do not go crazy over analyzing, okay, but take note of the primary anchors being used in each serp by the top five competitors. Okay, like what are the primary anchor texts are, is it branded? Is it generic? Is it naked? But take note of this like what is the and and what you’re looking at by the top five competitors.

Okay, so take note of this: what are the primary anchors being used in each serp of the top five competitors? Take special note: pay close attention to this part. Okay, you want to see what the other ones are, but what you’re really looking at is how many exact matches on average do the top five competitors have okay, so take a look at the top five competitors. Get a general idea of what the primaries are but pay close attention to the exact matches and look at the strength of those links. Okay, are they using 10?

Are they using 20 exact matches and what range of power pick your favorite tool as authority score from semrush trust flow, majestic dr from ahrefs on average, if you take the top five competitors, this guy has 18. This guy has 23 This guy has 30. This guy has 14. This guy has 60. Add them all up and do it and divide by five.

What’S that number, then, then, just look just look at the top guys and figure out. Okay, they have 283 referring domains out of that 283. Referring domains, 23 of them are exact match when you analyze those specific backlinks figure out what the strengths are. Okay and take note of this because whatever they plugged into or whatever they’re doing most of the time on local level, if all of their exact matches are dr20s or 30s, then you buy 40s and 50s they’re buying 40s and 50s. Then you buy 50s and 60s.

If they’re buying bangers, then you buy bangers okay, but take special note of how many exact matches they have and what quality are. They pay also close attention to not just the quality, but how many referring domains on the exact match anchors do those specific links have pay close attention to this okay. This is where you want to beat them. It’S not a volume game with links. It’S a quality game with links.

You don’t got to beat them on counts. You have to beat them on quality. Okay, so pay close attention to that. My friend um and that’s all i’ll say about that: okay, anger’s being used in the top five competitors. Take special note: two exact match anchors, okay and how many they have and what power are they does the top performers have 823 referring domains, but they have 23 that are exact and the 23 exacts are dr 35s, then buy or acquire right.

Um, 35 dr40s. Okay. For example, okay, wildly impactful all right all right so now we started off with a high quality foundation, set me up on cloud hosting or vps. Okay, we’ve laid out our most profitable service services and locations by volume, population and the type of services that we want to render right what makes, because you can’t always go after volume, and you can’t always go after all the primaries. So during your research, this should be up here too, like okay.

Let me let me put this in order, because i’ll i’ll come back and do this, but it has to be an order. Originally, okay, uh create a list of location-based service pages, offer your services in right, um. So look up populations neck, the residential commercial. Next you want to do primary services and volumes. You know also look at top competitors organic traffic in semrush and see other than branded terms.

What keywords are driving the highest percentages of traffic? Take note of this okay because 99.9 percent of the time the primary driver of any location, a local business, is going to be brand after brand. It’S usually going to be a primary service and then usually, if somebody spend a little bit of coin right or they know a little bit about something they’re going to have one or two other keywords that are primarily driving the business. So you’ll get brand you’ll get primary keyword, that’s driving their business like whatever they’re, truly optimized, for where they spent the most money or the most time or the most mental effort right.

You could tell that’s what they’re bringing in brand name primary service and then maybe one or two keywords guys are really spending some juice. Maybe they might have 50 or 100 keywords. You might get lucky. It depends on the niche too. But what the only thing i’m getting at here is as you’re doing your competitive analysis for primary keywords and word counts and you’re.

Looking at their dr’s you’re already there looking up their business, take a look at the primary percentages of traffic other than brand and primary keywords, which other keywords are driving the business. Is it informational content? Is it commercial based content? Is it transactional content which type of content? Is it because, as you’re starting to lay out your primary service plans in the locations that you want to start targeting, you can also start mapping out and laying out your informational based content to support and when you’re building out your supporting content, it’s only there to Help power, the primary service, location pages right and the number one thing: the differentiator between a top performer and a lower performer, is traffic and clicks.

So if you’re going to start competing or dominating a serp, you have to start decreasing the amount of traffic and clicks that your top performers are receiving. So the only way to do that is to take it from them right. So you want to start targeting out those specific types of keywords. This is where your supporting content strategy should first be laid out extracting content ideas from the top competitors. Okay, so you’re going to have all your top product pages or service pages and location pages.

Yes, but we also want to start mapping out a very specific informational based uh list as well. Okay and we’re going to talk about that as we move on here: okay, um, but okay, so uh keywords: they are uh bringing the highest percentage of traffic. Take note of this um looking for hi looking for info keywords, write these down okay or add them to your keyword list. All right. Add that stuff to your keyword list all right now, you start laying out on the actual pages and what they’re going to be and literally map them out, like have a clear plan like lay out your structure layout, lay out your header.

Okay, lay out your footer. Okay, so you have your header, you have your footer okay. The next thing that you should be doing is start laying out your pages. Okay start laying out your pages right. You’Re gon na have your blog start, start filling in the details and literally write it out.

Like literally not before you lay up flipping page down before you lay down anything. Okay like you could get the skeleton up. That’S that’s cool, but before you lay anything, make sure you map it out. First have a clear plan, because if you don’t have a clear plan, then everything starts sounding good. You see what i’m saying.

Then you start getting these other ideas right, no lay out your plan, work the plan until completion and then move on to other ideas and plans and ways to expand the business, but the primary focus is to lay out the locations and the primary service pages. First and then also build up three to five pieces of informational based content to propel those primary service pages. That’S your initial goal, no matter what you have to do it! Okay! I know it sucks.

I know trust me. I know you know anyway, moving on next. After creating a list of all your location-based service pages, make your list and send it out to have your content built with seo in mind. Okay, now we’re finally getting to it. You need seo content come on over here.

Click on this button. It’S right here, content! Writing bam. We have seo in mind okay, it’s up to you, do whatever you want, you could use whatever you want. You want to use whoever you want, i’m just saying it’s there: okay uh, because i i want to talk about the plans and how they’re being used, but i had to lay out the foundation first and why we do things the way that we do them all Right, i’m getting to that i’m getting to the actual you know.

I was asked to lay out a clear strategy of using the services, but i can’t lay out a clear strategy until you completely understand why we’re doing what we’re doing right so we’re we’re gon na we’re gon na go through that, okay, okay, now next, after creating A list of all your location-based service pages make your list and send it out to have your pages built with seo in mind. Okay, you can feel free to go here: nah, okay, okay, so now you have your content, it’s about to be written: okay, um, yeah! Okay, so now now now, okay, so let’s, let’s uh recap what we have and have done so far: okay, one! We have good hosting two. We have a clear idea of our services.

Three, we have a clear plan of locations to target four. We know how how many links we are going to need five. We know primary anchors to use six uh. We have a mind map or gantt chart layout of our website. Okay, so we have the layout we’ve set up our hosting.

We have a clear idea of of our services that we want to offer clear idea of our locations. We know how many links we need. We know what the primary anchors we need to use. We have. We have a literal, visual idea of exactly how the website is going to flow.

We have our initial site-wide links – header footer, okay, so we have that plan all right, so uh, um, okay, uh, create a list of the most profitable uh services and locations these these services, these service based locations, will be listed uh throughout the throughout the service based Location pages inside the body, content, okay, and what i mean by that is, once you know your most profitable services. Okay, pick a spot, so you’re going to have your footer down in here, where you’re going to repeat your main navigations and your primary services that are most profitable in the profitable locations. I know that this is the footer, but it looks like it’s the body content. So you want to do that one more time for your most profitable location based service pages. Okay, so that way, your most profitable location based service pages are linked in the header they’re linked in the footer and then they’re linked in the body.

Now, if okay, let’s i wan na, let’s make a clear distinction about this: if you have multiple locations in different states, then only interlink uh info content and services from that state do not cross link states or cities. Okay, make your silos. Okay! Generally, a lot of people are going to be in one state, so you’ll have the luxury of being able to internally link pretty much everything, except for your filler pages. If you’re moving into other states, i highly recommend doing your state silos based on your information and your primary services, and only internally link those pages to each other.

Okay, you can link everything in the header in the footer, but we’re talking about in the body content using contextual terms, only link stuff, that’s topically, relevant okay. Ah, four internal links; okay, unless it does not make sense or is going to over optimize. Your page use exact, match anchors for internal links; okay, so unless it’s gon na throw off the page okay, unless it throws off the page use exact match if, unless it looks like complete garbage or it’s gon na throw off the page, use exact match: okay, um! So we talked about that. We talked about internal linking we talked about uh, getting our we.

We have our main steps here right, so we’ve laid out a clear plan: we’re on good host we’ve laid out our uh locations that we want to go based on population. We’Ve laid out our services based on the ones that are most profitable first in the areas that actually have people in them we’re looking for residential or commercial, depending on the type of service we provide. Uh taken we’ve also taken a look and a look at the top performers to understand how many words we’re going to need for our pages. We’Re also going to need to know uh how many referring domains we’re going to need primarily focusing on the exact matches, seeing how many there are and what the quality of them are. Okay, just because you see that somebody has you know 62 referring domains with exact match, building out uh 180 that are 10 times stronger, is probably going to be a good idea, but space it out.

Don’T do it all at once: okay, uh, so yeah! That’S that um, i was gon na say, don’t do that, but that is the objective, but not all at once. Okay um! So let me just think that, did i miss anything with the initial setups, i mean i’m trying to stay. What’S impactful, the content will be optimized, you’re, writing, optimized content.

You have a super fast host. You have a clear understanding of services and locations. You’Ve made silos creating info content. Content on the site plays one role to generate sales for the service business. Your website is not a blog okay.

The function of your site is to offer your transactional slash commercial services. Okay, blog slash info contents purpose is to assist the service based location pages. Okay, do not have you might go over, but okay, the blog info, content’s purpose, is to assist the service based location pages. Okay. So when setting up your pages be sure to structure the urls in a way that google understands what is the primary focus and what is important to you.

Okay now understand: okay on your info pages, uh that are supporting a location based service, page um. Wait a minute tools on the info pages that are supporting a location based service, page, be sure, be sure to internally link the service location pages that you are supporting. In the sidebar or a secondary footer of that informational content period, the objective of this is to increase the amount of internal links going to the primary location-based service pages period. This way, we have not only internally linked our location-based service pages in the header, the footer and also in the body content, but now we’ve also doubled up our internal links to our most valuable pages from our info content as well period. As long as you structure the website like this hmm, you will then have successfully built the most internal links to the location-based service pages.

And now you have also built yourself an internal buffer layer where you can then start utilizing lower cost linking strategies in order to power your primary service pages period. So let me expand on that. Okay and here’s. What i mean by this all right, so you’re going to have you’re going to have your homepage okay here it is website.com and then the next in the structure right.

This is this: is the structure i’m drawing it out for you? Here’S the home page location, based service, page info content, okay, also inside of that info content, you’re not just going to build one piece, you’re also going to build another and another and another and each of those info pieces. If the primary service is houston plumber, some of the tips are going to be 10 ways to hire the best houston plumber, how to find a reputable houston plumber. What pipes are the best for houston plumbers, right, like i’m sure, you’ll, be able to find lots of informational based content? Okay, people also ask you, have semrush tools to be able to pull this up, but the objective here is: okay: let’s talk about that next, when creating your informational based supporting content pages, make sure to internally link all of them together.

However, with a main goal of linking up to the primary location based service page period, again, the emphasis is on increasing the amount of internal links to the primary pages that you want to rank period. Okay, you want to significantly increase the amount of internal links and what i’m saying significantly like okay, to get a clear idea of how many internal links it might take to show importance to google utilize, a tool or a chrome extension to see how many internal links Top competitors have pointing at pages that are above you period and let me show you an example of this: okay, for instance, let’s take dui attorney los angeles okay, so you have a dui attorney in los angeles, okay, so here’s the number one performer all right he’s Ranking his home page now, the home page should be a clear winner for the amount of internal links, but what we’re going to do is we’re going to come in here 204 internal links pointing to this page, okay. That could also be a tags on this page. Like that’s the amount of a tags on this page, okay links now, let’s scroll down the page, i should i should write that a tags. I should write that i’m gon na write that okay, but now, let’s come down here and take a look at a poor performer – let’s just see here now google’s rewarding home pages here.

So, let’s find one, let’s be fair, so this guy’s down the page top performer at 204, 43. Okay, you can look at any syrup. You want anchor text a tags on the page, every page, with a clear understanding that you’re always trying to point the most to the pages that you want to rank. Okay, like, if you think you like 20, is not going to do it 40, like whatever you can. Okay, do as many as you can.

Okay, whatever makes sense for you all right, you’re the webmaster, but increase the amount of internal links pointing to pages that you want to rank all right uh. So that’s that to get a clear idea of internal links, so you can use a tool um um. So if you do not have screaming frog to get a link map of how the site is broken down and the amount of internal links, you can do a manual check and just take a look at some of the pages to get an idea of how much Anchor text is on each of the pages. This will give you a overview of how much internal linking a top performer is utilizing period. But if you want to get exact numbers utilize screaming frog, it lays that out quite simply and it’s free okay, if you really want to get an exact number screaming frog, lays it out.

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Okay, it’s free all right! So now, let’s start talking about so now now you have your site. Okay, now to answer the question that i got, why do i offer what i offer? Okay – let’s talk about this, so let’s just come down into here: okay and we’re just gon na talk about one; okay, let’s just use this one: okay, okay, now i’m not gon na lay out every single piece, i’m just putting this here for a reference. Okay, now there’s a million ways to uh.

I don’t know to do it, okay, but that here, let’s how what’s the best way, let’s, let’s draw it out all right now, let’s talk about off-page strategy, so now you’re sitting on a good host. You have all of your location, location-based, service pages. Okay, let’s say that this is your site. Oh, oh, oh, oh, okay! Okay, let’s talk about this briefly here uh, it’s not time to move into that!

Yet blog content. Let’S talk about this! Okay! Now i’ve touched on it, but i didn’t write anything on it. I kind of did but not how i wanted to okay.

Let’S talk about blog content, okay, in order to become an authority in the in a space, it is certainly best practice to round out the amount of keywords that a site ranks for this could be looked at as building topical authority. This could just be considered good content marketing period. However, a local based business website is not a blog. The primary function of a location of a local business is to offer local services to the residents of the town that you’re in or the state that you service period. Every page that you create, that is informational based, serves the purpose of supporting a primary location based service page and when you structure out your website, you need to signal to google that the information content is less important than the primary service page period.

How you signal this to google is by putting it further back in the structure period. If you’re going to build out individual location-based service pages in order to get a ranking advantage in a location for a service, then it will be in your best interest to do the identical strategy for your informational based content period. What i mean by this is that if i have plumbing services houston, then the informational content should be best plumbing services in houston for 2022 Or it could be 10 ways to hire a houston plumber. The objective here is to build out content that supports the main idea. Your website is not a blog period when you’re building out your blog content, you can structure it in a news or a tips or a blog section, but the actual url structure should not be, and the reason is is that content will still pick up traffic, but It is not the primary goal to rank informational content if i’m trying to sell services.

However, what we should be looking to do is build out our supporting content. Blog content like this and the same level of care and uniqueness that you put into your primary location-based service pages, this same care and thought should be put into your location based informational content period. You will not only get more clicks more traffic, but you will have a higher probability of ranking your primary service pages, with the added benefit of having informational, based content that you could build cheaper links to and yeah that’s it. So you can still have your just be sure to build out your due to the actual google guidelines. It’S absolutely recommended that you have a new section or a blog section, just make sure that your structure says to google that this is supporting content, not a blog period.

It is certainly best practice to round out your overall topics and ideas around one centralized service or location, and keep all of that inside of silos, make sure that you’re internally, linking only to location based service pages and location based informational content. This is how you create your silos to create topical authority for the primary location based service page, the page. You want to rank okay, so i think i laid that out as well as i possibly could um. We talked about location based service pages. We talked about blog content website structure on page optimization, starting with a high quality host, ah take care of all of the big things first, with the highest allocation to budget being on the biggest things period.

What i mean by this is, instead of allocating a ton of time or resources or energy on making the site half a millisecond faster, allocate that budget towards content or backlinks or social media or ppc period instead of allocating budget on creating extensive schema markup. For individual pages and individual schema types allocate that budget and time towards higher quality content links, internal linking or better s c r o. What i’m getting at here is do not lose sight or get stuck in the weeds chasing after traffic. Hacks schema manipulation, tricks and hacks. Stick to the script, lay out your primary service and location pages build out your informational based content to support it make sure your foundation is solid, build high quality links at low volumes over a steady time get into the link graph.

Then expand your locations and services as you build authority or enter into authority mode, then you can start exploring with variations, longer form, content and other strategies and hacks do not start with the hacks or the tricks focus on content and high quality links. Hmm before you allocate budget on anything, do not forget to re-optimize and add keywords, as you begin to get traffic, also installing some type of tool like a hot jar or mouse movement, or clarity for the insights that you will receive. It is worth the temporary slowdown of your site, get a clear understanding of your conversions and what’s driving conversions early on, so you can maximize profit for your business and allocate it towards what’s going to move the needle period. That’S something that i slipped on early on. Um on a lot of client, things is optimizing for a conversion.

You know like spend money on that. I i you know be mindful of that. I i think that um for the long haul of things it will be massively beneficial. Okay, all right cro, okay, so we talked about all that stuff um trying to think is there anything else that i could help you with to get on track? It’S getting late and getting tired going roller skating tomorrow with lil chris.

I think we’re leaving at one o’clock, i’m sleeping in tomorrow tomorrow saturday, should we keep going see if you guys have any questions uh? What’S up chris services, location homes, good call, yep thanks sane good to see you zane great, to see you actually yo chris yo back to you, my friend web user, hey chris good stuff! Thank you brother appreciate that vinnie. So i built a site: uh people in frank, commercial services, business a half a decade ago. I built all cities in southern california with duplicate content.

How should i go about fixing it? I i think you already have the answer. There you’ve built out all the pages so they’re, you know, take a look at. We just literally laid that out right, so you know the locations that are going to be the most profitable. You know what services you use and clearly it’s not going to be a good idea to utilize 100 duplicate content, because you never know we’re one day, one update away like yeah we’re getting away with it now, but we’re only one update away.

You know um, so you never know what they’re go doing or looking at plus. As you start, moving up in rank like be be mindful of who you step on on the way up like who you out rank like you would be massive like it. Here’S what i’ve learned over time, you know google’s not necessarily going to find anything unless somebody points it out: okay, because they they will like, if some, if, if something keeps showing up, they will send a a raider to the site. You know like so just just be mindful. You know like if enough people go over to that community forum and take pictures or add you to certain.

You know point you out to certain gold star members in communities or whatever. Whatever the case is like somebody will come and check your site, somebody, you will get a penalization, so just just be mindful um just be mindful. That’S all you’re a legend truly. Thank you ryan. I appreciate that brilliant stuff new update is going to have a lot of sights uh jockeying for position.

Volatility equals opportunity for sure chuck for sure man you’re, not lying. Arnold z is 7am here in edinburgh, my ranking doing very well. Lately i got position one in google hope it will last long well during these transitional times. You never know um, but i’m sure it will for you, my friend. So, let’s, let’s start talking about this now all right, so we answered the questions all right, so i’m not saying that this is the only way.

I’M just saying that this is one of the ways. Okay, that we like to do things all right. Bear with me here: okay, so you have your home page. Okay, this is home all right now, let’s just take, let’s just say, you’re doing florida. Okay, let’s move these out of the way.

Let’S just say that we, this is our main navigation. We set this up on a really good high quality host right, so we have our high quality host here, we’re targeting florida i’ll zoom in on this. This is our informational based content. That’S in a silo, so this is our home page. This is our blog.

Now again, we’re looking at the main navigation of a website. Okay, the blog’s name is plumbing tips. Here’S our blog! When you click on a blog article. It takes you to only a supporting piece of content for our location-based service pages.

Okay, so – and you could see by the structure now question that i get, is you know well what i see chris that you have you know whatever services you’re offering or whoever’s offering right, like you, don’t have to use my services, i offer the same services as Most most providers, even the agencies, are pretty much doing a lot of the same stuff. I think it just comes down to overall value right. So, let’s just say we’re going to start talking about off page and why so, first and foremost, let’s start talking about 40 hand selected dr 40, to 70 links. Okay, now, why would we have 40? Dr links?

Where would you be pointing something like this? Okay, so number one, and, and now this isn’t something i would do all at once – i’m not going to give timelines, i’m just laying out so why this okay number one high quality, high powered guest posts or backlinks? Okay, these types of links are to be pointed and distributed throughout your home page and your most profitable location based service pages. The objective here is to increase the overall external authority coming in or the amount of votes to the primary pages that we want to rank. Now how this looks visually is if, if i have a home page, that’s website.

om, okay, where i want to build some of my most potent backlinks, all right i’ll, just do a dot um, let’s open that back up! Oh, that’s why, okay uh! Why can’t i draw? Oh there we go okay, so we have 40 all right. You can buy as many as you want.

Let’S just say it’s 40. Okay, where we want to point our most potent backlinks are going to be to the home page because remember power, trickles down and then our most important primary location based service pages. So if i want to win florida plumber fort lauderdale, plumber, okay, fort lauderdale plumber and i want to win for myers plumber, then i’m going to distribute those links, the most powerful links to the pages that i want to rank the most okay. So that’s step number one. Next is 50 branded web 2.

. Okay, it doesn’t have to be web 2’s, it could be whatever you want. Okay, but there’s only one reason why you build these one of the main reasons why we want to go ahead and build out. Authoritative tier 1 backlinks is that so we can show google and our competitors authoritative websites, that can take a lot of other links pointing at them, while also passing link equity to our primary pages. The primary focus of building out a branded tier one with authoritative sites is that we want to map those foundational websites, web twos, just tier one sites to our primary ranking pages.

This way we have a safe way to pass cheaper, less costly link equity through and to our most important pages. So what does that look like okay? So what that looks like is this: if i have a primary web page – okay, let’s say this is the primary web page all right, let’s do uh, so we have our primary web page and then we have our location based service pages. Okay, let’s say: there’s three of them: it’s these three here i then am going to build out 50 separate web 2.0 or just authoritative websites.

There’S 50 of them. You could build out 100. You could build out as many as you want, but on each of those websites it links to the most important pages. Okay, this links out to the most important pages, all right. So now i have a branded authoritative website not only to get that link.

Not only am i showing branded authoritative websites, but now i’ve just set up a a tier one that can be utilized and turned off anytime. I might need to so i can turn it on. I have full control, that’s like a massive like you want to have. As much control as you possibly can over everything that you’re doing, that’s why you want to do branded you’re, not hiding it you’re, building out a branded asset to take over your name inside of the serp, so your competitor can’t go get your website dot com, dot, Weebly right and then talk about how you did whatever right. You don’t want anyone else, utilizing your name or getting in front of you right.

Oh so it’s it’s very normal for a business owner to go and build out branded assets. Not only that is it’s something you control, plus, you can direct it to the pages that are most important. Plus you get those initial, authoritative links, plus you could power them up and it’s not going to hurt their site. You see it’s already an authority site, so you can pummel these things: okay, so you’re, building out a tier one. Okay, this is part of your tier one.

Okay, that’s why you’re doing that consider these 50 assets, part of your tier one that can be utilized for further link building and to cement your name across authoritative assets? Okay, next, this right here, 1200, it’s actually 1400 unique. Google news links; okay, all right! Let’S talk about that next we’re going to build out our tier 2 links. You can decide whether you want to point the 1400 referring domains from google news approved sites that range everywhere from dr ones, all the way up to dr60s to the buffer internal buffer pages.

On your website or less important pages on your website, or as we recommend to your tier one properties that you built in phase two like web 2.0, like videos like map in beds, like whatever you would like as a tier one, the objective is to be able To power up your tier without having to break the bank period also, we want to pay very close attention to our brand name on these assets when creating posts, along with our name address and phone number information. This way we’re able to build out unstructured citations while we’re plastering our brand name across the web and powering up our tier one assets period. I’M getting a triple whammy there right, i’m getting unstructured citations, while i’m powering up my assets and i’m getting my brand across the board. What more is there to say very effective strategy?

Okay, i love it actually, that’s why we use it all right next. Next on the list of off page – and why is one authority, 302 or 301 to an inner service page or product page? Okay? This is an optional service, okay, but when we are talking about utilizing a 301 or a 302 from a niche specific domain, when you’re building out your overall backlink profile, you are going to run into websites that a lot of your competitors have in common that you Will find are relatively hard to acquire period so in order to help the process of getting into the link graph quickly and effectively, and also build out your overall backlink profile with relevant links, one of the fastest and cheapest ways to do this is by utilizing a Site that already possesses the backlinks that are very hard to acquire period. This 301 or 302 can be directed to either your tier 1 assets, or you can point it to a primary or secondary internal page on your website, but always be very cautious that you need to have the out of being able to remove that site or change.

The page that it’s pointing to so you never point this to your home page ever period. Okay, next is 300 da 30 to 30 to 55 links to your internal buffer page or to your tier ones. The reason why you use such authoritative, high-powered links to your inner pages is that you want to build the overall authority of the website, not just the top level pages period. Secondly, if you do not want to build out or build in the overall amount of links inside of the packages that you might acquire, these particular assets are exceptionally helpful for building out your tier one or you can use these on your internal buffer pages to increase The overall authority and to build a more diverse anchor text portfolio for your website period. Okay, so that’s why you’re using those press releases?

Okay. So when building out press releases over the course of a 60 or 90 day campaign, you want to always have three links going out from each of the press releases. This way, you’re able to always send press release, links that are either branded or talking about a specific service or service based location, going to your home page primary location, based service pages and a secondary location based informational page. This way we’re able to build out the overall topical authority of each of our silos for a very low cost period, you’re building 500 out of clip, there’s three links in each one always goes to the home page, because your name address phone number is always in Them you get two links per internal post right. Where do you point them to well, one goes to a top level location base service page.

The other goes to a location based informational page. Why? Because every single silo google ranks pages not sites right your site structure, the hierarchy of your website that whole hierarchy is a silo now. Is it topically relevant? That’S why the larger the sites do really well, because if it’s all about one topic, that’s considered an authority site you’re, building out little mini authority sites in your silos, because you have your primary ranking pages and underneath that, if you want to visualize it this way, You have your location based information pages, so when you’re building links in or getting external links in, i want to just not power the home page because power trickles down.

That’S that’s a shortcut, but but i also want to power up the primary page and then also the pages beneath it. So what you’ll usually do? The reason why i did four is most people really only want one for sometimes six locations at most. So that way i was, i just thought to myself. Well what do most people have?

So that’s why we said four plus each week right. It’S a four week plan. You see it’s a month, so yeah so and and that wraps it up like for competitive a little bit more competitive niches um. This is generally uh the layout plan you know, and and and to figure out like what we’re doing here like that’s what we do. If it’s a competitive space and we built it out, we have our primary florida.

This is our state page, okay, and then we have each of our little city pages underneath that they’re not siloed. These are flat because they’re location-based service pages, but i have my main primary page up at the top. That’S our florida page listed on the florida plumber pages all the cities that i want to rank in when you click on them. It goes back flat and then off of each of these, if it’s fort myers plumbing, i have 10 tips to hire a fort myers plumber, 10 tips for hiring a fort lauderdale plumber right, like literally the same strategy you’re using for your location pages. That’S what we do for our info content, because you’re not targeting the same sort.

The same rules apply for info content. You know so just saying you only got to create one winner, page guys, one winner, page you’re, not targeting the same cert and you can’t copy yourself. You know so could save a lot of money and that way you can allocate it towards cr. You know conversion rate optimization. You can allocate that towards maybe a little sicker design or maybe up in your hosting budget or maybe increasing the amount of links or hey.

Maybe we want to get more pages built right, building start doing more, more, more, more um, so yeah like if you’re in a competitive space like florida plumbing you know we’re gon na we’re gon na focus on. You know we’re gon na start. Looking at this home page primary service pages secondary service location pages, we’re gon na start building out authority to this like we want to start hammering each of these silos right like this is this is a silo for florida, plumbing and all of our location service pages And information we’re going to be looking at the home page, always because power trickles down we’re going to be focusing on these pages, we’re also going to be building out our tier. So here’s our website. This is the home page.

Here’S our uh florida, page, okay, florida! These are our city pages all right. This right here is. We have 50 sites here in in a row. That’S our tier one!

We’Re powering this up. We have g news powering this up. Also to any you know those info pages, those are internal buffer pages. You can point some of those to those inner pages, because if you were to and get a penalty, i’m not saying that you are. But if you did you, you can never risk the home page and you can never risk primary location pages.

But who cares if you lose a blog like if i have a blog and i need to come in here and take away a dash okay? Who cares right like who cares? But if you lose your houston plumber page that you you put a g in to reach the top three, you spend a grand, you spent three grand, you spend five grand to rank it, and then you get a penalty and you fall off the face of the Earth your leads dry up, you get no phone calls that’s a problem, but if i lose a blog page, who cares right right so always keep that in the back of your mind, never risk the home page and never ever risk primary primary based location pages. All the riskier stuff, if you’re going to do riskier stuff, i’m not saying you should, but if you do, if you need to save a buck, the only reason why you would do risky stuff is to save money right. I can’t think of any other reason.

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Why so, if you, if you need to save money, uh save money on your blog content, all right, um, also two, don’t skimp out on primary base location pages right. What i mean by that is: don’t skimp out on links and don’t skimp out on content right for, if you have secondary terms or secondary locations that you want to target okay, you want to use, you know, cheaper content writers. You want to use maybe some cheaper links, fine, but on pages that are going to drive your business, treat it as such. You know it’s my best advice, um, so yeah, that’s what we focus on now now this strategy already assumes okay, because we went right to a higher competition, but this assumes month, two or three like think about this like like. Do you see what we’re doing for our like for our clients, like the people that are competing with us in serps, like they don’t even stand a chance?

You know what i’m saying like they. If you follow these steps – and you give it enough time, they won’t even stand a chance. You know now not every single. Now, if you’re looking at top performers, you don’t need to like drive it all the way home. I just wanted to lay out each of these services, but moving into month, two or month, three right, two and three two to three: this already assumes okay to under formatting.

So this is already assuming that here, let’s go over here. Okay – let’s talk about this when building out your citations, if you are going to be targeting more than one location in more than one state, i would highly recommend building your flagship citations to the home page period if you’re going to be building out other states or Other larger cities that have their own locational silos, then you should be building to the top level another set of citations if there is a google business profile to back up that secondary location. So this would mean that you are building out a set of 50 or 100 citations to each of those top level pages or each of the verified listing locations period press releases in month. One should be focused around primary pages like the home page and top level location based service pages. The primary objective here is to signal to google and other search engines here is my brand name here is where we are located.

These are the services that we offer, and here is where you can find the pages to buy these services. These are the pages that you’re linking out to in the initial months of a campaign, some of the very first dollars that should be spent after the initial build outs are getting your hard to acquire niche specific paid citations. Also acquiring link graph, specific links that your top competitors all have in common, regardless of the cost within reason. Now, regardless of how you need to acquire these links that all of your top competitors have in common, if it’s going to be a 301 redirect, if it’s going to be a paid post, a paid directory, a business listing whatever is needed in the very early stages Of a campaign, you must acquire these links first and foremost on some of your earliest link. Crawls, going back to your site, you want to instantly be entered into the link graph with your top competitors period.

Links to primary pages should not be built rapidly, whatever the amount of referring domains, that your top competitor has space, that out on a weekly basis over the course of a campaign, do not get in a rush of link. Building more is not better unless you’re tearing them out most top performing websites in the most competitive spaces only have a few hundred referring domains do not overly obsess on overall amounts of backlinks going to a website. If you focus on maximizing internal linking and if you focus on properly creating content and optimizing that content going back and retweaking and updating that content, you will find yourself spending less of your advertising dollars on link acquisition. Do not acquire services that have the sole purpose of boosting a third-party metric. Do not use automated link, building tools and point them to your website.

Automated link building tools should only be utilized if ever utilized, on tearing up your backlinks that are already pointing to your website. Primary emphasis should be increasing the overall page authority of your lowest performing websites that you currently have pointing at your website, meaning if you have dr5 links – and you have dr80 links – focus your energy on increasing the power of the dr5s. If you have a page that is performing well in serps, getting a lot of traffic and you’ve pointed a lot of links at that specific page, and you then create a new page increase. The amount of internal links from the top performing page to your new page. For faster indexing and better rankings faster of the new content, what else can i say every single person watching give me a thumbs up.

Thank you. Thank you. I appreciate that this was a good one. I take it, i’m glad i could help something triggered me before. Somebody asked me something and i’m like man, you know you know what i’m gon na make a video and i’m gon na um.

I’M gon na go over it and that’s what i did. I know. I’M getting tired, but i i feel like we need to say a few more things here. Um bear with me for the vast majority of local businesses do not allocate too much time or resources on building out advanced schemas focus on the primary schemas that top performers have and make sure that you’re following the schema. Org hierarchy, when implementing your schemas, overstuffing and or over emphasizing schemas does not lead to much higher rankings for the time and the budget that it takes to properly implement.

It is a really good idea to name the page and some of the objects that are on the page. Don’T get me wrong, however, going above board is not going to give you a ranking advantage. If you have more than one location, do not utilize the same local business. Details on those internal local pages also do not add review schema on pages that aren’t dedicated to reviews. This is against the guidelines, and this is one of the only schema penalties that definitely gets enforced just because you might find a top competitor doing something and getting away with it does not mean that you should period, and this goes with anything for a local business Website, just because you see someone else doing something wrong and unoptimal, and winning does not mean that that is going to be the best for long-term success for the for your business and for your business’s online presence.

Okay, i think i think we’re good you i’ll. Add more to this later, but i want to put this up so people can see it all right all right this way you guys will be able to read it: okay, uh, okay, let’s go over here! Click on this wait a minute! Wait! A second all right!

Let’S just go in here and do this: i got this uh thing on uh what you wan na call it and uh. I put one of my lists in here and i’m gon na try it out some more uh. I usually use uh. My main list is with male or light um, but i took like some of the older ones that i had. I went in here and created this, so let’s go ahead and see: let’s get our form uh copy code.

Hopefully somebody might want to get on this mailing list. I don’t know hmm, i don’t like those colors very much uh, no buts. Please uh! I don’t really like those colors, i’m not gon na lie to you view the forms paid newsletter. Can i edit this?

Oh, i can how about first name, email, name and email find by that. I, like the uh consent, form cool with that okay update and then uh. As far as the color doesn’t uh have a color. I guess it doesn’t all right here copy this freaking code. I don’t really want that there, but all right now.

What i want is this copy, then we’ll come into here we’re going to grab one of these bad boys. Where is it button? Big newsletter is one word right. Yep sure is, chris sure, is we’ll go to the form. Okay enter all right.

Okay, now this particular piece dude you’re, making me crazy, okay, whatever. Let me see here, okay, so here’s what we’re gon na do: uh rename local seo strategy, rename uh, okay, okay – and this is a alrighty. Okay, all right, we’ll fix all that stuff up later, not too concerned with that at this present moment. Let’S just get that page up all right: let’s see here la okay republish now it should have and i’ll have to double check this. It should have added it to my drop down, okay, good and it should have added it to my list.

Good good, good. Good. Now this i’ve been meaning to do this for a while. What i’ve been wanting to do is moving this down. Well, i want to move the whole thing down.

How do i do that? Let me see here: aha, okay, so let’s do about a hundred now this little box here i’m going to move that over to here. Okay, in this little box, i want to move right to here. I want to get rid of this okay and this i actually want to put back over to here. Ah not like that like this, why won’t it spread out for me whatever bring this up, bring this uh?

I hate doing this stuff, god the worst job in the world. I i’m so glad. I don’t have to do this for anybody else. What that’s the job i loathe freaking dragging and dropping boxes on a freaking, page jeez louise. I hate that all right, i’m gon na i’m gon na, go back here.

Uh! Oh it says i can’t do it. Oh my gosh, i went and did it now? Ah, okay, move this back over huh bring this back over here. What do i have to do?

Go here go to this column right. Is that what it is? I go like this put this here right then i take this box and i got to put it in this box. Okay, then i got to take this box and put it in this box. Then i got ta, get these boxes, son of a gun better go back, then i got ta get this box here.

Can i make this box smaller, okay, get this box and bring it up to this box. Now i got my purple here: okay, good! All! Right now is there a way? Oh, this is what i want.

I want this right here. Can i move this down? Am i allowed to do that is that? Can i do that? Can i just put this right here because i would really like that, and then can i put this like on the side over here how about up here?

Okay i’ll, do that, so i can do this. How do i know if it’s in the center – oh, my god, god he doing this? Okay? Oh my lord dude! I don’t even care all right.

So that’s that big. Like that, that’s good! That’S! Good! Okay!

There’S my smiling face white label. Okay! Take this design! What color, i don’t know white! I wanted to be white, so what you will never see on chris palmer’s channel is a web design tutorial that i can assure you.

Oh my lord, oh yeah, that’s what i need to do. There’S two things that i need to do: dude i just want to freaking move this back. Can i can i just live a little bit? Please. I promise i’ll, never i’ll, never try to edit anything.

Ever again. I swear. I won’t what it says. It’S purple but it, but it’s not, though you know like it’s, it’s just not so this you can delete this boop all right, so we’re on this page here this down here. I guess that could stay like that.

I’M fine with that. Can i move this down. Wait a minute: this worked out pretty good here. Well, it kind of worked out good. For me, i mean it did kind of what i wanted it to do.

Can i make this? Ah. Is that how i want it? Not really, i kind of want this up here cut v. Okay, can i make that bold, and can i make that white, perfect, freaking, perfect, that’s exactly what i wanted it to do: okay, wow, okay, all right wow that was torture, mind numbing my least favorite job.

In the entire world is anything to do with i like, so it’s not that i dislike um designing things that i find quite fun. What i dislike is website design that i do not like. I do not like it at all. Actually, okay, now this get rid of this. Get rid of this whole row, get rid of all right, widget and uh.

I want to put a button down there, but i don’t want it to be a sight-wide footer, okay wow. That was a ton of fun all right now, if i go to my home page, is it the same? I want to go to this page right here. Okay, all right, okay, all right! So it did.

It stayed the same beautiful, i’m very happy consulting okay! Everything is right: okay, good mastermind services, consulting okay. Now, if i go to this, i click on this. Okay, you can get to everything all right, i’m a happy camper, then i’m totally cool. Now i feel a lot better.

Now this is clear. Everything is everything. Is clear, chris? Okay, thank you. Everything is easy to find uh do i have any other content that i need to uh put up.

Hmm, i think. That’S it all right! I’M pretty happy now 1300 volume dude like do. I want to try to go for this. Dude, that would be a sick term to win huh content writing service.

I it’s not really more of an seo content writing service. Does that have search volume? That’S for my style! Seo! Content writing service.

Let’S go for s! Oh content! Writing service. Okay. Turn around time.

Seven to ten days three to five days, you ah um, hmm. So what is it s? Seo? Content writing services, seo content, writing services? Okay and then it’s content writing.

So let’s do s e o s! S e, o, uh content! Writing service. I’D save um! Hell!

No, why would i want to put in a redirect for what all right now seo content writing service? Let’S go double check that page click chris palmer, m-a-r-k-t com, seo content writing service. I type it in wrong seo. Yes, i did content getting tired. Dude is this page right?

Oh wait: did it not? Did i not save it whoops? Oh, my goodness cut you you all right. What the heck give me one. Second, i’m trying to find.

I need to get something i need. Oh, my gosh, all right. So, let’s sign in okay copy, get rid of this. Okay, now give me one. Second, i need to do i’m just doing a scrape for the most relevant uh terms.

Real quick here, give me one. Second, sorry, uh just give me a second there. We are okay, doke, okay, all right. So what i need is this: okay, all right and then i could share this again. All right.

We can open this up or actually go back, drag this in nope all right. Let’S go back here to the drive, drag this in okay: let’s take a look at this go to sheets. You get rid of this and this all right all right and let that save we’re gon na open this up. Okay, now we could delete this okay, okay, so these are the most that’s funny. That’S hysterical!

Really! Okay, okay – and this is all right – that’s fine, offering [ Music, ], big bitcoin or uh crypto currency, okay, so so we take okay, we will go into here. Go for a nice dark purple! Okay, all right! Now, this purple, all right!

So now i need all right uh! It’S this one, all right! So it’s talking about different types! So that’s always interesting. What’S this?

Oh! What’S that pricing, um? Okay, all right! Okay, uh! All right all right: okay, okay, five chicks, [, Music, ], so hot in here all right, i’m going to bed!

I’M done! Uh publish this i’m going to bed, i’m tired one more! Second, one more thing: you all right! Let me publish that, and i’m out of here it’s been such a pleasure i’ll, probably trim off the back end of this video, oh man, thank you so much. I had a very busy day.

I had a lot of fun i’ll trim off the back end of this video where it was bored out of my mind. I should have shut it off and just did what i had to do, but we had some fun. Thank you so much, i’m going to sleep uh, i’m doing good, i’m sweating my buns off, though it’s hot in here i’m sick of standing. Here. I’Ve been standing here all day, but thank you for coming on np.

Thank you. I appreciate your time doug mo. Thank you again for your time. Wp engine you’re going to be paying a lot of um. It’S a high quality service, but you’re going to really pay for it, and you could get a lot more for that same type of money, utilizing a vps setup, okay, um!

I’M not taking away from their service it’s great, but you’re, paying top dollar for something you could get for a fraction of the cost. You know i i i’m all good for paying uh good money, but if i’m gon na pay top dollar, i would just go use azure. You know what i’m saying uh catching a palmer live stream right at the morning. Coffee is legit start. Thank you larson.

I appreciate that ryan spot thumbs up. Yes, sir paul baker, fantastic good job. Thank you, paul larson, i’m legit way too old to still do html. Instead of wordpress or services like duda, yep uh. I still have lots of uh.

I have bootstrap sites, but that’s not what we’re doing here today and one um rock on bro thumbs up. I love you. I love you too. Thank you for your time. Thank you.

So much everybody um. I really do appreciate you. If you can please, if you’re seeing this take the time, please i i urge you if you can check us out over at the seo mastermind. Okay, i’m sure you might have saw this already. But if you have not uh, you can come in here.

You can read a little bit about it. I have to update that um. You can click on the explore button. You know, there’s discovery, you can ask questions, there’s different masterminds, there’s multiple masterminds! There’S a testing group, an affiliate group, there’s a just a group coaching group interested in training programs, gsa training, business, video training, google, business profile checklist expert on page this is actually coming down, but not right.

Now, gsa list entity, scraper uh how to build links uh. How to use textrazer right services bam takes you right over here. You can come into the services. That’S services.chrispalmermarketing.

om check me out. Um. I have everything everything you need. You want a la carte. You want to just go down the list, that’s fine, but i took out the backlinks here’s.

What i want to share with you with the backlinks, if you haven’t been over here right, so looking for guest posts, great, we have guest posts. Looking for powerful links, click on here, you can see the list go ahead, check it out. It’S up to you. You can take a look at the list. All right.

This is the visitors on the site. This is the da. This is the trust, flow and citation flow. This is the you are in the dr. This is where the country is at or where the uh primary server is at okay for the most part, and then this right here is the topic.

There’S only 500 here, okay um, depending on depending on the relationship that we have um you’ll. I you’ll never see this, but i there’s many many more sites that we can get potential placements for you on. Okay, so don’t worry about that like this, i think we show 500. We have uh six times this amount, so yep uh. So moving on next thing too, you can see packages.

We just added this. Probably two three weeks ago, i think two weeks it’s up to you, you could read whatever you want, have your choices. Last but not least, we have a la carte services where you could pick it. I left some of the stuff in here like press releases citations international citations branded web 2.0.

So you want to join the newsletter. That’S right here, entity, extraction, tool, um [, Music, ] man. I should get a link to this anyway. Uh also gmb. Optimization is still on here, mostly that’s after a consultation.

I point people over here, but that is enough. When i’m streaming, my computer always wants to update tools. I love that boy. I love that so you could see for yourself. I i guess i don’t need to go through it, but in any case check out the mastermind, please by all stretch you know, try us out for some services or private consultation.

So if you just want to meet one on one, we could chat about whatever you want doesn’t doesn’t matter to me. Also too, you want 15 recurring on any service sign up as an affiliate. Okay, so see you next time, that’s a lot to talk about geez. Louise, i saved that to the end, maybe i’ll move it to the front next time i don’t know, but thank you so much for your time. I appreciate it.

Thank you so much um. I think i’m gon na start giving out some some type of checklists for this stuff um for free. I don’t know i try the i don’t know people like that see. I didn’t want to do it because it seemed like spanish right. I know i’m a spam master right, but that’s different not on the people that i care for right, like on google and stuff like i don’t care, but you know like it.

I i don’t know how to explain it, but i guess people like the little mini uh little audit list. I made it like it’s like a a quick uh slide through a slide deck um. You know like the 24 uh point checklist for gmb or whatever it is so maybe i’ll start making some more of those and building out more content. I think that’ll be fun. Uh yeah, i don’t know.

Oh that’s what i’ve been wanting to do. I do have more to do, but any case i love you guys. Thank you so much for your time and gals, but blessings see in the next one have a great day. Bye.

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