Kanyadan Ka Punya | Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 2 | Ep 256 | Full Episode | 22 Aug 2022

– You pushed her.
– I didn't push her. – It was a mistake.
– You cannot change the truth! Ms. Sood never lies. [dramatic music plays] '20 Minutes Ago' Wow! Seriously, Priya! Are you threatening my family
over this deal? What do you want? 'This means he didn't hear
what Vedika and I said.' Hold on, Mr. Kapoor.
You've misunderstood. They were telling me… We will pay you. In fact, he has set money aside
to pay you. What nonsense are you saying?
What money? In fact, they were threatening me
that… Threatening you?
Why will we threaten you? We need you, Priya.

That's why we will do exactly what you say. Anyway, you gave falsely accused
Aunt Nandini. What could she do about that? We will go through this
for Ram's sake. You have nothing to worry about. [theme music plays] You have done a lot
for my family and me. I won't let you and Pihu go
empty-handed. But please don't threaten my family
to make things go your way. [tense music plays] Well tried. [dramatic music plays] Did you think you won? I will never let you win. And I will not let Mr. Kapoor lose. How so? Huh? Tell me. How? [glass clanks] I… It's me. Do you only see
your wife everywhere? Ram, I am sorry. I misunderstood you. May I say something? You have a sweet family.

Everyone is closely knit. A person who organises his friend's
wedding and considers him family, you cannot
question his integrity. If I question your integrity your wife will not spare me. Look! She's here. [theme music plays] In this generation you rarely find
couples who love each other so much. A small rift
and they end everything. One must understand
that your relationship gets stronger if you
resolve your problems.

But for that, you must communicate
with each other. Communication solves
a lot of problems. By the way, there is no need for me
to interview you. Because everything seems fine. But if I don't interview you then the media might get upset. We will complete
the interview today. Tomorrow is Janmashtami. We will sign the deal
after veneration. In fact, why don't Priya, Pihu, and you
perform the veneration as a family? I'll take it as a 'yes'? You are a lucky man, Ram. Never let this go. If there is an issue just communicate and resolve it. 'I wish we could resolve our
differences just by communicating.' 'These five years have
distanced us for life.' 'I can still try.' 'No! There is no point in trying.' 'Because there is nothing
left to be saved.' Bride and Groom, please
stand to exchange the garlands. Who will give the bride away? Brother and his wife.

Please come forward. [dramatic music plays] Pihu! Ask Mr. Kapoor. Come with me. Pihu! I tied your hands. Don't do this, Pihu! Your aunt is getting married.
You shouldn't do this. Sorry, Ms. Sood. She did it by mistake.
Why are you scolding her? Shubham, – do something.
– We cannot do anything. Today is the last day. Let it be. Hold on. Let me help.
The knot shouldn't untie. One second. Bride and groom stand up
for circumambulation. 'I promised to always
be by your side.' 'I decided to keep your needs
before my needs.' 'That's why left
on your mom's order.' 'In these seven days I've realised' 'that you are smiling' 'but you are not happy, Mr. Kapoor.' 'I am helpless.' 'You simply misunderstand me.' 'I have to protect Eshan's future.' 'On the other hand, I need to make
sure Pihu doesn't know the truth.' 'By giving the bride away
if I am performing a good deed' 'I just have one wish.' 'That Mr.

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Kapoor finds out' 'that Pihu is his daughter.' 'I know this miracle
cannot happen, but' 'this is what I wish for.
I want them to unite.' 'With this, the wedding is over.' 'Both of you are now
husband and wife.' [applause] Come on, let's click pictures. Perfect! Photo…
I'll get the camera. What are you doing, Mr. Grumpy?
Hold me. [camera clicks] Hold on, Mr. Grumpy. Pihu! I promised him,
but I didn't tell you. I cannot lie to you. Mr. Grumpy hates liars. Maitri… Here you go, Pihu.
Your gift. Give it. Because I don't cheat,
and I never lie to anyone. But me. Tarun! Can we talk? [dramatic music plays] He is not ready to hear me out? Don't worry, Eshan. Priya will handle everything. 'She the only one handling
all the time. But not this time.' 'This time, aunt will not
pay the price for what I did.' – Mr…
– I need an answer, Priya. I need to talk to you as well. I need to tell you what you saw
is not the truth.

I heard you threaten them. You didn't let me speak over there.
Let me speak now at least. Tell me! What do you have to say? That what I heard was wrong? Will you deny what you said? There is no need for that. But I need to tell you that you didn't hear
what they said to me. They were threatening me,
Mr. Kapoor. And everything I said
was in my defence. You know me. I am not
someone who threatens people. But I will not tolerate
being threatened. Especially when my family
is being targeted.

'How dare you blackmail Priya?' 'Before leaving, tell me,
who did this?' 'Your mom did.' I told you that nothing will happen to Pihu.
I… – This is what you are saying. But your family members
and your business partners are threatening me. But you listen to me.
I gave you my word, Priya. But that is not helping, Mr. Kapoor. Otherwise, they wouldn't have
threatened me again. They wouldn't have threatened you! [dramatic music plays] If you hadn't said all that. What? You know what you've done. You falsely accused my mom that
she is pretending to be in trauma. That is why Vedika and Shubham
are reacting this way. – Are you justifying them,
Mr. Kapoor? – No, Priya.

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They were wrong
for threatening you. I am against this. I will make sure Pihu is safe.
She will not find out anything. By not reacting the way you did
try to understand the situation. My family went through
a lot after losing Shivi. – That's why they reacted…
– How many times will I be punished for that accident? It was a mistake.
– We lost Shivi! I lost my sister. I have also lost her. She was a sister to me as well.
I loved her too. And she dies because of you. You pushed her. I didn't push her. It was a mistake. Truth cannot be changed, okay? It cannot be changed. My… My family has suffered a lot
in all these years. I… Everyone has suffered, Mr. Kapoor. And I am really sorry because you
are still suffering. But they are… – They're scared.
– Of whom? You! Look at how you are talking.

They are scared that after losing Shivi because of you what if something else goes wrong! Why don't you understand? I don't understand? Can't you see? Why can't you see their fear? Can you see my fear when it comes to my daughter? Everyone hates me. But I came here to help you.
And I am still here. Why don't you understand that? [sombre music plays] You are helping me!
Are you telling me that? – Yes, I am.
– Huh? And I will! I have never done
that in the past. But I will now. Because all this is not a pretence
for my daughter anymore. She loved you, Mr. Kapoor. She is close to you. Can't you see? It will be so difficult for me
to take her away from here. You will get your deal.
You will have your life back.

But what about my daughter? All this is not a deal for her. Pihu and my relationship is
not limited to this deal. I don't care about this deal.
But I care about Pihu, I really do. And she cares a lot about you too,
Mr. Kapoor. She truly does. That's why it will be very difficult
for me to take her away from here. Because I fear that Pihu wants to wait back for a day, but what if she
doesn't want to leave? She thinks she will convince me
but talking to you. I understand. All this is happening
because of Janmashtami. You don't want to say no to her.

But you don't mind
if I look like the bad guy. You know what! I don't want to
look bad. You be the villain. You say whatever you want
to say to her. I won't say anything Does this look like a joke to you? You want me to hurt Pihu! If you can't say anything how can I? You are her mother.
I am not her dad. Dad… It is easier to separate
when you hate each other. I have been through that
which is why I know, Mr. Kapoor. You have been through it! Okay, fine. If this is what you want then this is what you'll get, Priya! There is no need
to wait till tomorrow. Once the interview
is over you may… Forget about the interview.
You leave right away! I will talk to Pihu. Forget this. Hold on! What do you think? Are we garbage? Are we a doormat, Mr.

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Kapoor? You asked me to take the money and
leave! Are you giving me alms? What do you think Pihu and I are? That is not what I meant, Priya. I am giving you the money
because you deserve it. I will never say or do such a thing.
You know it. – Whatever I do is fair.
– Whatever you do is fair, but what I do, why isn't that fair? You called my mom a liar
and you insulted her. How is that fair? Mr, Kapoor! You are trying to say that I
fought with your family, right? Yes, I fought with your family. But did you ever think why?
For what? I don't want to stay here,
Mr. Kapoor. I will leave! Therefore I don't care what your mom does
and how she behaves. But did you ever think of who I care about and why? [dramatic music plays] You called my mom a liar. And that's a lie.
You're a liar, Priya. Ms, Sood never lies. [dramatic music plays] Pihu, we were just talking about…

He called you a liar. Why did he? You are helping him.
Then why is he calling you a liar? – Hear me out, Pihu!
– No, I want to know. Why is he not apologising to you? Ms. Sood never lies. Never! There are some things
that kids fail to understand, Pihu. You should leave it to the elders. What are you saying? Pihu, he is right. You are a child. You have nothing
to do with this. Please go. No. He has to apologise
to you first. You are a good girl, right?
Don't be so stubborn. Oh! When students
were bothering me in school you didn't spare them.

Why did you make them apologise? What? You were bullied in school? Who bullied you? For what? Grumpy students like you. [dramatic music plays].

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