How To Increase Google AdSense CPC In 2022

Day so this is just like a new kind of um. You see today so far seven days ago, see cpc now beyond um very low. I think uh. So far today, cnc pc, they’re very low, yes page view. They has three click.

Meanwhile, on my own cpc, which is i’m going to show you my own cpc, look at these other accounts, you understand. Look at these other accounts um and then look at the cpc of these accounts. Oh lordy come on now, look at he’s even dropping, because of that. It’S the way that guy do you see the whoa he’s dropping this is he was wanting something look at with three clicks. He had only three clicks this and then um.

He has been able to raise this amount. Now we go back to that other guy, and then this that’s a different now. This is what you just do when you’re at your center account. You come to block and control. Please, if you are using this, you have to shut down this particular user.

If something is vpn too, i shut down vpn because it will not allow all the tools to show so you just off it and now look at it now it’s showing. Then you remember to click all sites. Now, when you these are the festive when you are here remember, i said here when you click here block and control, you click on all sites. It just show you all the first one is this one. This is the first thing that you do you just click on this part.

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Now you can see all the loose recipes has been blocked. This is how you also get. These are supposed to look. If your own doesn’t look like this, that means you did it wrongly. So i’m going to show you a folder where i store all my uh, this particular folder.

This is lucy pc. What i did was to copy everything here, go to ctrl e and copy control c and go to that account and come over here and press all of them and then search you see, he’s showing me all blocked. I have blocked all of them, so i don’t even need to do anything here again. This is all it takes. If he was not blocked, he would have shoot me.

Putting around here say block all you get. So that’s exactly what you were supposed to do if you’ve done like this, if you’re going to do you’ve done this one. If your own looks like this, when you’re fully dimensional, i showed you you’re on the right track. I that’s important. You have to come also now you come to add network.

You just click on this, but add network yeah on this particular one. You i get to my folder, the one i had hi. You see 250 high cpc ascent ad network list. So what i usually do, i’ve already added most of this one on that account, so i’ll, try and screw that a little bit and go down down down down a bit to go and look for. Okay, like, for instance, let me start from here this one is like 480 430 for the lot.

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That’S the center. I just copied ctrl c i just copied it and come to that particular part. Then i come here. Our best you know search. I was such let’s hold on, i got ta show you something i think um.

I wan na be sure that this is the one i did. Okay. This is correct if you’re only showing like this. This is really correct. It’S supposed to show like this, and we need to show you the one that i think um.

This is uh, we click shoot down to another, and this is best here and search. When you see this on this one, you just stick here aloud. It will look like this put a ton to blue. Allow you to load, you don’t yeah, that’s correct! Let me do another example for you, this video take [ Music, ] such and i see all this one.

They have lots of you. All you need to do. Is to take them take all of them one after the other. It will be loading like that. You just be patient and take all of them.

That’S that one has been allowed. Click the next one. I have to be patient. Sometimes it’s about to allow one. It’S a common is going to be allowed.

You do the same to this one you see. This is how it’s supposed to be. This is like this correct. That means your ad network is correct, so that is it for now i got ta go because my budget is running really low, [ Music, ]

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