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What’S up, you guys welcome to the single guy channel, i’m lloyd, and today we’re going to be talking about how to be fun and flirty over text in this video we’re going to cover examples of how to turn a boring average text conversation into something that’s fun. Flirty something that the girl is going to be a lot more attracted to and a lot more likely to go out on a date with you all right. So the first example that i’m gon na give is something that might be familiar to a lot of you. Now it’s not necessarily like okay, it’s pretty bad um, so we’ll start out with it. Okay, so we’re texting a girl named maria aye, maria okay.

So the first one is, he says good morning, exclamation mark she says morning: exclamation mark so sounds like she’s receiving it. Pretty well, he says how are you today and she says i’m good just got into work. How are you um? I think the the time stamp on this is around. You know nine nine, nine something, and he goes me too, about to get the day started all right, so she doesn’t respond for a little bit and then about an hour later.

He says hope you have a good day, exclamation mark okay, so right off the bat we see a lot of um. You know we see a lot of things that that could improve from this okay. First of all, he starts out by saying good morning now, there’s nothing wrong with saying good morning. I don’t mind it it’s kind of cute. If you want to be sweet, that’s a good thing to send, but don’t send it all the time it seems like this guy’s kind of in a routine already and you’ll see from his later text messages that that is the case, and then he says: how are You today she’s, like i’m good, just got into work and he’s like me too, about to get the day started.

There’S no real content in there he’s just he’s just saying about to get the day started. Well, no [ __, ] dude! You woke up you’re about to do what anyone does about to get the day started. So it’s a nothing conversation and these are boring and it’s no shock that she didn’t respond to this message and then he gets kind of nervous and about an hour later he says, hope you have a good day because he wants to send something else and he Wants to get a response and she responds with you too, probably because she’s being nice. Okay, now later that day at 8 31 pm, he says how was your day question mark she’s like it was good busy.

How was yours, and then he says, uh wow mine was super busy too glad it’s all over exclamation mark and then she doesn’t respond to that and then again about an hour hour and 20 minutes later he says, hope you have a good night, exclamation mark okay. So this has so many things that i would like to talk about, but the first one is that obviously there’s no there’s no content to what he’s saying he’s just saying average things that you know you would assume that people are doing. You assume they’re going into work. You assume they’re getting this day started, but he’s not giving them any content. There’S nothing to talk about here.

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Okay, and if you don’t want to talk about on text, that’s fine, but why did you send the text message in the first place, this girl is probably wondering she’s, probably wondering you know what is this like? Why is this guy messaging me like? What’S the point of all these messages, is he trying to find out about my day because he didn’t really get any information everyone’s busy, and the other thing too? Is that, like, at this point in time, um, why hasn’t he asked her out he’s never made any move to do anything to meet her up with in person? Okay, the goal of texting: the reason why you got the number in the first place, i would hope, is to meet her in real life um.

Otherwise, there’s no real point in messaging that person, if you’re, never going to spend time with them in real life. Okay, so he’s made clear he’s made no effort to do that. He’S made no effort to really have a conversation, but he’s just kind of sending messages to just to receive a message. Okay, so she’s wondering why is this guy messaging me? Is he going to ask me out?

What’S the point of all this um and she’s, probably bored okay, it’s predictable. He sends he sends a good night message. He sends a good morning message every single day he does two or three of these she’s gon na she’s. Not gon na respond by the third. This is like it’s just.

I see a lot of this and a lot of text messages that i see it might not be quite as bad um, but if you start following into this routine, you’re gon na be boring. Okay, don’t be boring all right now, let’s take a look at the better version of this, so we’re texting katie. So this was kind of a message that i had a little while back i recreated it um. So i woke up and i wanted to hit her up and i said you’ll, never guess the dream i had. She goes what question mark and i said we were all dressed up and getting ready for school when you decided to steal all my go-gurt from my lunchbox.

I don’t know if you guys grew up at the same time as me, but gogurt was like all the rage. She goes omg hahaha exclamation mark and then i go. I chased you around the school until a teacher caught me and put us both in time out and she’s like no way, and then i go. Why are you always getting me in trouble? Emma frost, i’m sorry, okay.

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So a couple of things already that i’m gon na that i’m gon na talk about. First, i open with you’ll. Never guess the dream that i had. Okay, that’s a lot more exciting than good morning or how was your day now again good morning. Is a sweet text message to send a lot of girls like it, but you don’t send it all the time send something exciting send something fun.

This is a little bit better who isn’t going to answer that message, even though it wasn’t even a question. It was more of a statement she’s like what now, as you can see, she’s kind of being she’s, giving me these like really short answers, which is fine, um she’s playing ball um, well, not playing ball as much as i’d like, but she’s. Definitely like engaged she’s in the conversation and there’s no real reason why she has to type more so a lot of guys um. They tend to stress about how much mess, how much like uh text the girl’s sending. So if they figure, if this girl’s sending a lot more text message than me, that’s good or if i’m sending a lot more text messages than text than her, that’s bad in general, i’d say if you’re pursuing a chick or if you’re, going after a girl.

You’Re, probably going to be sending sending a little bit more text than her anyway, but that’s not what you should be looking for. You should look at her engagement. Okay, so even though i’m sending a lot more text, it’s not necessarily bad okay and she goes ha ha, i’m sorry exclamation mark and then i go no stealing food when we get tacos exclamation mark now previously i had talked about uh getting tacos with her at Taco tuesday um at one of the bars in the mission so uh, where we already have that established, and i was able to work in remind her about that date that we have uh remind her about tacos and then she goes lol, exclamation mark i’ll, make sure. I use my powers for good this time. Okay, now she’s playing ball.

Okay, when i called her emma frost, emma frost is uh. I don’t know if you guys watch x-men but she’s like one of the one of the heroes or villains uh in it, and so she kind of has white hair and this girl kind of had like a whitish blonde hair. So that’s i called her emma frost. Nicknames are really good to use when you’re um, when you start talking to a girl that you like, because it gives you like a little bit of an inside joke that you can both be a part of uh. She goes.

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She rolls with the nickname now she’s like she’s, commenting on my dream, um and she’s playing ball. This is great, so i say for the greater good of tacos. I do hope so then she goes hahaha. What are you doing? Okay?

The end message should indicate that this totally worked that uh she’s like she wants she’s thinking about me. She wants to know what i’m doing if a girl sends you this message, she’s interested in you man, so the way this works. I brought it up in a fun playful manner and got her engaged. There was content, there was everything there. The point of this was i wanted to flirt with her.

I wanted to like uh, you know, be fun playful over text and i wanted to do it in a way. That’S engaging. So this is kind of what you should be. You should be doing. You don’t have to use the whole dream thing i like to use that a lot um, but if something funny happened to you that day, like you’ll, never guess what happened to me or uh.

You know i bet i can. I bet my weekend can beat up your weekend or something like that. These are all like, really good messages to send that are a lot more fun and playful than just uh. How are you doing? You know which aren’t necessarily bad but there’s better ways of saying it.

So hopefully you see from this kind of how to tackle uh flirting when it comes to texting. Okay, women love the story. If you make, it seem really engaging descriptive and visual, it’s going to be a lot better than just your average message. Now again with these, i wouldn’t stress about these individual text messages too much experiment you’ll get better as time goes on, but the few things that i told you to focus on, i think you should try and bring that to your arsenal. Try and make the date seem a little bit more fun than just your average everyday thing, and i think your success is going to go up a lot more.

So thanks a lot for tuning in you guys if you made it today and consider subscribing, i come out with videos like this every single week, if you’re interested in my weekly one-on-one coaching program, this is really what’s going to get your results up and take it To the next level, so if you’re serious about that, send me an email at the singleguy2017 thanks a lot and good luck: [, Music, ]! You

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