few things you need to know about sbi credit card


Q: few things you need to know about sbi credit card


Sbi credit card is one of the best and standard credit card which is being issued by the State Bank of India. Sbi Credit card is a low cost and low rate credit card.


Q: 1. SBI Credit Card


The SBI credit card was introduced in 2004 by Secure Bank Limited (SBL), a financial services company based in Nigeria. It allows users to make purchases online using their cards.


Its primary target market includes individuals with low income levels who cannot afford expensive monthly fees charged by some banks. Because of its low cost, it is widely used in Nigeria.


Q: 2. SBL Credit Cards



In 2013, Secure Bank Limited introduced two new products – SBL MasterCard and SBL Visa debit card. These cards are designed to cater to the needs of those who have a lower income level and are not able to pay for high-cost items.


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These cards offer attractive interest rates of 0% p.a., making them viable options for people with low incomes.


Q: 3. SBL Mastercard



This product offers zero percent annual percentage rate (APR) and no foreign transaction fee. It comes with a minimum payment amount of N10,000.00 and maximum payment amount of N20 million per month. A single use of the card is N1000, while reloading is N2000.



Q: 4. SBL Visa Debit Card


This product offers only 0% APR (0% if paid off within six months). It charges a fixed fee of N700 for each purchase. Its minimum payment amount is N10,000. There is no maximum limit, and no foreign transaction fee applies. Reloading is only N800.



Q: 5. How to get a SBI Credit Card?



If they want to know about the terms and conditions of the various credit cards, they should read the information carefully before applying. Customers are advised to submit their details online, after reading the terms and conditions carefully.



Q: 6. Benefits of Using SBI Credit Cards


There are many advantages of using SBI credit cards over other forms of credit cards. Here are some of them;
• No Annual Fee
• Zero percent APR


Q: Customer Service


You can reach out to customer care representatives via phone, chat, email, or social media. You may also get free SMS alerts about any transaction related to your account.

If you face any problem while making a payment or using your card, you can contact the customer care team directly.

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Q: Security Features


To protect yourself from fraudsters, your SBI debit card comes with several security features. One of them is a PIN code embedded on the back side of the card. When you withdraw money, you need to input your PIN code.

In addition, your card is linked to your bank account number.


So, if somebody tries to charge fraudulent transactions on your card, they won’t be successful. Finally, your card uses chip technology.

This means that it can only be used at ATMs where the ATM machines have chip readers installed.


Q: Online Banking


You can check your account balance and perform many other activities online. To do so, go to www.sbitechfinance.com and sign-in using your username and password.


Then, select the option ‘Account’ and click on the link ‘Online Account’.

Here, you will find all information about your account. You can also submit queries regarding your account, view recent transactions, and transfer funds between different accounts.



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