Cara Membuat Artikel Unik Readable Lolos Plagiat di 1text com

Hello, Good friends, this time I will give a tutorial on how to make articles so that Yunus’s copyscape is unique and at the same time, can be unique on the 100 % On version, so that later friends can easily produce articles with just a few clicks. Unique Credible and passed in the morning the atmosphere of Siwan, 100 %. We will prove it right away, so the way is, first, friends enter the Magic article application dashboard.

If you don’t have one, Please register at the link in the description of this video Even in the description, there is a link for registration. I’Ve tried it friends come in Hi friends, look for the article pay attention; Yes, but it’s good. First, look for the article First, the technique is here: Let’s go Look for the article uncle here; On Google, usually many articles have been copied, many are active or rewritten, so I don’t recommend looking for articles on Google, but on dog dog the TV screen will be unique. Then we will test it.

Yes, Second, we test our copy. We test it in copyscape. This article has many plagiarized or rewritten or not Hi, let’s test it now, for example, this is an example. Again, for example, the second remover Bacon enter it in copyscape search for Hi. It looks like there are already eight results.

It means this article has about eight websites that have written it back. I don’t recommend it. So don’t take the article from this link telekill. Once again, for example, this just didn’t check [ Music ]. Well, there are seven results, meaning this article has also been written by many people.

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I don’t understand right to pick it up. It’S easy, so it’s easy to find. We just scroll down Star, don’t look for it on the first page, but on the second page there is a second page. This is usually the article rarely rewrites it Hi. Now, who’s rewriting Ha try this I’m here, don’t tell me: Yes, try it.

Hopefully, no one has rewritten this [ Music ]. Yes, it’s still good This is important. The hotel has not been rewritten yet. So here is an example of the article ask Yo: what’s the next step, we will copy the article. Yes, this is the player.

I will copy the article here and then we will enter baini, which is specifically for Indo, my English, because we want to appear – and we click check it’s out now. Let’S see the results, dacopy slow Here, Hi [, Music ]. Then we can do it. Go to Sragi beach, we take the second article. Bacoti and devil are here: checking [ Music ], Let’s open it again!

Let’S copy the third article, we can put it here: [, Music, ], FX N4 check the road. We wait a moment on the road join in a moment: [, Music ]. It’S still working wait! So friends here we’ll enter it here. The results will come out three at once: here’s the next section, the real class friends you can see here: Ati kel So friends, with one click, you can generate three versions at once.

Register here get married stay later, friends Just choose which one, you think is the most unique and Credible it’s still running. So it’s easy to see now, friends, if this is friends, click again, Once again later, it will also produce a different version. We will see, for example, let’s click again hi. This will produce a different section again. So friends, you can explore the results with a click.

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It will produce many different versions, whether or not 3. Yes, it can vary if it doesn’t fit click again. The results will be different later on life is so easy for him to be trained. So hey, That’s the way. It’S enough.

If friends, who want to play can just enter it here, this Magic, English article – if the Indo is here bro here [ Music ] is still running well, the results are 100 % unique. Yes, every time you watch you can read. The results here see unique 100 %. Let’S see that the second result is in line, it’s also not so easy. Just read.

The second part will return to the last part of the article. This section concludes the article by confirming the arguments from this earlier. The language is very good. This confirmation section must also be, in accordance with the facts, to easily understand the structural theory of the article it’s important to see firsthand the article model and its structure. It’S very easy to understand.

Let’S see the second result Hi. This is the unique 85 percent centipede yes mp3sad, which, when we see the third result now it’s 100 % friends, you can choose this 100 % [ music ]. This is 85 percent, And this is also 100 % easy once making it unique. 100 %. 85 percent is already very good, smooth in the city of Los at pantek.

om. That’S how to make a unique article. Please try! The link is below if we want to come here again friends Tabs here again. Yes, Please try it first, so long, Rahmatullah, wabarakatuh, [, Music, ],

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