can foreigners get mortgage in thailand


Q: can foreigners get mortgage in thailand


can foreigners get mortgage in thailand

Thailand real estate market is dominated by foreigners. Foreigners are restricted from owning land in Thailand, but foreigners can buy a house or condo and get a mortgage to buy a property in Thailand.



Q: 1. Mortgage loans


Thailand has been known as a country where foreigners can easily obtain mortgages.


However, the recent economic crisis has affected the country’s economy and many banks have stopped offering mortgages to foreigners.



In fact, some banks have even started charging higher interest rates than before. If you want to buy a house in Thailand, make sure you do not fall victim to these practices.


Q: 2. Foreigners buying property


Foreigners who wish to purchase real estate in Thailand need to know that they cannot just walk into any bank and ask for a loan.


Banks are only allowed to offer mortgages to Thai citizens. You may think that you can simply apply online for a mortgage, but this is not true either.


To be eligible for a mortgage, you need to provide proof of income, proof of employment, and proof of ownership of a home.

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Q: 3. How much does a foreigner pay for a mortgage?



The amount of money you will need to borrow depends on how long you plan to stay in Thailand.


A longer period of time means that you will need a larger down payment.

The minimum down payment is 10% of the total value of the property, while the maximum is 20%.



Q: 4. What documents do I need to show?


You will need to provide several types of documents to prove your identity and financial stability.


These documents include:



• Passport

• Proof of employment (pay stubs)

• Bank statements

• Property tax receipts

• Utility bills

• Insurance policies


Q: can foreigners get mortgage in thailand



1. Yes, they can!



Thailand is a popular tourist destination and many people want to buy property here.


There are two types of mortgages available to foreign buyers. One is a long-term loan where the buyer takes out a loan over several years.


The other type is a short-term loan where the borrower pays off the entire amount at once.


Both loans require the borrower to have a good credit rating and proof of income.



2. No, they cannot!



Foreigners who wish to purchase property in Thailand need to obtain a visa before buying real estate.



A visa is not necessary if the foreigner is only visiting Thailand temporarily.


If the foreigner wants to stay longer than six months, he/she should apply for a residence permit.

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3. No, they cannot.



The Thai government does not allow foreigners to own land unless they live in Thailand permanently.


However, foreigners can lease land from local farmers.



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