best Walmart Credit Card Review

Q: best Walmart Credit Card Review




Walmart provides a huge selection of goods at affordable costs. You can buy things online using a Walmart credit card and pick them up at any of their locations.


If you use your Walmart credit card to make purchases, you can even get cash back. What you need to know about the Walmart credit card is provided below.


Q: Benefits of the Walmart Credit Card


There are many benefits to having a Walmart credit card. Simply by buying on, you can get rewards points. On all of your purchases, you can also get 1 cash back.


Additionally, free shipping is available on purchases above $35. Both annual and foreign transaction fees are waived.


Q: How to Apply for the Walmart Credit Card


Online applications are accepted for the Walmart credit card. Simply fill out the application at You will get a confirmation email after providing your information.


You will next need to choose a password and activate your account by entering your social security number. Once activated, you can use your Walmart credit card to make online purchases.

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Q: Fees Associated with the Walmart Credit Card


There are no monthly fees associated with the Walmart credit card. However, you do have to pay a $95 activation fee. You will also be charged a $50 refundable deposit.


Q: Types of Cards Available



The Walmart credit card is only offered in Visa and MasterCard formats. You can choose between a standard credit card and a secured credit card.


A secured credit card requires you to provide proof of identity before making purchases.



Q: Verification Process



To verify your identity, you will need to submit documents including a copy of your driver’s license, utility bill, bank statement, paycheck stub, or government identification.


You may also need to upload copies of two forms of ID. One should be a passport or national ID card. The second should be a photo ID issued by a state or federal agency.

Q: Rewards Program


If you decide to sign up for the Walmart rewards program, you will earn 2 cash back on all purchases. Your first reward point will be credited after you spend $25 at To redeem your reward points, simply enter your code at checkout.



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