Best Diver Watches Under $300 and Best Diver Watches (2018)



So, despite Deborah watches, not being my favorite type of watch, I still have to admit there are some great divers out there. What’S going on everybody, my name is Teddy Baldassare and in this video we’re gon na be talking about diver watches for under $ 300. As always, I will be mentioning all of the watches mentioned in the video down in the description below, but without further ado, guys, let’s jump into it. So first up is the most affordable watch on the list for today, and that is the casio duro. This watch is quartz powered, but for under $ 50 you really can’t do much better.


It comes in with a 44 millimeter case and 200 meters water-resistant from a brand that has a lot of heritage and a lot of great engineering first in the watchmaking industry. Next, we have a watch with kind of a cult following, and that is the Vostok and fibia. These Russian made divers are rather quirky and are not necessarily my style, but are certainly worth the mention in this list of affordable watches, especially diver watches. They can be found well under $ 100 and have a myriad of dial options to choose from these divers commonly come powered with an automatic 24:16 beam movement. Are water resistant up to 200 metres and have a 40 millimeter case?


Next we have the Timex t2n 958. This is a bit of a heavy duty diver, and I would not recommend it for most people, since it is rather huge on the wrist it comes in with a 46 millimeter case is crazy, thick with a 19 millimeter case height. It can be found for around $ 100 and is water resistant up to 200 metres in his power, buy a quartz movement. That said, if you want something durable, you want something that has a lot of presence on the wrist. This isn’t a bad option for you.

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So next we have a watch that I have reviewed on my channel before, and that is a watch from Dan Henry and specifically the Dan Henry 1970. This watch is a vintage inspired super compressor with a really cool vintage look. It comes in with multiple case dimensions, offering a 40 millimeter option and a 44 millimeter off is 200 meters. Water-Resistant is automatically powered by a Seiko and h35 a movement and retails just at 250 dollars.



Next up, we have probably my personal favorite on the bunch and I’m really thinking a lot about style, and I say that, and I really love to look at this watch, and that is the orient Mako to this watch is one of the most affordable on the List coming in at around 130 to 150 dollars on average, it is powered by an in-house orient calibre.


F6 9 to 2 movement has a forty one millimeter case and is water-resistant up to 200 meters sticking over in Japan, but going from Orient to another Japanese ran citizen in the washroom citizen. We’Re gon na be taking a look at. Is there citizen pro master diver? This watch is an iso certified diver and is water resistant up to 200 meters, if you’re not familiar with what it means to be ISO. Certified I’ve done a whole video on water resistance and talking about diver watches if you’re interested I’ll link to it down below.


But going back to the citizen here it comes in with a 42 millimeter case and retails just under $ 200, so a great option if you’re looking for a diver and that really competitive $ 200 price range and speaking of competitive divers in this price range, we Have to consider the Seiko s KX, so the thing about the Seiko s KX.

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I think a lot of people forget about is there are just so many options in this range, a lot of different dialog, colors, bezels and case sizes, but they’re all iso certified so make sure you’re checking out all the different options here.


Some of my favorites, the sk x, zero zero, seven, zero, zero, nine zero one threes, my personal favorite, because it comes in with a smaller case as well as the sk x. 173. Another really fun option in the sk x: zero one one now another Seiko diver, and this one is coming in right at our $ 300 mark, and that is the Seiko SRP 777 turtle.


This watch similar to the SK X, is an ISO certified water resistant up to 200 meters. It is a little bit of larger of a watch. So that’s unfortunate for me with the six and a quarter. Inch wrist comes down with a 45 millimeter case and is automatically powered by a Seiko for our three six movement, our guys. So I doesn’t want to continue this series of the best divers at different price points.


What did you guys think of this list? What were some of your favorite watches mention? What are some watches in this price range that I did not mention love to see comments down below as well, so guys. Thank you so much for watching this video. If you liked it be sure to give it a thumbs up, be sure to subscribe, also hit that Bell icon.


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