5 Best Men’s Casio G-Shock Watches For The Smaller Wrist: at $50 to $400+



Okay, hi guys and welcome to the show, I’m not in New York, not in Philadelphia, I’m not even in London, I’m in the English countryside, as you guys know, I come here every December to catch up with family. My wristwatch wreck is one of the watches. I’M talking about today, I apologize. If the sound is that there’s a bit of wind, it’s cold, it’s damp, it’s windy! It’S that classic British weather that I love so much couldn’t be happier, but today we’re gon na discuss, g-shock and first, let’s roll.


The intro then give a little bit of history in context. Why the g-shot is so big and then, following that some suggestions for those with a smaller wrist or if you want something a little bit more discreet than this, is for you. So without further ado, let’s roll the intro, you [ Music ]. Now, before we get into this, we should make the distinction between some of the smaller G shocks and many offerings from Casio that look or are styled in a similar way. For example, the W 735 H 105 at around 30 bucks may have the same.


Complications look and feel of a G shock and there is a cracking watch. Don’T get me wrong, but it’s not a true G shock for those not familiar with the innovative g shock history. It’S a watch that changed the world with its extreme toughness and, as the name implies resistance to gravity and shock. The G chakra was conceptualized in 1981 by Casio engineer Kiko, I Bay when he accidentally dropped a pocket watch gifted to him by his father and thus breaking it. This incident sparked the idea to create a watch resistant to shocks and the creation of the G shock was conceived.


It was designed to have a triple 10 resistance, meaning it would have a battery life of ten years, a water resistance of ten bar and could survive a fall from 10 feet. This took Kiko over 200 prototypes, endless extreme testing and several years before the 10 layer concept protecting the courts, timekeeping module was born. Finally, in 1983 the first G Shock the DW 5000 C was launched. Since then, it has been adopted by military, extreme sports, enthusiasts, fashionistas celebrities and outdoor adventurers as the go-to watch when the tough gets going. However, most often G shocks are on the larger side, as you can imagine, due to their robust design, despite their relatively low weight.


But if you desire one or require one for more modest wrists or perhaps just something a little bit more classically sized, then these are my five recommendations. So don’t worry, there’s no need to miss out. The first recommendation is a watch. I have owned several times myself. Sadly, being discontinued, the rise man was a fun but highly practical, twin sensor, asymmetrical design that placed the sensor on one side, giving it a very cool and distinctive look.


Inevitably, the twin sensor gave way to the full triple sensor or known as the ABC, and thus the Reisman became outdated, but just like the Terminator, it may be old, but it’s far from obsolete. It featured an altimeter and barometer along with all your typical g-shock functions and deadly accuracy. The original GW 9000, 9 2 0 0 1 CR had a charming red frame to dr Matrix that looked a little bit like a radar to display the atmospheric pressure tendency graph, certainly a handy watch to have while on adventures and for me it was highly accurate in predicting weather. It was also 200 meters water-resistant with an auto Yale backlight and after that. So more than perfectly capable for diving, although not intended as such, the tuff Sola had an extremely handy power reserve function, approximate battery life of nine months on a full charge without further exposure to light via the module 3 147.

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So while it sounds like an impressive 46 millimeter watch it war and lot smaller, and these days has become something of a collector’s item with steadily rising prices. There are a slew of limited editions still on the used market from $ 400 and upwards. Just checkout listings from Japan on eBay to see what I mean and you will find many interesting colors and designs, and some even from new old stock. Next we have an enduring an extremely competitively priced classic, ranging from $ 50 to $ 100. The original mudman g9 1v is a throwback to the 80s and style with a symmetrical 46 millimeter case that was extremely well and a slender wrist.


I myself have owned and enjoyed the military version, which is the Jean 9000 ms1 CR. This Barretts have a blacked out negative screen and black pushes, rather than the traditional red like The Rise man, we have another retro of sci-fi looking watch, but this time in a more circular style in terms of functionality, along with all your typical cheese shock complications. This is a battery based module 3031 and also features a 48 city world time and 200 meters water resistance. But what makes this watch so special and later adopted for military use is the super useful, countdown timer. That has a start time, setting range from 1 minute to 24 hours, with an auto repeat and a progress beeper this along with special buttons equipped with extra gaskets to protect against the Mars and sand.


The buttons, therefore, will be snug and slightly harder to push in order to avoid accidentally being pushed during a mission. Naturally, this made it perfect not just for military use, but also being utilized as a serious beater watch when doing exercise. Our third watch is one.


I reviewed rather recently in a video and after enjoying it very much myself has become a permanent part of my wife’s watch collection, but don’t let that confuse or disparage you, the g-shock mini GM n550 one dr j was not intended just for ladies, it is in Fact a unisex watch. It remains, in my opinion, one of the most underrated models from the brand that combines a historic design with a modern, affordable twist.


The G shop mini was first released in the late 90s. Following the success of the 1994 baby G series that were aimed at the younger and female market, the G Shock minis are 30 % smaller than your regular G shop and were originally intended for women. However, they were later released in unisex variants, especially intended for people who have smaller wrists.


The important thing to note here is how they still retain the layers of g-shock protection, but in a more compact form, the Jew shop mini. I reviewed is extra-special, however, as it takes inspiration from the second generation of early 80’s Jew shocks that was famously worn by Arnold Schwarzenegger in the 1987 movie, the running man.


This gives the watch a very lovable brutalist style with angular edges and a futuristic, aesthetic that lends well to a more compact, 41 millimeter size. The battery-powered module 30:25 provides all the standard functions along with a world time and an easy, legible dot matrix section at the top of the main display. This makes it great for a travel watch, as you can choose to display the day and date or a second time zone, which is just great for everyday practicality. There are several lively, colored versions, but the glossy all-black variant I reviewed matches well with almost any attire, except obviously super formal functions. Of course, it is also worthy to note.

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It has one of the best and negative displays I have ever experienced from the brand. So far, these G shop minis can be picked up via eBay or several reputable online sellers from Japan, and this is because they were never released internationally, but at around $ 100 they are extremely cool watches indeed, and well worth every penny. Now we come to something slightly different. I had to include in any digi option for those that still like to read traditional watch hands, but also require the toughness and essential functions of a g-shock. The AWG m100 B 1a is an update of the previously and highly successful AWG m100 that was originally released in the early 2000s, while it is 46 millimeters in diameter at its widest point.


It is one of the most smaller wearing G shocks out there, and I can personally attest to it on my 6 and 1/4 inch wrist. It just simply wore wonderfully the have loonie bright, luminescence and underneath them placed like a traditional chronograph off three circular displays. These are very effective, giving the wearer all the information needed, such as calendar seconds and even a second time zone with its world time function simultaneously. Maybe this watch is best and most compelling attributes aren’t the multiband atomic timekeeping for perfect accuracy and the solar-powered 5. 2.


3 0 module, along with a 200 meter water resistance. It features extra magnetic resistance compared to your typical qi shock, making it a great tool, especially for today’s ever-increasing electronic dependent world in terms of style. Its K shape is undoubtedly based on the classic DW. 6. 9.


0 0, but with a modern layered dial in a compacts layout at around 100 bucks, it packs a hell of a punch in terms of usability in a balanced size last, but by no means least, and without a shadow. Without the greatest and most important series of G shocks ever made, the DW 5600 family is still the king of G shocks and has only got better as the brand keeps introducing new functions, cool new designs and new materials. It also happens to be the most faithful to the original 1983 first G shop, but not only that the DW 5600 is the most compatible with almost any wrist, but 37 years later it has earned more achievements than any other watch from the brand. It’S a cinematic icon in countless movies and one of the most worn watches in space being officially flight qualified by NASA for space travel. This G shock earned the Guinness world record for the heaviest vehicle to drive over a watch.


They drove the 24.9 tongue truck over the Casio g-shock DW 5600 II 1. The G shock is the first and only watch by any company being able to withstand this challenge. But beyond its illustrious achievements, the sheer endless plethora of choices is unbeatable from metal to bright translucent resin, as well as a massive choice of functionality, with versions containing the latest high-tech Bluetooth, GPS wave sector and solar-powered radio control accuracy. It’S simply hard to beat.


I have owned many different versions of these over the years and by far the one I keep coming back to and use every single day during my cardio is the quintessential DW 5600 II, faithful to the original, it’s matte black resin case and no-nonsense square. Look to me is what g-shock, in its purest form, is all about with a highly dependable module 32:29 and a super light weight of only 53 grams. It boasts 200 metres water resistance in a 42 millimeter case that wears almost as small as the G Shock. Many, but the best thing is typically priced around 50 bucks. It’S the ultimate, affordable, go-to option and not the end of the world.

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If you lose it, it’s eighties. Utilitarian shaped square case has aged amazingly well and will remain a timeless classic one. I believe any watch collector should consider, and there it is one thing I got ta say is: that is one of the most fun watches. It’S such a capable watch. There are a few watches out there like it, you strap it on you.


Just don’t have to worry about it, it’s one of the most useful as well. For me, the DW 5600 is the quintessential G Shock. I think it’s closest to the original. It’S it’s a true tool. If they made a version of this as a mini option, I would get in a heartbeat.


I know there is a many option, but it’s it’s a little bit more kind of fashionable. It’S not tool tastic for lack of a better expression than this there’s. Also, a very similar truth about it. Even the most biggest watch snobs have some degree of respect, well, not all of them, but for the g-shock and understandably so, it’s one of the most accessible iconic watches anybody can afford really. Another reason.


This is one of my favorites is that it’s also moddable, you see, I have the NATO strap adapters from J & K. Well, you can even bling them out if you really want to not my cup of tea. Obviously I prefer in this way it’s almost like a Seiko in the way you can customize it. I’Ve even seen some of the metal ones having engraving work on it, which it’s kind of cool. You know you guys know.


I had the metal one for a while. It’S a little bit too heavy if I was kind of babying it which is strange to me, that’s not what a g-shock, or at least in my collection, that’s not the role I wanted it to play and thinking back, it’s actually travelled with me pretty much everywhere. I check it in a bag, don’t have to worry about it. If I’m, I don’t know doing some traveling. I take it with me.


It’S it’s light. It’S small, its compact, I’m gon na get back indoors. It is absolutely freezing out here, but anyway, let me know what you think in the comments below. Please do not let your favorite g-shock for the smaller wrist in the comments, any suggestions, let’s try and help out as many as we can stay tuned for more videos from England and, of course, in London. Thank you so much for watching.


Please don’t forget to like this video if you enjoyed it further useful and as always guys, I will catch you in the next one, hopefully a little bit warmer, ok chat. Now, before I go guys, I just want to quickly tell you about this extremely cool app that watch box launched. This is my own personal go-to app for everything watch related using the app you can keep track of the real-time value of your watch collection. It can store, watches in your digital watch box and even try on watches using an augmented reality. So don’t miss out.


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